No 1 TV in Bangladesh – Walton TV

There is no doubt that the No 1 TV in Bangladesh – Walton TV is the best. You’ll find out why here.

The entire exercise of buying a good television in Bangladesh at the right price can be quite challenging. Furthermore, if you plan on buying the best tv, you will have to take an in-depth look at the features that constitute the No 1 TV in Bangladesh – Walton TV.

In this article, you will find all the vital particulars one needs to be apprised to buy the No 1 Television in Bangladesh – Walton TV along with a constructive buying guide.

Importance of television

The importance of television cannot be limited to a single province. Its use and importance have flourished with the passing years and have incrementally played important roles in shaping us up as individuals and as nations. Some of the fields where we have seen the most functionality of television are given below.


Since the beginning of its invention, television has been a major source of knowledge and education for youngsters all around the globe.

Various educational programs broadcasted particularly for children play an important role in teaching the children life lessons and values.

Through fun and engaging shows, televisions have managed to implement secondary parenting for children to develop their learning skills and socialization.

The world at our fingertips

The invention of televisions has bought the world to our fingertips. With real-time and instant updates from all over the world, we always remain up-to date on the ongoing situations around us. We remain connected to the rest of the world with our collective knowledge and can even become aware of emergencies on time.


There is room for entertainment for all ages of people on televisions. Starting from cartoons to movies, series, sports, news, documentaries etc. you will always find something to watch when you want to sit back and relax.

Types of Television

There are different types of Television you will find in the market based on the type of display, resolution, features, technology, screen type etc.

To know which kind you are looking for or what might suit you best, you need to know about the most common types of television. And that is based on display type since the display is a chief factor for televisions.

Based on the display type, televisions are of various types. The major ones include:

Direct View TV; which is a rebranding of the classic cathode-ray tube TV.

Plasma Display Panel TV; the first flat screen substitute for cathode-ray tube technology.

Digital Light Processing (DLP) TV; the first type of television with an optical semiconductor chip that enhances the lifespan, 3D projection compatibility and makes the device quieter, lighter, faster, and thinner.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TV; the most common type of television we see today.

LED TV (light-emitting diode); is a more advanced take on LCD TV with the use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

OLED Display TV; uses an organic light-emitting diode that makes the response faster, uses less power, and is cheaper than LCD screens.

QLED TV; the next generation of LCDs with the use of quantum light-emitting diodes for better contrast ratios, larger skin, more durability, and affordability.


Just because televisions are so popular, does not mean that they do not have their letdowns. The easy availability of information via television comes at a price. It is one of the major reasons why false news, rumors, and distraction have easy access to the general public. Since you cannot control the broadcast media, it is also very common for people, especially children to fall victim to vulgar or negative shows/ topics.

But with a little supervision and resilience, you can keep yourself away from the negatives and enjoy televisions for their true purpose, harmless entertainment.

Buying guide

Television price in Bangladesh predominantly depends on its features. Televisions with more features and technology tend to have a higher price. But with the right knowledge about the television market of Bangladesh, you will not only be able to buy a high-quality television but the No 1 Television in Bangladesh at the value for money.

Our heedful buying guide will guide you through the entire process meticulously and help you buy the No 1 TV in Bangladesh. To make your decision-making process even easier, let us tell you beforehand, the No 1 TV in Bangladesh – Walton TV, will meet all the criteria of the best tv.

Read ahead to find out why?

Your budget

Your budget is the biggest contributing factor to buying the best tv. With a moderate budget, you will be able to afford a good television. However, it is only natural that with a bigger budget, you will be ensuring more features in your television.

But thanks to Walton, even with a moderate budget in hand, you will find yourself conflicted among quite a few options of TV that are more than just basic.

Walton’s price tag for their basic televisions is well within everyone’s budget. Walton TVs start at 12,990 takas only. If you have a budget of around 15,000 takas, you can afford one of the best television options in the market.

Display size

The display size of your television matters a lot when it comes to enjoying proper entertainment. A television with a larger screen size is more preferable to the small one. Many times, we have seen the customers regretting their purchase as they were not satisfied with their display size.

So we recommend going for a larger size on the first go. It will not only save your money but also provide you with a distinguishable TV experience. You will find the Walton TVs with sizes ranging from 32-inch display to as large as 100 inches display.

Depending on your personal preference and the proportions of the area you want to place your TV in, you can make your purchase.

Display resolution

A high-quality display resolution is the very essence of a good TV. While most televisions have a great variety of display resolutions ranging between 720p to 1080p, 4K HDR for televisions is the most preferable resolution as they have the highest number of pixels. Some televisions even come with an 8K resolution but at a steep price.

Televisions with 4K display resolution will give you life-like and sharper images while the HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature ensures proper color and contrast ratios. All this will enhance your tv watching experience by several folds. Most Walton TVs these days come with 4K displays.

Although the quality of this 4K display resolution will vary depending on the model and price of the TV (better model with better resolution), if you can spend a little more on your purchase, you will be able to afford a competent TV with a better quality of display resolution.

Some other contributing factors to buy the best TV include the audio quality, remote control, ensuring warranty, choosing a noteworthy brand, connectivity with external devices, etc. You may also want to decide on the display type. We’d recommend choosing between LED or OLED displays. Upgrading to a Smart TV will be beneficial if you can afford it.

No 1 TV in Bangladesh – Walton TV

The No 1 TV in Bangladesh – Walton TV is undoubtedly the best in the game. The manufacturers of Walton have an unscathed reputation for their unbeatable cost, design, quality, and innovation in electronic goods, especially televisions. With their top-notch visual and audio quality, you can never go wrong with picking one of their televisions.

Walton TV will indisputably give you the best quality pictures with dynamic, lifelike, vibrant saturations that are realistic and tranquil to the eye. Their international standard Dolby Sound Technology is the perfect complement to the high-resolution display that together, performs flawlessly to give you an unparalleled entertainment experience.

What started as a small local industry striving to meet the needs of their people at an affordable price is now one of the leading electronic industries in the world. Walton TV is now exported all over the globe as they are equally capable of competing against international brands.

Even with the most basic Walton TV, you will find an extensive range of multimedia support that will allow no compromise with your entertainment. The trusted brand can be relied on with ease for your first purchase, as there is no scope of going wrong with any of their televisions.

Why Walton TV is the No 1 TV in Bangladesh

There are many reasons why Walton TV is the No 1 TV in Bangladesh. Walton TV has been one of the major successes that the brand delivered to its customers.

The leading reason for Walton TV being the No 1 TV is their implementation of the latest technology that competes with the international standards.

Along with that, Walton TV also ensures long-lasting quality and features. Here are some of the reasons why Walton TV is the No 1 TV in Bangladesh.


Walton TV comes in a wide variety of options to choose from with extreme affordability. Their televisions start at 12,990 taka only, which easily lies within the price range of most people in our country.

Even at such a low price, you will find amazing deals on televisions with advanced features that will live up to the value of your money.

Easy installation

Setting up the Walton TV is as easy as its purchase. It can be placed both on the stand or mounted on the wall. With the additional advantage of free shipping, the easy installation process also comes in handy.

High-resolution image

The high-resolution images of Walton TV will give you a life-like experience with vibrant colors. Their simplest TV begins at a resolution of 720p, which is pretty great for starters. With the more advanced versions, you will be able to enjoy up to 4k resolution.

Best audio quality

The integrated speakers fit the bottom of the Walton TV work relentlessly to deliver the focused sound accurately and thereby, provide the best audio quality.

Compatibility with extensions

Walton TV provides compatibility with a variety of extensions whether it is AV in/out or USBs. Since their televisions are so cooperative with external smart devices, you can easily watch series and movies on your TV instead of constantly being on your phone or laptop. The larger screen of the television will also help to lessen the strain caused by looking at small phone screens for too long.

Innovative designs

Manufacturers of Walton televisions work tirelessly to keep ahead of the industry with their innovative designs and styles. Walton televisions are widely appreciated for their sleek design with a stylish narrow bezel that makes them lightweight and allows wider viewing angles to the users.


Although the use and need for televisions have declined over the years with the advancement of the internet and smart gadgets, televisions are still one of the best and most reliable sources of entertainment you will be able to enjoy wholeheartedly at a cheap price and economic viability.

There is no alternative to television if you want to enjoy some quality family time with your loved ones or a de-stressing office break with your colleagues. Televisions are not only there for entertainment purposes but also for educational and informative purposes.

You can learn about the current or ongoing situations around the globe sitting in the comfort of your own home and stay connected to the rest of the world. Televisions are also a highly appreciated medium of raising widespread awareness among the mass about the crucial topics of our society.

The No 1 TV in Bangladesh – Walton TV will meet all your aforementioned demands. So if you are about to purchase your first television, we highly recommend the No 1 TV in Bangladesh – Walton TV. It is budget-friendly, durable, and most importantly, the best source of entertainment after a tiring day.

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