Why You Should Buy Walton’s Washing Machine

Nowadays, when we think of washing our clothes with our hands, it reminds us of medieval times. Sure, maybe sometimes we tend to wring the clothes out while trying to get a stubborn spot out of our favourite clothes, but we can all agree that a washing machine is a necessity now, rather than a luxury.

With that being said, the washing machine is a pretty new invention. And with new features being added every day, it is getting tougher to choose the right type of washing machine for yourself. So if you’re thinking of buying a new washing machine but could use some advice, you have arrived at the right place.

What is a washing machine?

It is an electrically driven appliance that helps to wash your clothes while you put the minimal effort. You put your dirty laundry in, add liquid or powder soap to the designated container, and in a few hours your clothes will be clean as a whistle.

After the clothes are washed, you can take them out to hang them and dry them, or you could buy a washing machine that comes with a dryer. That way, your clothes will be washed and dried together, and you can just take them out to iron them without any extra hassle.

What are the types of Washing machines?

There are mainly three types of washing machines, all come with different functions and features.

1.  Automatic Front Load Washing Machine: An automatic front load washing machine has paddles on the sides of the product. It has an impeller at the back, which works gently on your clothes. So if you’re someone with little ones at your home, giving you a need to wash clothes somewhat frequently, Walton automatic front load washing machines are the way to go.

The impeller works gently on your clothes so you will not have to worry about your clothes losing their lifespan too easily.

Front-load washing machines do not require as much water, so there will be pretty less water wastage for more clothes. But if you have stains in your clothes that refuse to come out, this product may not be your first choice because it is renowned to clean only moderately dirty clothes better than the ones with stubborn stains.

One of the known models of washing machines is Front Load Washing Machine, so if you are looking for power-saving options, this may not be the best choice for you. In this type of washing machine, the clothes have to be loaded from the front of the washing machine. So you have to bend over pretty far, to load and unload laundry from the washing machine.

2.  Automatic Top Load Washing Machine: This is a type of washing machine that has an agitator in the middle that will rub your clothes to get the hard and stubborn stains out of them. But that does mean this washing machine might not be the best suitable for all types of clothes as this agitator system might damage them and reduce the longevity of your beloved clothes.

In an automatic top load washing machine, clothes have to be loaded from the top, so if you are a short person you may not exactly fall over into the washing machine, but you definitely will have a hard time trying to get your clothes out.

Automatic Top Load Washing Machines consume less power, so if you are planning on cutting off electricity bills and saving energy, this product is your way to go. But they do use up way more water and soap than front load washers, so if you are looking for something to help you save water, this will not be the best choice.

3. Semi-Automatic Washing Machine: This is the one where you have to put a little bit of manual effort. It usually comes with two different drums, which are used for two different functions. One is the washing drum, and the other is the drying one. In this washing machine, you also have to put in water and detergent manually. So unlike fully automatic washing machines, this one will take up quite a bit of time and effort.

Semi-automatic machines, however, save you money and reduce your costs a bit better. Because semi-automatic washing machines consume less electrical power than fully automatic washing machines. It also gives you the power to determine how much water and detergent you want to use according to your needs, whereas in automatic washing machines the products determine how much water and detergent they will use upon every wash cycle.

Why you should buy Walton Washing Machines

  • All of Walton Washing Machines come with fully tempered glass covers with mesmerizing designs on them, so you will not have to worry about having scratches on them.
  • The Walton Washing Machines have a full plastic body, so no corrosion will occur due to contact with air and water.
  • The washing machines also have antiseptic properties, so there will be less chto bacteria spread to your clothes and the clothes will be good as new.
  • They have super washing capacities so if you have a lot of clothes to wash in a go, you can count on Walton Washing Machines.
  • Walton Washing Machines come with an amazing extra feature called fabric care wash, that takes care of your clothes being gentle on them, thus prolonging the lifespan of your clothes
  • Walton Washing Machines have effective air-dry technology, so the products will use the natural wind to dry up clothes faster.

Why choose Walton?

  • Walton provides an EMI payment policy on all of their products above BDT 10,000 for up to 12 months
  • All of Walton’s washing machines have mesmerizing designs and fully tempered glass covers, as well as plastic bodies with antiseptic properties that will keep your clothes clean and fresh, and beautiful looking without a scratch on them.
  • All of Walton’s products come with several features at the most affordable price.

To buy Walton products, visit your nearest outlet or visit us at eplaza.waltonbd.com

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