Walton Introduces First 5.5 Star Rating AC in Bangladesh

Air conditioners are one of contemporary science’s marvels. Air conditioners have improved human life in ways we could never have imagined. Summer days are no longer painful or hectic since Walton has delivered affordable, high-quality air conditioners to your home!

Walton, a Bangladeshi electronics and technology company, has released one of the world’s most energy-efficient air conditioners.

Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) awarded the ultra-energy saving ‘Inverna’ series AC a 5.5-star energy rating certificate. The 1-ton air conditioner consumes just Tk 2.19 per hour in Eco Mode, making it the most energy-efficient air conditioner in Bangladesh and the subcontinent.

Electronic items are given star grades based on their capacity to save energy. A product with a higher star rating is more energy efficient. Only Walton AC has three or more BSTI verified star ratings in Bangladesh. Thus a 5.5 star rated Walton Air Conditioner becomes the best energy-saving system for your home.

The environmentally friendly Inverna AC compressor uses the CFC-free, widely known R-32 refrigerant. Smart control and turbo mode are the advanced features. Due to its louver finned tube evaporator and microchannel condenser, Walton AC is also more durable.

Advantage of a 5.5 Star Rated Walton AC

The star rating system refers to the energy efficiency of an air conditioner, the more stars mean more energy efficiency.

A star rating takes two main parameters into account:

  • The cooling capacity is expressed in British Thermal Unit (BTU).
  • The measurement of cooling an air conditioner can provide using a certain amount of power, which is known as the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER).
  • A 5-star air conditioner works far better than a 3-star air conditioner and consumes less energy. It is also eco-friendly and cools the space faster than a 3-star air conditioner.
  • As you go through the ratings, you will save more energy. A 5-star air conditioner may save up to 28% more energy than a 3-star air conditioner on average.
  • You can figure out how much heat an AC removes by multiplying the entire amount of energy it uses to do so. A higher score indicates greater efficiency.
  • A higher-rated air conditioner is more powerful. It also cools faster and more reliably. Despite its strength, it produces less noise.

The star rating method primarily displays an electrical appliance’s energy efficiency. The number of stars indicates how effective it is. The more stars the appliance has, the more energy-efficient it will be. The star rating system has a range of 1 to 5 stars. Thus the 5.5-star rated AC from Walton will give you an extraordinary service in terms of cooling and energy efficiency.

Walton Air Conditioners in Bangladesh

Walton is a manufacturer of high-quality air conditioners at an affordable price. There are several alternatives to choose from. Because their items are 100 percent authentic, you never have to worry about their quality. To learn more about the innovative and energy-efficient air conditioners, contact your local Walton Plaza or visit their website. Get the greatest items from the most recognized electrical company in Bangladesh!

  1. WSI-INVERNA (SUPERSMART)-12A (SMART): This is a fantastic split air conditioner that works with both iOS and Android devices. You can regulate the temperature of your air conditioner from your phone using this air conditioner. It also contains dual defender technology, which filters your air and removes allergens and bacteria, allowing you to breathe pure air. The ultra-energy saving Inverna series is rated 5.5 stars by the BSTI.

With their cooling power, air conditioners have been a significant help to human life. Air conditioners are more than likely to be your greatest friend in Bangladesh, where the warmest summer days may reach 40 degrees Celsius and the environment is irritatingly humid at night.

Because our country is so near to the equator, our summers are incredibly hot and humid. Even if the sun does not shine, you will sweat and your clothes will adhere to your body due to the humidity. In these situations, your body plainly desires a cool wind, which is provided by air conditioners.

As the globe has progressed, more and more air conditioners have been introduced to fulfill the satisfaction and want of customers. These various air conditioners offer a range of functions and features, allowing you to select the ideal solution for you.

Walton Split Type Air Conditioners

Split-type air conditioners are now available in a wide range of capacities, each is adapted to different room sizes. They have a tonnage system or BTU (British Thermal Unit) system, which reflects the air conditioner’s cooling or heating capacity. It will make choosing the right size air conditioner for your room much easier. There are three tonnage systems for wall-mounted split type air conditioners: 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2 ton.

  • 1 ton split air conditioner: A 1 ton split air conditioner costs Tk. 35,000 in Bangladesh. A 1-ton air conditioner can cool up to 120 square feet with a room height of 10 feet. Both intelligent inverter and ionizer technologies are offered.
  • 5-ton split air conditioner: Split-type air conditioners with a capacity of 1.5 tons can cool up to 180 square feet. In Bangladesh, a 1.5-ton split type Walton air conditioner begins at Tk. 49.500. Intelligent inverter and Ionizer technologies are both available.
  • 2-ton split air conditioner: 2-ton Split Type Air Conditioner: A 2-ton split type air conditioner costs Tk. 56,900 in Bangladesh. Split-type air conditioners with a capacity of 2 tons can cool up to 240 square feet. It comes with twin fold inverter and Ionizer technology.

Air conditioners use a substantial amount of power. For those who must pay for the electricity, this has both financial and environmental consequences. Because coal-fired power plants produce so much electricity, air conditioning indirectly contributes to the production of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. But with Walton’s 5.5 star rated AC, you can easily save energy and get maximum cooling at the same time, thus you have to pay fewer electricity bills.

So, get the 5.5-star rated Walton AC from your nearest outlets and save up energy.

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