Best 3 WALTON Split AC For Home

Air conditioners have been a huge savior for mankind with their cooling power. In Bangladesh, where the hottest summer days can go up to having a temperature of 40 degree Celsius, and nights where the atmosphere is irritatingly humid, air conditioners are more than likely to be your best friend.

Our country being very close to the equator had very hot summers which are extremely humid. The humidity is actually a constant, as even if the sun does not shine, you will still sweat and your clothes will stick to your body. During these scenarios, your body obviously craves for a breeze of cold air, which is given by air conditioners

As the world has advanced, more and more types of air conditioners have been introduce to meet up with the customers’ satisfaction and needs. These different air conditioners have variety of functions and features to offer so that you can choose the best option for yourself.

Types  of  Air  Conditioners

As mentioned before, air conditioners do have a few types. The types and description are listed below.

  • Split type Air conditionerThis is the type most commonly used in households. They come with different tonnages for you to choose from according to the size of your room. 1-tonne air conditioners cover up to 100 square feet, whereas 1.5-tonne air conditioners can cover up to 150 square feet. 2 tonne split air conditioners are the biggest ones and can cover up to 200 square feet. These also work great at filtering your air and making it less smelly.
  • Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners: These are used to cover commercial spaces meaning a large area, like in shopping malls or convention halls, as well as offices. Walton Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners have four-way multi-directional airflow, that way the air reaches every corner of the room it is installed in, providing a cool and peaceful environment.
  • VRF Air Conditioner: VRF (variable air conditioner) is a type of air conditioner used in industrial HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). These are very different than split type air conditioners. VRF air conditioners are used to cool or heat up large areas at a time, but are most commonly used as refrigerants.
  • Ducted air conditioners: More commonly known as central air conditioning system, ducted air conditioners can cool down the whole house very efficiently. They are spread in ducts throughout the whole house, giving them the scope to distribute cold air. They are usually placed in the ceilings, and you can put up one temperature for the whole house or set different temperatures for different rooms, allowing you to save electricity.
  • Chiller air conditioners: The chiller air conditioning system is used to suck out the heat from a room and condense it into cold water. This can be very useful for large spaces. Chiller air conditioners are also used in HVAC systems.
  • Central air conditioner: When you go for a vacation and stay in a hotel, you most likely see those white small panels attached to the top of the wall or the ceiling. Those are the central air conditioners. These are the perfect options for those people who have a huge house or office, and want the whole place to be cooled together in the same temperature. You can control this air conditioner using a remote control. These air conditioners are actually good for your health as your body do not have to go through temperature fluctuation.
  • Window air conditioners: This is an easy option as they are easy and reasonable to set up and does not come with high maintenance. It is called a window ac because the indoor outlet rather looks like a window. That being said, it can be very noisy at times
  • Portable air conditioners: As the name suggests, this is a moveable air conditioner. This is highly handy. It is because it does not require any permanent installation place and can be taken anywhere depending on the need. It does, however, require access to a window where it can be exhausted from using the funnel. This air conditioner can be a little too noisy as well.
  • Floor mounted air conditioners: This is the savior for those people who want a very good air conditioner, but unfortunately do not have the space for doing so. Floor mounted ACs allow you to check the air filters very easily and these are perfect for elderly people. However, you do not want this if you have a lot of furniture in your house as it will block the air flow, causing you a total waste of your money. But if you have corners in your house which are very hard to reach, this will be a great option fot you.
  • Geothermal air conditioner system: This whole system works by using the Earth’s insulation properties. As the temperature under 5-6 feet of the ground remains consistent over the year, this heat is used by air conditioners to cool your place more efficiently. This method also makes these air conditioners highly efficient and energy saving, along with them having a longer lifespan. Apart from all these, the installation is a tad bit expensive and also depends on your geographical location, or in other words, the location of the place you want to set it up in.
  • Duel fuel air conditioners: This air conditioner is also known as hybrid air conditioner. It is made with a combination of gas furnace and electric air source heat pump. This can be used during both winter and summer, but the service of this air conditioner depends on the temperature outside. Duel fuel air conditioners give you the maximum comfort while making sure you do not go bankrupt. This AC also has a very low count of carbon footprint. However, it has a high chance of an occurrence of breakeven.

Star  of  the  Show

The main character of this article is obviously split ACs. Split air conditioners are basically made of two main parts and have their compressor located outside, or in other words, are located in the outdoor unit. The air outlet is placed inside and these air conditioners are ductless, thus do not require any duct.

This is the perfect option for people who want a specific corner of their home to be cooled, but in an efficient way. The thing about split ACs is that they come in various sizes, or in other words various capacities.

When we say ‘capacity’ over here, we are indicating that they have a range of tonnes for you to choose from. Your choice depends on the size of your room and how powerful you want it to be.

Apart from this, another thing to be known about is more or less all split air conditioners are the same, but there is this type called smart split air conditioners.

These are slightly different from the normal ones, and can be controlled with a touch of your android phone. Along with this, they do have some attractive features to offer. Those are:

  • Week scheduling
  • Geo fencing
  • Comfy mode
  • Temperature range control

Needless to say, smart air conditioners are a lot more feasible than the normal ones, but also cost more. They also help you save energy but do require necessary WI FI connection.

Advantages of Split AC

Firstly, it can be installed anywhere and the installation is not a very bug hassle, it is easy. Also, can be controlled individually, so you will get what you want.

Moreover, as there is separation between the two parts, there is less contact between the insides and the outside, which helps it to last longer. This is because, in outside, the temperature is high whereas it is the opposite inside.

So basically there is a big contrast in the temperature, and if there is any contact it would take more time for the room to cool down, resulting in the air conditioner to work harder and waste energy. Due to their ability to zone split systems, they have more than one castle running which can be programmed separately. 

These air conditioners are actually very attractive and as they do not have ducts, they are not an eyesore. They do have interior castles, which provide them with the natural cooling capacity.

That being said, split ACs have high cooling capacity and is also very quiet, not making any addition to sound pollution.

They also save energy, and in return helps to keep your pocket heavy. Last but not the least, these air conditioners can be used along the whole year as in winter they world as heaters and provide you with the cold air during summer times, so saves you the cost of a heater.

Disadvantages  of Split AC

The very first thing that comes to mind when you buy something is the pricing, and yes split air conditioners are expensive. According to statistics, they take at least 30% more money than the normal or central air conditioners.

The reason for this circumstance is that the ducts are already in place for heating. Along with this, as you start using the AC, there will be more and more buildup of water, which will result in dripping. Split ACs also require an annual servicing and gas refill, adding up to the cost.


You can find all the types mentioned above in any Walton showroom. When it comes to split air conditioners, Walton provides an excellent range of options for you to choose from.

  1. WSI-INVERNA (SUPERSAVER)-12A [Smart]: This is an excellent split type air conditioner  that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. With this air conditioner you can control the temperature of your AC from your phone. It also has dual defender technology which filters your air and gets rid of any allergens and microbes in it, providing you with fresh air to breathe in.

It is also very eco friendly as it Uses gases that have zero ozone depletion potential and have very low global warming ratings.

  •  WSI-OCEANUS(VOICE CONTROL)-24C-[UV CARE]: This is an amazing Split type air conditioner with unique voice control technology. With this air conditioner you can control the temperature of your AC using your voice only! It also has unique UV care technology that eliminates all the virus and pathogens in your air, providing you with the cleanest pure air for your lungs.

It has fast cooling process that cools your home 40% faster than any non brand air conditioner. The split type air conditioner comes with frost clean system that keeps your air conditioner fungus free and increases its longevity.

  •  WSI-KRYSTALINE-24C [Defender]: This is an air conditioner with dual defender filtration system, which filters your air and gets rid of any allergens and microbes in it, providing you with fresh air to breathe in. It has energy saving technology and you will have no electricity bills skyrocketing with this air conditioner.

Choose the best air conditioner for your home according to your needs from all of Walton’s beautiful collection of air conditioners.

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