Frost Clean Facility in Walton Split AC

With their ability to provide coolness, air conditioners have greatly helped mankind. Air conditioners are going to be your greatest friend in Bangladesh, where the peak summer days can reach temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius and the nights are extremely humid.

Since you will still sweat and your clothes will stick to your body even in the absence of sunlight due to humidity. Your body naturally desires a breeze of cool air in these situations only an air conditioner can provide that.

As technology develops, more and more varieties of air conditioners are introduced to satisfy the demands of the consumer. These many air conditioners have a range of features and functions so that you can pick the one that’s perfect for you. Split-type air conditioners are the ideal solution for customers who want a specific area of their home to be efficiently cooled. With Walton’s Frost Clean facility in their split-type ACs, the cooling process is even better than before now.

How does the frost-cleaning feature work?

The frost cleaning feature works in the following steps:

Step 1: Ice formation

Turn on the frost clean function by the remote controller, then the evaporator will cool down quickly and frost the condensed water on the surface of the evaporator including the dust.

Step 2: Defrosting and auto cleaning

The condensed water including dust will defrost automatically from the evaporator surface and wash away due to the high speed of rotation of the blower fan as the compressor is turned off.

Step 3: Drying up

The evaporator is finally dried by the blower fan to prevent the growth of mildew.

Frost Cleaning benefits

Split-type air conditioners consist of two components, with the compressor placed outside or, within the outdoor unit. These ductless air conditioners have an air outlet inside and don’t need a duct to operate. So the frost cleaning feature is extremely beneficial for this type of AC to keep it clean.

  • Removes dirt from the evaporator
  • Keeps evaporator dry and fungus free
  • Prevents the growth of microorganisms
  • Increases the longevity of air conditioner

Walton ACs with frost cleaning features:

Walton offers a fantastic selection of split-type air conditioner alternatives with frost-cleaning features for you to pick from.

1) Inverna Series: A great split-type air conditioner series, some of the air conditioners work with iOS and Android phones and tablets. With this air conditioner series, you can use your phone to regulate the AC’s temperature. Additionally, it contains dual defender technology, which filters your air and removes any allergies and microorganisms from it so you can breathe fresh air. Because it uses environmentally friendly refrigerants with very low global warming potential and no potential to harm the ozone layer.

2) Oceanus Series: A fantastic split-type air conditioner series and some of the air conditioners are equipped with a cutting-edge voice control system. You can only use your voice to adjust the temperature of this air conditioner series. Additionally, it includes a special UV care technology that saves your air from viruses and germs, giving you the purest air possible for your lungs. In comparison to non-brand air conditioners, it features a quick cooling mechanism that can chill your house 40% faster. The frost-clean technology that comes with split-type air conditioners maintains your air conditioner fungus-free and lengthens its lifespan.

3) Diamond Series: These air conditioners are equipped with a silent operation system, thus the noise of the compressor won’t be a problem for your sound sleep. All of the ACs in this split ACs series are equipped with a frost-cleaning feature.

Benefits of Walton Split type ACs with frost cleaning feature

Walton split-type ACs with frost cleaning features come with a variety of benefits, such as-

  • Walton Split-type ACs can be mounted almost anywhere, and installing them is not too difficult.
  • Also, they have separate controls, allowing you to achieve your goals.
  • Additionally, because the two pieces are separated, there is less contact between the inside and the outside, extending its lifespan. This is because it is cold inside at the same time warm outside.
  • Since they don’t have ducts, these air conditioners are actually rather beautiful and don’t look out of place. They do have internal castles that provide them the capacity for natural cooling.
  • Due to their considerable cooling capacity and exceptional quietness, split-type air conditioners do not contribute to noise pollution.
  • Additionally, they conserve electricity which keeps your wallet full. Last but not least, these air conditioners may be used all year round because they serve to double as heaters in the winter and cool air in the summer. It saves because you don’t have to buy a room heater.

Why Choose Walton?

Bangladesh has six distinct seasons. Even though summer lasts long every year. AC is a requirement if you want to escape the oppressive summer heat.

Air conditioners from Walton can help you stay cool and clear-headed. Remove the extra heat by placing it you can get the best comfort from it.

Since air conditioners can be highly maintained appliances, they may cost you a lot for servicing and cleaning due to their extensive use during summer. But the frost cleaning feature will come in extremely handy to you if you want to avoid AC maintenance hassle. This is why Walton split-type AC with frost cleaning is a customer’s favorite feature.

In Bangladesh, Walton is the top-selling electrical and electronics brand. You may get the best AC from Walton for a very affordable price. When you purchase from Walton, you are guaranteed the best.

Walton promises that its products will last a long time. Therefore, if you have a Walton AC you can be confident for long period. Compared to other conventional AC, Walton AC is significantly more effective and practical. So visit our nearest outlet if you are eager to buy our ACs with frost cleaning feature.

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