Why customers are buying Walton Bluetooth AC?

Are you tired of using conventional AC remotes to control your air conditioner?

Walton brings you the brand new Bluetooth AC, which can provide you with all the benefits a Bluetooth device can necessarily provide.

By connecting your phone’s Bluetooth to the Air conditioner, you can easily make two-way communication between the two devices. Starting from adjusting the temperature to even controlling the modern control functions, everything can be done with the help of the Bluetooth function.

As technology is developing with every passing day, every other customer wants to make their homes and devices smarter than before to go with the current. This is why the newly launched and highly efficient Walton Bluetooth AC has gained increased popularity among customers.

How is Bluetooth Air Conditioner?

You may be wondering if you once just control the AC with the help of Bluetooth. Then you will start to feel why you need the Bluetooth function in the first place.

You will be glad to know that the Bluetooth function caters to many more additional benefits other than just controlling the air conditioner. Having a Bluetooth AC will increase the smartness of your home and the efficiency of your air conditioner to a great extent. Here are some of the benefits we have jotted down for you:

  1. AC can be controlled without the internet and remote.
  2. Bluetooth can be used as a replacement for an IR remote.
  3. Doesn’t require to be in the line of sight.
  4. Improved range up to 100m compared to IR.
  5. Much more interactive and user-friendly App interface.
  6. Two-way communication with Bluetooth up to 100m distance.

The following air conditioner models from Walton have the Bluetooth feature:

1) Krystaline Series (Black Color)



Walton introduces air conditioner with Bluetooth technology:

As technology is advancing day by day, Bangladesh is not far behind first-world countries in terms of innovation and advancement.

As one of the best brands in Bangladesh, Walton is consistently thriving to come up with the latest technologies to develop its products and provide customers with the best quality electronics ever.

Walton is the first brand in the world to introduce air conditioners with Bluetooth technology. As the pioneer of this technology, the air conditioners will provide you the most unique user experience than any other product in the whole wide world.

With Bluetooth technology equipped with air conditioners, Walton has proven itself once again to be the best brand in Bangladesh that can provide cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Adding the Bluetooth air conditioner to your home will elevate your choice of electric appliances and will provide you the best user experience ever.

Why should you buy Walton AC?

Bangladesh’s top-selling electronic brand is Walton. To meet the needs of its consumers, Walton is trying to give it all. The latest Bluetooth technology in Walton AC has made it a groundbreaking innovation. Here are some of the additional benefits you will get from buying Walton AC.

  • The newest 150 smart technology used in Walton air conditioners makes your AC compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This means that you can manage your air conditioner using just your phone.
  • It has a system for self-diagnosis. This means that when there is a problem with the air conditioner machine, it flashes a few lights. With the help of the user manual, you can quickly determine why it is happening and solve the issue.
  • Walton air conditioners use R410 and R32 gases, both of which have very low global warming potential and zero ability to harm the ozone layer. This gives your lungs a breath of fresh air while reducing the environmental impact of your air conditioners and the hazardous gases they generate.
  • The utmost comfort is offered to you by Walton AC. Sleeping becomes challenging when the room is either too hot or too cold. Walton AC maintains the temperature at the ideal level for you to sleep peacefully.
  • Walton offers you the best air conditioning for a fair price. The best facilities and the finest AC are guaranteed when you purchase from Walton. As a result, people from all social standards can simply purchase it and utilize its benefits.
  • Your room’s air is filtered with the aid of Walton AC. As a result, if anyone in your family has asthma or allergy, this air conditioner will be the ideal option.
  • They have a dual-defender filtration system with an antiviral filter and an ionizer. The air is ionized by the ionizer, which uses electricity to release charged particles that kill any bacteria and allergens in the air. You get to breathe clean, fresh air because the antiviral filter makes sure no airborne infections are hiding in your environment.
  • Walton air conditioners also have UV care technology, which uses UV light to eliminate any microorganisms in your air.
  • Walton promises that its products will last a long time. Therefore, if you have a Walton AC, you can be confident for a longer period. Compared to other conventional AC, Walton  AC is significantly more effective and practical.

Why choose Walton ACs with Bluetooth?

In this age of innovation and advancement, you don’t want to fall behind others in terms of keeping up with the smart devices and every update in the technology sector.

Fortunately, you will have the best use of your money with the Walton Bluetooth AC. Introduced for the first time ever in the world, this Bluetooth technology integrated with Walton AC will surely astonish anyone who will be visiting your house because of its high efficiency and unique features.

Walton is the number one Electrical & Electronics (E&E) brand in Bangladesh, providing quality air conditioners to their customers for a long time. So you can rest assured that the quality of your product will never be compromised. Be a part of modern innovation users by choosing Bluetooth AC for your home.

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