5 Real-Life Lessons About Hot And Cold Air Conditioners

In this content, you will know the 5 Real-Life Lessons About Hot And Cold Air Conditioners that can help you with your everyday life.

Air conditioners do make our life easier, irrespective of whether they are cold or hot. Even though the adjective contradicts the weather they are used in, i.e. cold air conditioners in hot weather and vice versa, they do not fail to satisfy their customers in most cases.


Cold air conditioners, generally the normal ACs are used by people to get relief during the hot summers. When turned on, they lower the temperature of the specific room they are attached to. These air conditioners have different sizes according to their capacity. This capacity is basically their ability to make the room cooler depending on the size of the room.

Apart from this, these cooling machines have a lot of functions and options to give you your desired room temperature along with other facilities. At the moment, there are a lot of AC brands in the market, but if we talk about the top five, then we will have to focus on Walton and LG. These brands have a wide range of air conditioners for you to choose from starting from the lowest price to continuing to the higher end.


Reduces heat stroke

As air conditioners work by lowering the temperature, so when they do that, they also lower the chances of you suffering from a heat stroke. Heat strokes happen when your body overheats due to very long exposure to severely high temperatures.

Children under the age of 4 and adults older than the age of 65 are more vulnerable, along with people who are overweight and/or people who are ill and on certain medications. As air conditioners reduce the risk of heat strokes, they also prevent dehydration.

Easing allergies and asthma

Air conditioners have air filters built inside them, and due to these, the air that comes out of them is mostly fresh and dirt-free. These air filters help filter out pollens, grass, and weeds and stop them from being circulated. So the air the people breathe is very fresh and risk-free.

Air conditioners are also known for lowering the humidity, and when they do this, they also decrease the speed at which dirt particles and other pollutants grow, making the air safer for people who have asthma and other allergic reactions. This also helps improve the air quality.

High productivity

It is been proved by scientific research that people are known to work better in
standard temperatures. This is because when the surrounding is extremely humid, people get fatigued very easily and due to this fatigue, the productivity decreases. So when the surrounding is less humid, it becomes more comfortable for them to work in. As a result of this, they end up finishing the work faster.

Easier furniture maintenance

Furniture lasts longer in less humid surroundings as humidity tends to wear them out and decrease their longevity. So your cold air conditioner will help to increase the furniture longevity.


Microorganisms can easily breed

If any AC does not extract moisture at a standard rate, in this case, Air conditioners tend to have a lot of moisture, and due to this, it becomes easier for bacteria and fungi to grow on them. As they grow, they build up too and get blown into the air. When this air is breathed by humans, many diseases are caused some of them being pneumonia, bronchitis, and legionella.

Skin dryness

If Air conditioner runs a long time without periodic fresh air circulation by the customer through the door, window, or any ventilation system, in that case, Staying for prolonged in air-conditioned rooms tend to be bad for your skin as they suck the moisture out and make your skin extremely dry and lifeless.

Global warming

If Refrigerant used in the AC system has higher GWP then it may lead to global

5 Real-Life Lessons About Hot And Cold Air Conditioners

Hot air conditioners are used for space cooling in the hot season and space heating in the cold season.


Saves from cold stroke

Heaters come and save the day when the temperature gets extremely chilly and
unbearable. They heat up the room through convection and conduction, and thus people are less likely to suffer from cold strokes and hypothermia.

Easy maintenance

HOT & COOL AC are very easy to use and they don’t require expensive cleaning as well. You just need to turn them on and they start heating up, providing the warmth and comfort you need.

Saves energy

In Hot & cool AC electricity consumes less than normal room Heaters. Hot & cool ac has options where you can set them up according to the warmth you need. This function not only gives you your desired temperature but also saves a lot of cost and energy than normal room heaters. So a lot less power will be wasted.


Discomfort in case of AC directed to Human body

Leaving air temperature of Hot & cool Ac is higher. If hot air from Air conditioner
directly falls on the human body it creates discomfort and body pain. So, It is suggested to adjust the louver in a way that the air from ac does not fall on the human body directly.


Unvented air heaters cause a lot of air pollution as they trap dirt particles. So alongside pollution, they also cause breathing problems.

Some things that you should keep in mind while using your desired air conditioner are firstly make sure to use a tight socket so there are fewer chances of a spark or a fire.


The temperature you set your conditioners in depending on the size of your room, and being wise in this case will help you save a lot of money and energy. You should place your room heaters in the coldest part of your room, this will help the room to warm up quickly.

Lastly, whichever conditioner you choose, WALTON definitely has a lot of options to offer in a vast price range for both cases.

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