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The primary goal of technology is to make our lives easier. Throughout history, human beings have used scientific advancements to make beneficial improvements in their lives. The washing machine is an example of human efforts to make life easier.

Walton washing machine is the outcome of ongoing innovation aimed at making people’s life easier in Bangladesh. It frees customers from manual cleaning and allows them to spend their time on other things. At Walton, you can easily choose the ideal washing machine for your home and get it at a reasonable price. Walton also offers a free installation facility for washing machines!

Types of Walton Washing Machines in Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, Walton offers two types of washing machines depending on load and two more based on automation.

  1. Top-loading Washing Machine: The top-loading washing machine is the most common in Bangladesh. The garments are loaded from the top in a top-loading washing machine. During and after washing, a cover on the top opens and shuts in your direction to load and unload the clothing into the spherical vessel inside. You should acquire a top-loading washing machine if you have a back condition or don’t want to bend over.
  2. Front-Loading Washing Machine: Front-loading washing machines are the most environmentally friendly equipment since they use the least amount of energy, water, and detergent. A front-loading washing machine does the same washing, rinsing, and drying as a top-loading washing machine, but it unloads and unloads from the front rather than the top.

Based on the automation method, these top and front-loading washing machines may be divided into two types. Semi-automatic washing machines and fully automatic washing machines are the two sorts.

  1. a) Semi-Automatic Washing Machine: A semi-automatic washing machine contains separate washing and drying tubes or vessels. It also has two different timers, allowing you to set separate timers for washing and drying. In brief, a semi-automatic washing machine allows you to tailor the way you use it.
  2. b) Fully Automatic Washing Machine: A fully automatic washing machine, which is equipped with a single tube, washes, rinses, and dries clothing automatically while taking in the amount of water and detergent required to wash the clothes based on the number and weight of the clothes.

Benefits of Walton Washing Machines:

Walton washing machines are notable for a number of characteristics:

  • OXYFRESH Technology: Freshens and cleans your clothes gently. The product’s freshness lasts a long time.
  • CIM Inverter Motor Uses less energy than conventional motors.
  • 16 Washing Programs to Choose From: There are 16 different washing options, including a quick wash option. Some of the options include mix wash, cotton eco, backpack, underwear, jeans, bulky, wool, drum clean, color, shirt, babywear, smart wash, rinse & spin, and spin. Walton washing machines are designed to fit your specific needs.
  • Bacteria Sterilization in Walton Washing Machines: Sterilization refers to any method that removes, kills, or deactivates all forms of life (in particular referring to microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, spores, etc.) An antibacterial stainless-steel drum is integrated within the gadget, which sterilizes microorganisms and keeps your clothes germ-free.
  • Antibacterial Door Seal: To prevent impurities out of your clothes, this door is made of antibacterial material.
  • Advanced 3D Motion with a High-Efficiency Pulsator: Each model’s optimum motion combinations are created by the efficient pulsator. As a result, satisfactory washing outcomes are achieved. The control is programmed to move the drum in a range of orientations while caring for your linen and providing the best wash possible. This device includes five different modes of operation that allow you to clean the cloth with fewer wrinkles and without harming it. Tumbling, filtering, rolling, cleaning, and swinging are the actions.
  • Drum Washing at a High Temperature: Drums are washed at a high temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. Cleaning the inner drum ensures that it is sterilized to the highest standard. Bacteria and stains are removed by steam that reaches every region of the drum!
  • Child Lock: Keep your children safe with this function; the lock can be activated quickly as needed.

Washing Machine Free Installation Facility:

Walton, a Bangladeshi super brand, is offering a convenient buying option for its extensive selection of sophisticated technology washing machines.

Due to the increased demand for washing machines as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, Walton offered certain unique purchasing perks to help consumers meet their washing machine needs.

Customers can get the following perks when buying a Walton washing machine: easy monthly installments with a minimum down payment of only Tk 999, 12-month interest-free EMI, 3-month replacement guarantee, free installation, and so forth.

When purchasing a Walton washing machine in Bangladesh, clients will receive free installation. Up to a year of home, servicing is included, as well as three years of after-sales care. Inverter motor purchasers are covered by a 12-year guarantee. There is a three-month money-back guarantee.

Walton provides washing machine after-sales service, making it more convenient for customers. Among their after-sales services are:

  • Inverter Motor Warranty: 12 Years
  • 1-year warranty on spare parts
  • 3 years of after-sales service
  • 5 years of free service (1 Year of Home Service)

Walton has the most service centers and an ISO-certified service management system in the electronics, electrical, and motor sectors of the country. The Walton brand has become a consumer favorite due to its prompt and satisfactory after-sales services.

Why You Should Buy a Walton Washing Machine:

Walton washing machines range in size from small apartment-sized devices that roll around the kitchen and connect to a sink to larger versions that are installed in the basement or laundry room and connect directly to a water line. Sheets and comforters, for example, can be split into different sizes. Different washing machines have different cycles to complete depending on your items. You can select the desired function, and the device will do the rest!

Because Walton is a local brand, it is better familiar with the needs of Bangladeshi clients. They’ve made strenuous efforts to keep up by achieving technological advancements. Their products are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials. They’ve built a choice of high-tech and high-functioning washing machines to meet your needs. Visit your local Walton store to learn more!

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