Why you should choose Walton LED lights for your home

Just like electricity is a total necessity for your home, lights are everywhere too. It goes without saying how much we require lights at all places. But just like other technologies, lights have somewhat evolved too. Lights can be used as digital signboards in several places.

Nowadays, a new type of light is being used everywhere. It is called light-emitting diodes, shortly known as LED. These are so much better than general filament bulbs and there are several reasons why. If you’re confused about which light to buy because there are too many out there, this article is just for you.

Benefits of buying LED bulbs

  • LED bulbs have pretty high demand worldwide and there are several reasons why.
  • LED bulbs do not heat up like filament bulbs so easy installation and removal
  • LED bulbs save about ninety percent of electricity consumption, so less energy wastage
  • The best thing about LED bulbs is that they are completely recyclable and do not emit any UV rays. Thus they are completely environmentally friendly.
  • They have a very long lifespan and can withstand constant switching on and off.
  • Replacement is not required too often so you can get the best value for your money.
  • They turn on instantly and do not flicker at all so no worries about too much time taking up to light up your home.

Types of LED bulbs

Mainly, there are two types of LED bulbs:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

Indoor LED bulbs: These are mainly used for any and every kind of indoor lighting. For houses and restaurants, you may choose warm white-toned lights to help create a comfortable and more peaceful environment. Warm white LED lights are also known to help your eyes relax better. They mimic an environment that is similar to that of early morning or the afternoon, helping you to feel at peace and more comfortable.

For offices and hospitals, bright white lights are the most recommended as they make things a lot clearer and thus will help you work better. Bright white lights are also known to help increase focus. However, extremely long exposures to bright white lights can strain your eyes. So always remember to take a break while working in such conditions.

For studios or personal rooms, multi-colored strip lights are very trendy right now. So you can use colorful decorative lighting around you to create a fun mood to be in.

Another important indoor LED light type is entry and exit signs. These are very useful for places that operate in a low-light environment, like cinema halls. This type of light can also be used for hanging up your shop name so that people may spot it from a distance too!

Outdoor LED lights: For the outdoors, very high-powered and bright lights are usually needed. Floodlights are a great choice. In stadiums and practice fields, this is extremely useful for practicing and since they are very bright, they can cover a big area without much effort which makes them ideal for stadiums. Walton floodlights have a die-cast aluminum body and optical glass, which makes them extremely durable as they have lighter parts and are more gentle for your eyes.

What is the difference between incandescent, CFL, LED bulbs?

Incandescent bulbs: These were most possibly the first ones to be ever released into the market. More commonly known as filament bulbs, they have a Tungsten wire inside of them which glows when current is supplied to them. But the glass around it tends to heat up as long as the bulb is glowing, and for some time after that. Due to this heating up, the current flow gets interrupted and oftentimes this bulb does not emit the brightest light. Also, this heating up of the bulbs causes them to burn out pretty soon, resulting in a lifespan of about 4-6 months.

However, the incandescent bulbs give out an excellent color rendering. It means that these bulbs show the accurate color of the items seen in them, which is pretty much the only plus point it has. If you’re someone who’s trying to save power, this is not going to be your best choice as incandescent bulbs are known to have a very high energy demand.

CFL bulbs: CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent. These are more energy-saving than a usual incandescent bulb but aren’t very efficient when it comes to color rendering output as they do not show colors as well as incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs. They do have a greater lifespan than incandescent bulbs so if you’re looking for a slightly better option, CFLs are your way to go.

CFL bulbs are known to contain a little bit of mercury gas. So when it is broken or not disposed of properly, the mercury gas will release into the atmosphere and heath the environment. If you’re using or about to use a CFL bulb, make sure that it is recycled properly when it is no longer of use.

LED bulbs: Among all three, LED bulbs are the best and most wonderful choice for you. They are amazing at saving energy as they save up to 90-95% more energy than incandescent bulbs. They also have an amazing color rendering and do not heat up at all like the incandescent bulbs. They also do not contain any harmful gas like CFL bulbs do, thus no chance of harming the environment.

LED bulbs are famous for having a huge lifespan, so you do not have to worry at all about changing your bulbs every 6 months to a year of installation.

What is the difference between regular LED light and Emergency LED light?

Regular LED lights are the ones that you use, you know, regularly. Like in your home and in your rooms and wherever you want to. But what to do when there is no power supply, but you really need light? Cell phone flashlights do not always work the best, so instead, choose the emergency LED lights. These are an amazing category that is usually battery operated. It charges itself when there is an adequate power supply and instantly lights up when power has gone out, just like magic!

Installation of an emergency LED bulb is absolutely necessary for every home because accidents may happen at any time. And with a world that is fast-moving with electricity being everywhere, do not let yourself stop due to a mere power cut.

Why you should choose Walton LED lights for your home

Walton is the best producer of LED lights in Bangladesh. It has over 5 categories of LED bulbs for you to choose from, and comes with amazing benefits that will protect you from low voltage situations, and will protect your eyes from any kind of harm.

For your home, Walton has some amazing options for you to choose from:

WLED-PSA-30WB22: This amazing LED bulb is free of any kind of hazardous chemicals, like mercury, and it does not emit UV rays so you will not have any worries about having skin cancer.

WLED-T5NANO-1F-GL10W: This LED light is a part of Walton’s NANO series. It has minimal Lumen Depreciation, meaning that the original light output will not decrease over time. This light is also very energy efficient meaning that there will be less to no energy wastage.

WLED-T5BAT-20W: It is a LED tube light, that is completely eco-friendly and does not contain any hazardous material like lead or mercury. It also does not emit any harmful UV rays.

WLED-ML-F-0.5WE27(Red): This is a decorative light that allows you to see your home in different colors and add nice hues to it. There are several colors available so choose the one that is your favorite. They are also shockproof and any kind of vibration-proof so you can also use these as a dim light and this will not hamper your sleep at all.

WLED-HP-WR30WB22: It is a warm white LED bulb that helps you to relax and feel more comfortable in the environment and surroundings. It is mostly used in living areas and in bedrooms, where you tend to get a little cozy and this light will definitely help you more with it.

WLED-EL-FC-18WB22: This is an emergency LED light bulb that had amazing efficiency and is 90% energy saving. It also has amazing color rendering so your life will not stop, even if your power does.

What is the difference between Local LED bulbs and Branded LED bulbs?

Branded LED bulbs are more expensive than local LED bulbs, which is why people tend to lean more towards the local ones than the branded ones. But often people do not understand the risks that come with buying local LED bulbs, that are eliminated by the branded ones.

Firstly, branded LED bulbs come with a one-year warranty which is not available in any of the local ones. So if your branded bulb is. damaged or ruined within a year, you can get it replaced without any extra cost. But with local LED bulbs there is no such warranty so if your bulb gets fused, you have no other option than to buy a new one which will result in your money going to waste.

Secondly, when buying local LED bulbs, the seller may not give you the correct materials required for a proper LED bulb. They may give the materials for a low rating LED bulb but print a high rating on the exterior. This is one of the biggest risks for your home because when inaccurate ratings bulbs are used that will interfere with the electrical circuit of your home and potentially damage all other electrical appliances.

So be smart and choose the branded ones even if they cost you a little more, which they do because a lot of tests have been run on them to make sure that they are safe for your home.

Tips before buying Walton LED bulbs

  • Always check your sockets and buy your LED lights accordingly. If the wrong LED is installed into a socket, it may disrupt your electricity flow at your home which might damage the other electrical appliances.
  • But your LED bulbs according to the best-fitted shape. Wrong shapes of LED bulbs can cause light to reflect off structures in your home in an unpleasant way so you will not get the best output from your LED bulbs.
  • While buying strip LED lights or colored bulbs, always check the corners where you are going to paste them. If there are cracks in the walls, there may be a problem to set up the strip lights and will look troublesome on your walls.
  • Always consider all the available color options before buying an LED light. Now a red or yellow-colored light may not look the best in a dining hall, as good as a warm white one would look right? So always make sure you are choosing the right colors for the right spaces.

To buy Walton products visit the nearest outlet or contact us at eplaza.walton.bd

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