Walton’s 3-in-1 feature is more popular nowadays

In the past, air conditioning units were thought to be luxury items owned by rich people due to their high prices and high electricity costs. Technology and civilization have both advanced in the modern world.

It is true for you to wonder about what size air conditioning system you need for your room, as well as the greatest brand and most appropriate type. Walton brings solutions for you. Now you have to decide to treat yourself to a brand-new Walton air conditioner.

Walton air conditioners offer a lucrative and unique feature nowadays, which includes the 3-in-1 feature. With this feature, you can convert the capacity of your air conditioner as needed.

So even though the specifications of the AC may need to be changed when you change from a smaller room to a bigger room, you won’t have to change the whole AC unit, instead, you can just change the capacity with this feature.

Walton Air Conditioners with 3-in-1 feature

The capacity of split-type air conditioners varies, making each one ideal for a different-sized room. A tonnage system or BTU (British Thermal Unit) system, which specifically specifies the air conditioner’s cooling or heating capability, is included with them.

You can choose the ideal air conditioner for your room with its assistance.

For wall-mounted split-type air conditioners, there are three tonnage systems: 0.75 ton, 1 ton, and 1.5 ton.

Now let’s say you bought a smaller AC with less capacity for a smaller room. But you want to transfer the AC to another bigger room. To cool the bigger room you would need an AC with a bigger tonnage system, thus you would have to change the entire AC unit.

But with the help of 3 in 1 feature, you can easily change the capacity of your existing AC to a larger tonnage system to match the cooling requirements of the bigger room. Thus the cost will lessen a lot and you are free of hassle.

So if the room’s dimension is changed, no need to change or replace the AC, just change the capacity.

The user can control the cooling capacity as per requirement. You can customize the capacity as 9000 BTU/hour, 12000 BTU/hour, and 18000 BTU/hour.

The following product lines have the 3-in-1 feature available:

1) Inverna Series:



2) Krystaline Series (Black Color):



Why Walton Air Conditioners are the best?

The exciting 3-in-1 feature in the Walton air conditioner is something to spend your money for its worth. Apart from this function, there are a wide variety of features available in Walton air conditioners that you should look into, which makes Walton ACs the best among customers.

  • You may choose from a wide selection of air conditioners from Walton that have the most tasteful styles and patterns.
  • Walton ensures product life and superior quality by providing the finest product at the greatest price.
  • You won’t have to worry about product servicing or broken components because Walton air conditioners have their own customer service management, service expert, and all of their air conditioners are covered by warranties.
  • Walton air conditioners have incredible Intelligent Inverter technology, which allows your AC to run quietly and smoothly while providing quick cooling.
  • It has an energy-saving feature that will enable you to save up to 60–70% of energy with the simple push of a button, making it very environmentally friendly with little potential for global warming.
  • Walton Inverter AC may operate without issue in any range between 140 and 264 volts. As a result, the air conditioner may function effectively in both low and high-voltage rural and urban regions.
  • The Walton Air conditioners have a unique gas called R-32 that has no potential to harm the ozone layer, making them extremely safe and environmentally beneficial.
  • Unique Dual Defender technology removes all the allergens, bacteria, and odors in your air, leaving you with clean, healthy air to breathe. This feature works with the help of a dust filter, an antiviral filter, and an ionizer.
  • In the input air section of the air conditioner, UV care technology produces ultraviolet rays that kill airborne pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that are damaging to health. It eliminates airborne pathogens and guarantees clean air.
  • Where COP is so high, Walton air conditioners have more energy-efficient air conditioners. Walton air conditioners have 2.5 stars, 3 stars, and 5.5 stars according to the BDS star rating, giving them a dependable option for your house.
  • The Walton air conditioners offer a special frost-clean technology function that allows the AC evaporator to clean itself automatically, extending the life of your air conditioner. Additionally, it guarantees that your air conditioner will continue to chill as effectively as new even after extended use.
  • Walton air conditioners are carefully made to have an auto-dry mode which keeps the air clean and free of fungi and other dangerous microorganisms.
  • The auto-restart feature of your air conditioner automatically turns it on at the designated time. By doing this, you can avoid having to fuss with manually turning it on each time.

Why Choose Us?

Walton provides your family with clean, healthy air with energy-efficient air conditioners. With the help of our Twin Fold Inverter Technology, you may save heavy amounts of energy and money. Walton Twinfold Inverter Air Conditioner has Horizontal and Vertical Swings which enable air to flow in four directions. Every area of the room will be equally comfortable.

Walton manufactures ceiling and cassette-type air conditioners with fascinating designs to satisfy the needs of style and quality. Its stylish body and louver will give the interior design of your workplace, eatery, or showroom a new depth.

Walton sells high-quality air conditioners that are worth their price. Among the range of products, the 3-in-1 feature is available in certain products that will be useful to you in the long run. So if you want to take full advantage of this feature, contact your nearest Walton outlet for more details.

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