Energy consumption is the main function of Walton air conditioners

Have you had extra cooling costs this summer? Don’t immediately blame the energy provider; your rates may be high because your air conditioner does not have any energy-saving feature, or it has simply become outdated.

In addition to greater cooling costs, you’ll see inconsistent cooling in and around your house. Additionally, you could find that it takes lowering your temperature system repeatedly to get your house to the ideal cooling temperature. If you notice any of these problems, it might be time to look into installing an energy-efficient air conditioner.

To save your electric expenses, Walton air conditioners are a great choice as all of their ACs are energy-saving. The energy consumption saving function will cut off extra electricity usage and minimize your electricity bills greatly.

Electricity consumption factors of an AC

The factors that affect how much AC power is used are given below:

  • The number of people in a room has an impact on how much AC power is used. For instance, a room with 20–25 people needs numerous air conditioners, whereas a room with 3-5 people only requires one.
  • If your room has a lot of electrical equipment that gets heated easily, you may need extra energy air conditioners to cool.
  • An air conditioner with a 5-star rating uses less energy than one with a 1 or 2-star rating.
  • Both the outside and interior room temperatures have an impact on how much AC power is used. When the temperature outside is higher than 35 degrees, the air conditioner works harder to cool the interior.
  • The power requirements of window air conditioners, inverter air conditioners, split air conditioners, and central air conditioners vary.
  • AC power usage depends on the size of the room. A room’s size affects how much AC power it uses. Similar to this, smaller rooms use less electricity than bigger ones.

Benefits of an energy-saving air conditioner

  1. Lower Electricity bills: Even though an energy-saving air conditioner may cost more, it will save your electricity costs in the long run. 50% of your home’s energy costs go toward heating and cooling. Your electricity bills may drop up to 1/3rd of the previous cost if you install an energy-saving air conditioner.
  2. Low Maintenance: Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to chill your home if it is energy efficient and working at full capacity. This means that over time, the equipment will stay in better shape and require fewer repairs. Additionally, you will save extra money as a result of this benefit.
  3. Energy Efficiency: You can do your part to protect the environment by installing an energy-efficient air conditioner. You may even look for other ways to improve the energy efficiency of your house. If your air conditioner works efficiently with a saving energy feature, you won’t require repairs which will result in saving costs. Your efficient air conditioning unit could last up to 20 years with the right yearly maintenance and tune-ups. You want your investment in an air conditioning system to endure as long as feasible.
  4. Environment friendly: Walton air conditioners use R410 and R32 gases, both of which have very low global warming potential and zero ability to harm the ozone layer. This gives your lungs a breath of fresh air while reducing the environmental impact of your air conditioners and the hazardous gases they generate.

Energy Saving Air Conditioners by Walton

As the effort to prevent global warming is being put in, more and more energy-efficient air conditioners are being created to meet the growing demand. Because most of our power utilities still produce electricity using fossil fuels, reducing the power used by air conditioners will result in a smaller carbon footprint.

One of the most energy-efficient air conditioners in the world has been introduced by Walton, a Bangladeshi electronics and technology business.

The ultra-efficient “Inverna” series air conditioner received a 5.5-star energy rating certificate from Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI). The most energy-efficient air conditioner in Bangladesh and the subcontinent, the 1-ton air conditioner costs just Tk 2.19 per hour in Eco Mode.

R22, an ozone-unfriendly refrigerant, is no longer manufactured; nevertheless, equipment using this gas can still be purchased through recycling. Over time, R22 will be replaced by ozone-friendly refrigerants like R407C, R410A, and R32. These refrigerants have no potential to harm the ozone layer. Walton uses the environment-friendly R32 refrigerant in their Inverna series AC.

Electronic products are given star ratings based on how much energy they can save. Higher star ratings indicate that a product is more energy-efficient. In Bangladesh, the only company with three or more BSTI confirmed star ratings is Walton AC. Thus, a Walton air conditioner with a 5.5-star rating becomes the ideal energy-saving equipment for your house.

Why Choose Walton?

On the outside to get escape from the heat of the summer people looks for cool, shady spots to stay in. But inevitably, we think of purchasing an air conditioner, which consumes a significant amount of energy that costs a lot.

Walton has introduced the Inverna series that will reduce your electricity consumption to a great extent with its energy-saving features. The well-known, CFC-free R-32 refrigerant is used by the green Inverna AC compressor. The enhanced features include turbo mode and smart control. Walton AC is also more durable because of its louver-finned tube evaporator and microchannel condenser.

The power consumption of an air conditioner is high. This has financial and environmental consequences for people who must pay for electricity. To produce electricity lot of harm is caused like cutting trees, coal-fired power plants, and air conditioners contributing to the creation of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. However, with Walton’s 5.5-star rated AC, you can effortlessly conserve energy while getting the most cooling possible at the same time, resulting in lower electricity costs.

The secret of keeping your air conditioner operating effectively is proper maintenance. The most crucial step is routine filter replacement or cleaning. With Walton’s air conditioners, the electricity bills will not skyrocket and you can keep your AC functioning with minimum maintenance. So choose Walton air conditioners with the best energy-saving features.

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