Different types of LED light in Bangladesh

There are different types of LED light in Bangladesh that many are unaware of. This article will certainly clear up their doubts.

What is LED lighting?

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. To put it simply, it is a semiconductor device that emits visible light in the form of photons when electricity is passed through it. It is usually composed of two electrodes, a positive and a negative one, which helps to transmit the flow of electricity through the device when it is connected to a voltage source.

The diode is generally made from semi-conductive materials like- silicon, germanium etc; ensuring the conduction of electricity under specific conditions; thus making LED light a trusty channel for easy control of electrical current.

What is the difference between LED light and regular light?

There are quite a few differences between LED light and regular light. Being able to differentiate between the two is very easy and essential if you are looking for new home appliances.

Energy efficiency

The simplest difference between LED light and regular light lies in their efficiency. LED lights are far more energy-efficient than regular lights, the most common being incandescent light. LED lighting has been known to save as much as 75% energy in comparison to incandescent lighting, all the while maintaining the same appearance and feel as the latter kind. This is a huge advantage for people who are not efficient financially. Since diode lights use fewer watts than filament lights, they are more efficient in terms of power. It also makes LED lights environmentally friendly as they generate fewer greenhouse emissions from the power plants.

Heat factor

Regular lights are infamous for their heat factor. That is, they heat up very easily if lit for a long time, which can often lead to the burning of the filaments and reduces the life expectancy of incandescent lights.

The filaments present in regular bulbs allow them to simultaneously produce heat and light. LED lights, on the other hand, produce light through the emission of photons.

Photons are popularly known for generating very little to no heat. This mechanism automatically gives LED lights the upper hand when it comes to the heat factor. Making them a safe option for using both indoors and outdoors.

Cost efficiency

While regular bulbs have the huge drawback of not having cost efficiency, LED lights serve this purpose right in the long run, even though they might seem to be the wrong choice at first. Incandescent lights can cause a lot of hassle due to their low life expectancy. They require frequent changes as they do not last very long.

They also take up huge voltages that result in heavy electrical bills. All these disadvantages fail to make regular lights cost-efficient. LED lights, however, are very cost-efficient in the long run. Although they are a little pricey to buy, they help to save you a lot of money as they are low maintenance and have a good life expectancy. They also use fewer watts that result in more manageable electrical bills.

Different types of LED light in Bangladesh

The electronic manufacturers of Bangladesh build different types of LED lights that come in various shapes and sizes, each serving a different purpose. Here is a list of the different types of LED lights in Bangladesh to make your journey easier.

LED bulbs

LED bulbs are the most kind of LED lighting. They have a versatile field of use and are the cheapest of their range. These small rounded lights are most commonly used in houses. They are also often used to indicate the functionality of an electrical instrument, to direct traffic signals and even to serve creative purposes such as photography, advertising etc.

LED tubes

LED tube lights are used to cover the lighting of large places like office, school, hospital, outdoor etc. Due to their slim and long structure, LED tubes can light up a spacious area all the while occupying a very small area.

LED Panel light

LED panel light can be used for both commercial and residential projects. This type of light is usually designed in a way to mound on the suspended grids of recessed ceilings. LED panel light acts as an evenly distributed light source which is often important for photographers or videographers. Besides these types of LED light, other kinds include LED color light, SMD LED, warm and cool LED lights, etc.

The best in the game: Walton appliances

Walton has been the chief brand for electrical, electronic, automobiles, and other appliances in Bangladesh for many decades now. Their products are undoubtedly the best in the game as they provide their customers with the best goods in terms of quality, price, style, and longevity. The LED lights series from Walton provides the buyers with a wide range of lightings to choose from. It is hard to go by without buying their products.

Why is Walton the best option for LED light?

Walton is undoubtedly the best choice for not only electronics but other appliances too, because of their impeccable quality and guarantee. Their service is unmatched which puts them at the top of any wise customer’s choice. Their LED lights are in fact, hard to overlook because of their many benefits.

Wide range to choose from

Walton provides their customers with a wide range of LED lights to choose from. Their extensive variety of LED lights offer solution-specific lighting starting from your home to office, industries, and other commercial spaces. Each type of LED light is further categorized into various kinds which serve unique purposes.

Affordability and Home Service

Walton has been always known for its generous pricing. Their LED lights come at a very reasonable price, making their affordability easily accessible to all walks of people. They also provide home service which lessens the hassle of dragging the appliances to your home by yourself.


The versatile LED lights of Walton are of high quality in accordance with color, appearance, and longevity. They ensure the inclusion of five different requirements for colour in all their lights to ensure the best quality of lighting.

Their designs are also very flexible and modern; making them more appealing and stylish to the viewers. Their products are not only certified but also come with warranties and long-term testing that back up lifetime claims.


Last but not least, choosing an appliance that is so important in our day-to-day life can often be challenging. But with Walton, your journey becomes a lot easier with the assurance of the best product. So, if you’re looking for the best-LED light in Bangladesh, don’t forget to check Walton’s website or visit their nearest outlet today!

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