What’s the importance of the AC Air Plasma feature?

Air conditioners are one of the miracles of modern science. More conveniently than we could have ever imagined, air conditioners have improved human life. Summer heat is no longer intolerable or irritating since Walton has delivered high-quality, reasonably priced air conditioners to your home.

In our country, people are always suffering from airborne issues, dust allergies, infections, and whatnot. This is why having clean indoor air is a must as you will be spending most of your time at home. Walton air conditioners can significantly make better your indoor air quality with its Air Plasma Feature, as this system can filter out all of the air impurities.

Walton air conditioners can offer you unique features that no other brand can do. The air plasma feature in Walton is a significant one as it purifies the air of your room, providing a healthy environment for you and your family.

What is the air plasma feature?

Dust, smoke, scents, and even bacteria and viruses can all be found in the air. By introducing ions into the environment, ionization helps in reducing airborne particles. These ions have an electrical charge and attach to airborne particles through a process as they spread around a room. As a result, there is a consequential effect that causes particles to group together.

Ionization also has the power to interfere with an organism’s capacity to produce by causing damage to its cell walls. As a result, the organisms are effectively prevented from reproducing.

Importance of Air Plasma Feature

Air Plasma technology creates a natural bio-climate that is enriched with positive and negative oxygen ions, much like sunshine does in the atmosphere. The positive ions are in an unstable state because they lack an electron whereas the negative ions have an additional electron. These bipolar ions seek out atoms and molecules in the air to exchange electrons to re-stabilize effectively by neutralizing particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, odorous gases, and aerosols.

Air plasma technology kills bacteria and viruses by forming OH radicals on the surface of bacteria and viruses. Its ions float in the air and remove smoke and dust. Air plasma eliminates odor and also reduces airborne infections and allergens. Ensuring improved air quality further improves human health by reducing sleeping problems and high blood pressure.

Your respiratory system and general health may be greatly benefited from the use of air ionizers and negative ions. The following results are possible when negative ions are used in the air- elimination of dust, allergens, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other airborne microorganisms to improve the quality of the air.

Walton Air Conditioner Features

With air plasma technology, Walton air conditioners are now better than ever. Here are some more beneficial features of Walton Air conditioners that you should know-

  • Walton promises that its products will last a long time. Therefore, if you have a Walton AC you can be confident for a longer period. Compared to other conventional AC, Walton AC is significantly more effective and practical.
  • Your room’s air is filtered with the help of Walton AC. It assists in removing all air pollutants and makes the air safe for breathing. As a result, if anyone in your family has asthma or allergy, this air conditioner will be the ideal option.
  • They have a dual-defender filtration system with an antiviral filter and an ionizer. The air is ionized by the ionizer, which uses electricity to release charged particles that kill any bacteria and allergens in the air. You get to breathe clean, fresh air because the antiviral filter makes sure no airborne infections are hiding in your environment.
  • Walton air conditioners also have UV care technology, which uses UV light to eliminate any microorganisms in your air.
  • With the most recent 150 smart technology, Walton air conditioners are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Consequently, you can manage your air conditioner with just your phone.
  • Additionally, a few of Walton’s air conditioners have features like cutting-edge voice control technology that enables you to operate your air conditioner solely with your voice.
  • The self-diagnosis technology of Walton AC is the most amazing feature. This indicates that when there is a problem with the air conditioner unit, specific lights will flash. You can quickly identify the cause of the issue and solve it using the instructions.
  • R410 and R32 gases, which cannot harm the ozone layer and have very minimal global warming potential, are used in Walton air conditioners. This gives your lungs a breath of fresh air while reducing the environmental impact and hazardous gases that your air conditioners generate.

Why Choose Walton?

Air conditioners from Walton can help you stay cool and clear-headed. Removing the extra heat and replacing it with a cooler wind, can lower the indoor temperature. You can have the best comfort from it.

Air conditioners have significantly improved human existence by providing coolness. In Bangladesh, where the hottest summer days can exceed 40 degrees Celsius and the air is oppressively humid at night, air conditioners are almost certainly going to be your best friend. In these trying times of the pandemic, keeping the air in your house healthy is a must, as you may be weak to various kinds of viruses and pathogens. Walton air conditioners with air plasma technology and many other beneficial features can help you to achieve that hygienic and clean air in your house.

Walton is a producer of reasonably priced, high-quality air conditioners. There are several options available. You’ll never have to be concerned about their quality because all of their products are 100 percent authentic. Visit the Walton Plaza website or speak with a representative at your neighborhood store to learn more about cutting-edge and eco-friendly air conditioners. Get the best products from Bangladesh’s most renowned electrical company.

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