What are the types of Walton refrigerators?

Previously refrigerators were thought to be a luxury. But in today’s world refrigerators are a necessity. New features and functions are being introduced every day. So if you’re in a dilemma and are a little unsure about which kind of refrigerator to buy, you’ve come to the right place. After you’re done reading this article, you will know all there is to know about the types of refrigerators.

What are refrigerators?

Refrigerators are electrical appliances that are used to preserve raw and cooked food. They use a very low temperature to keep food and drinks cold. They use a compressor system to vaporize cold air into the refrigerator which tends to push hot air out of the refrigerator.

They usually have a few compartments, each used for a specific function. There are separate compartments to store hard vegetables and leafy vegetables. There are also separate compartments to store dairy products and regular leftovers or marinated foods.

Refrigerators come with a separate compartment called a freezer. It has a way lower temperature than a refrigerator and is usually used to store raw goods, especially fish and meat. Some of the freezers may have ice build-up in them due to the very low temperatures. But no worries, because technology is advancing and so are we. In recent times, a special type of refrigerator called “non-frost refrigerator” has been invented and it has been performing amazingly. Walton has all types of refrigerators that come with amazing additional features for you to choose from.

What are the types of Walton refrigerators?

Walton is the top manufacturer of refrigerators in Bangladesh. Mainly they produce two types of refrigerators.

Direct Cool Refrigerator: This is a type of refrigerator that uses a natural convection path of cooling the air. This way, the food stays fresh for a lot longer.

But on the positive side, direct cool refrigerators do have a lower price and maintenance cost. They do not take up too much space so it is a wise enough choice for small families. Also, they save a good amount of energy so you don’t have to worry too much about power and electricity wastage.

One of the most unique features of this refrigerator is that it has DECS technology, which stands for Dynamic Environment Control System. It makes sure that the internal and external environment of the fridge is balanced.

All the Walton Direct Cool Refrigerators come with Magical Nano Silver Technology, that is placed on top of plastic. This ensures that any bacteria existing inside the fridge gets attracted to the cover and gets destroyed, thus keeping your food safe. It also comes with an Anti-Fungal gasket that keeps your food free of any airborne bacteria or fungi.

Frost-free Refrigerators: Unlike the name suggests, this type of refrigerator does not come with frost inside them. Rather, this comes with an automated system to get rid of the frost. This process does not harm the fridge in any way. The cooling process does not get interrupted in any way because of the automatic defrosting.

However, frost-free refrigerators do come with a few disadvantages. They tend to take up a lot of space, so there will be a waste of space if you’re a small family. But if you have a big one, frost-free refrigerators might just be your best choice. The costs and maintenance will also be a bit expensive due to the increased space and features.

Frost-free refrigerators also are known to use up a lot of power, so if you’re trying to save up electricity, frost-free refrigerators might not be the best choice. Another wonderful option that comes with it is that the Non-Frost refrigerators have Ecozen technology which ensures that less of your food has perished. It uses solar energy to make sure that your food stays cold and fresh all the time. A few models that come with this Ecozen technology feature are WNR-6E6-GDCS-DD  and WNI-6A9-GDNE-BD. These are the newest addition to all the existing collections and will make sure you have the freshest food at all times!

Beverage Coolers: It is a special type of refrigerator that is only used for storing beverages. While refrigerators and freezers have a set temperature, beverage coolers usually have a range that lets you set the temperature anywhere between 40° F to 65° F, a temperature appropriate enough to store beverages.

Beverage coolers are the most useful types in stores and restaurants. They tend to be a little bit expensive, because of their design and ability to set the temperature according to your requirements.

On the positive side, beverage coolers use a small to moderate amount of electricity. Thus electricity costs will be reduced.

They come with Tempered Glass doors, that are scratch-free and way stronger than regular glass. It is also easy to clean it up if you have any kind of spills or marks on it

There is a Heavy Duty application that comes with the outdoor beverage coolers, which are insulated compartments that will definitely keep your beverages cool and refreshing! They also have an indirect cooling system that ensures that your fridge does not corrode and all the cold is transported to all the food and beverages.

A special model of Walton Beverage Cooler is WBB-2F0-TDXX-US. It comes with all the amazing features mentioned above. So without any delay, get Walton Beverage Coolers for you right away.

Freezer: This is a type of electrical appliance that makes sure all of your food are frozen and stored for a long amount of time. This is ideal for storing ice creams and other frozen food items. The very low temperature of the freezer ensures that no bacteria comes in contact with your food and keeps your food non-perishable.

Walton freezers come with unique NANO technology and tempered glass doors. It also comes in vibrant, eye-catching colors and 100% copper condensers that keep your food cold faster and longer. They also have UVC (Ultra Violet Curing) disinfectant system so that way all your food is fresh and bacteria-free. The model WCF-2T5-GDEL-US has a huge capacity of 205 liters. Another one WCG-2E5-EHLC-XX comes with an amazing WalCool pack that ensures that your food stays cold for a longer amount of time.

WCG-2E5-GDLC-XX-P is a Premium model of Walton freezer. It comes with all the above-mentioned features and with DECS technology, all at the most affordable price in Bangladesh.

Here are some features that set apart Walton Non-Frost refrigerators from every other one:

  1. Digital Display feature, which shows you the temperature the fridge is currently at. So it is easy to see if the temperature is correct or the fridge is malfunctioning.
  2. Twin Cooling system, which ensures that different and exact temperatures are set for refrigerators and freezers. This way, your goods inside the fridge will not get rotten or stale due to wrong temperatures.
  3. Moisture Control Zone, which ensures that there is no excess moisture build up, as it may come in contact with your food and cause them to rot.
  4. It comes with an HD camera to see inside, which allows you to see the contents inside the refrigerator without letting any cold air out and potentially harming the refrigerator cooling system.
  5. Android Display with Capacitive Touch which helps you to set different temperatures and set reminders, write notes etc.
  6. The best and most unique feature of Walton Non-Frost refrigerators is that it can be connected to WiFi. This way, you can look up online recipes, set up reminders, write notes and even buy online groceries! All of that just from your fridge.
  7. All Walton Non-Frost refrigerators come with Intelligent Inverter technology. This is a feature which causes your compressor to run at a low power, so that it can adjust itself to surrounding temperatures such as a lower temperature on a hot day. The intelligent inverter also comes with OVP (Over Voltage Protection) so that your fridge will not get damaged if the voltage exceeds the optimum point.
  8. The Walton Non-Frost refrigerators have Turbo Cooling and Super Cooling Technology. These two systems are ideal for cooling your food instantly when you need to open your refrigerator door quite a few times.
  9. Electronic Control feature, which ensures that the fridge can be set at an exact temperature. This also helps you to connect with the camera, WiFi, alarm systems etc.
  10. Door Opening Alarm feature, that will go off if the door is left open for a long time because if the door is left open for more than two minutes warm air will go in and interfere with the cooling system of the fridge.
  11. It also comes with a human detector that can sense if there is any human in front of or around the refrigerator.
  12. The Walton non frost Refrigerators come with ionizers that release negative ions in the air. These get attracted to harmful particles like dust and bacteria and get rid of them, ensuring your food is safe.
  13. There are special Ice Making Zones that will help you make ice to go with your drinks and smoothies.
  14. Separate Hygienic Compartment, that helps ensure that your food is completely safe and bacteria-free.

The Non-Frost refrigerators also come with several kinds of lighting inside of them:

  1. Inside Day lighting, that helps you to see all the contents better.
  2. Startup Lighting, that lights up your fridge as soon as you open the door.
  3. Decorative LED lighting, that adds a special touch of colour to your fridge.
  4. Top Panel LED, which adds a soothing and warm color to your fridge.

Advantages of buying Walton refrigerators:

  • All the Walton refrigerators have sleek tempered glass doors, so you do not have to worry about cheap quality glass that will scratch easily.
  • All the Walton refrigerators come in mesmerizing designs and patterns at the most affordable price. Models like WFC-3F5-GDXX-XX and WFC-3F5-GDEL-XX have the best designs in the direct cool refrigerators. But if you are looking for some refrigerators with minimal to no design, WFC-3D8-GDEH-DD or WFC-3D8-GDEH-XX is your way to go.
  • Every Walton refrigerator comes with Nano Health care technology that keeps all the interior bacteria-free and keeps your food fresh and healthy.
  • All the Walton refrigerators have copper condensers. So the refrigerators cool down faster compared to aluminum condensers.
  • Walton refrigerators have the latest intelligent inverter technology that is deemed to be one of the current best technologies in the world.
  • Fast cooling process keeps your food always fresh.
  • The refrigerators are completely eco-friendly so no worries about CFC or HCFC polluting the environment.
  • Walton refrigerators have a large capacity so you can store food without any worries. WNI-6A9-GDSD-DD is the latest Non-Frost refrigerator with the best designs and features.
  • The Walton beverage coolers come in vibrant, eye-catching colors and manual temperature setters. The model WBB-2F0-TDXX-XX comes in a baby pink color that will resemble some cute ones in Japan.
  • All the Walton beverage coolers are very eco-friendly and save a lot of energy and power.

Why choose Walton?

  • Walton is the top refrigerator manufacturer in Bangladesh.
  • They provide EMI for up to 36 months.
  • Walton is renowned for serving top-quality products every time.
  • Walton gives a warranty for all of their electronic appliances for 12 months.
  • Walton has a wide range of products with a great variety of prices, so you have a lot of options to choose from.
  • All the Walton refrigerators come with different features and compartments so you do not have to worry about different foods coming in contact with each other.

All of Walton’s refrigerators and freezers have a 5-Star rating and are BSTI approved. So you’re getting assured quality products at the most affordable price.

To buy Walton products visit the nearest outlet or contact us at eplaza.waltonbd.com

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