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Irrespective of the weather, the need for refrigerators is always inevitable. It is one of the must-have things in your kitchen if you want to have your food stay fresh with the taste of it for a longer time.

As the world is advancing, technology is advancing as well. Both of these are taking steps together, with the help of each other. This being said, the advancement of technologies is used in the making of refrigerators as well.

There was a time where only ice cubes were used for the cooling effect. From that instant till now, the journey of cooling and maintaining the taste of your food has taken vast turns and grown so much.

There are many types of a refrigerator in general. According to these types, they can be grouped into two categories.

The first group is the less complicated one. It is the category where the size of the fridges is taken into concern, and the second group is the one where the technology and the manufacture are important.

In other words, the second group is like the y axis of the graph with the first group being the x-axis as how big or small a refrigerator can depend on the technology it was used to build with.

Let us now have a look at the types that the refrigerators have to offer.

Types of Refrigerator According to the Size

Firstly, there is a mini-fridge. These are the small, less expensive ones that save place and can be taken anywhere as they are portable. They are also energy efficient and do not require a lot of maintenance.

Then, comes the single door fridges. These are the ones where the whole fridge opens at once as there is only one door. They are very compact and economical, along with the occupation of little floor space and volume.

But as both the freezer and normal have to be opened at once, a lot of energy is wasted. As a result of this circumstance, they are not very energy-efficient and friendly to the environment.

Lastly, there are double-door refrigerators. Unlike the previous one, this comes with two individual doors so you can operate individually. This is the best option for large families as these fridges have a lot of space.

Types of Refrigerator According to the Tech

To start with, there is the compressor refrigerator. As it is known by almost everyone, the compressor is the heart of the fridge. 

Compressor refrigerator is also known as the two-way refrigerator where the compressor they use has the capacity of either 12 volts or 110 volts, nothing less, nothing more, and nothing in between.

This is followed by the dual compartment refrigerator. As the name suggests, there are two compartments, and these two compartments have completely different temperatures and are isolated from each other. This technique results in them not having any effect on each other.

Each cycle has its evaporator along with heat exchanged and compressor means. As a result, there is no dependency and they can be operated without any connection.

The third option in the list is the absorption refrigerator, also known as the three-way refrigerator.  This whole refrigerator is built in a way where they have to rely on a gas flow heat exchange system. In other words, the whole refrigerator is cooled by spreading gas, and due to this, the heat goes away so a cooling effect occurs.

Next, on our list are the Peltier effect fridges. This type uses thermoelectric coolers which help in creating temperature difference injunctions. The bigger the temperature difference, the easier is the cooling. When current is being flowed, the heat gets removed in one junction and this is how the cooling effect occurs.

Then comes the ultra-low temperature refrigerators. In this case, the circulation of cool hair is forced by a fan that is driven by an engine. Along with this, the expansion of the refrigerator fluids is obtained by capillary tubes.

The process of evaporation takes place through the heat exchangers which are located inside the chambers, or at times, by the means of a coil.

Non Frost Refrigerators

Apart from the names listed above, there is another type, which is non frost or frost-free refrigerators. As the name suggests, frosting does not happen in this refrigerator.

If we talk about normal refrigerators we will see that in the deep freezer, there is ice stuck around the edges and in other places in huge amounts. This is not desired nor liked. The reason behind this occurrence is that water vapor develops around the coils.

The water vapor condenses back to the water, which in turn freezes and becomes ice. This whole process happens because the temperature in the fridge is very low, making it easier for this to happen.  In non-frost refrigerators, this is avoided by defrosting the storage area regularly.

There is a built-in timer that shuts off the compressor in regular intervals, and when the ice has melted, the compressor is turned on again. Of course, this whole process is done making sure the stored food and other substances are not being spoiled or rotten. 

So the main technology used in non-frost refrigerators is the technology that stops auto freezing, and surely this has been a savior in a lot of cases.

Advantages of Non Frost Refrigerators

Low maintenance

Nonfrost refrigerators are automated to defrost themselves whereas, in the traditional refrigerators, you have to defrost them manually, at least twice a year.

This is a whole lot of hassle and requires patience, time, and energy. Imagine opening a freezer, turning it off, and then using a knife to stab the ice that has been stuck in the edges and corners.

This also wastes energy and there are chances the food might not stay fresh. You are saved from all this hassle when you have a non-frost refrigerator, as there is no need for you to do this, it is already done for you, making it very easy to maintain and look after.

No frost damage

As mentioned before, the traditional refrigerators have the formation of ice crystals which affect the taste of the food as well as the nutritional value too. Foods do not have their original taste, rather they are watery and bland.

So due to this, the whole objective of you having a fridge is getting spoiled as you are buying it to keep your food fresh, but it is not happening. This whole dilemma is completely avoided in non-frost fridges as the taste and the nutrition, both are retained.


In normal refrigerators, the drawers get stuck due to the shard of ice. So when you try to pen those, a lot of effort is needed as they do not seem to open very easily. This can also result in breakage of shelves and drawers, causing you more loss. All of this chaos can be avoided by having nonfrost refrigerators.



This is very obvious, as they are giving you so many benefits and saving you a lot of hassle, they will most undoubtedly be in the expensive range. Everything has a price, so if you are willing to have the comfort and your food tastes good, you have to pay for it.

Storage space

These refrigerators do have greater storage space but sometimes it is seen that the shelves have been overfilled which in turn blocks the airflow. So while stocking shelves, you should check for the instructions.


This is more or less in every refrigerator, so yes nonfrost refrigerators make a lot of sounds too.

Top 3 Non-frost of Walton

In Bangladesh, Walton is the pioneer of producing good deals at a reasonable price. Like always, they do have a great range of non-frost refrigerators for you to choose from.

They are very sophisticated in design and stylish with providing the best service. Given below, is the description of the three models.


  • It is free from cyclopentane
  • Gross volume is 195 liter
  • Net volume is 167 liter
  • Has ion anti-bacteria, makes sure it is germ-free
  • Optimum noise level
  • Built-In condenser


  • Has a gross volume of 619 liter
  • Net volume of 590 liters
  • Digital display
  • Electronic control
  • Door opening alarm
  • Special ice-making zone
  • Moisture control zone
  • Has lighting both inside and during start-up


  • Has an antiseptic handle of aluminum alloy
  • Gross volume of 585 liter
  • Net volume of 509 liter
  • Anti-bacteria infused
  • Spacious
  • For easier adjustment of space, bracket glass is there
  • Optimum noise level
  • Longer enduring cooling system

Apart from these three models, there are many options for you to choose from. But one thing is for sure, something will be perfect for you and you won’t be disappointed.

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