5 Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly

Air conditioners, a luxurious product in today’s market. The buying cost of it is very high itself, and on top of that, if your air conditioner does not function smoothly and you have to maintain it several times, it can be a painful process for both you and your wallet.

To avoid that, you need to know how to run your air conditioner smoothly to get the most efficient results out of it. Although, if you are may1be thinking that how difficult could it be to run a mere air conditioner, you are probably right. But like any other electrical appliance, an air conditioner needs enough precautions to run too.

What Are The Risks of A Damaged Air Conditioner?

Air conditioner accidents are more common than you think. The initial symptoms may start as small and timid problems like air conditioners not cooling down the room fast enough. But as they gradually start to gather up, they can grow into more serious problems like blowing warm air out of it.

Air conditioners can even blast if there are serious damages caused to them. Air conditioner explosions can cause serious harm to humans, and even kill people if they are around them. The explosion of an air conditioner may interfere with the electrical circuit of the building which results in causing more damage to all the other electrical appliances that are a part of the circuit.

5 Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly

Now that you’re aware of the scary part, you must know how to avoid that. There are multiple ways to do so. Following them accurately will keep your life and money safe.

  • Always clean your air conditioner filters. Air conditioner filters trap a lot of dust and allergens from your air. If they start to build up, it will damage the internal filtration system of the air conditioner and your air will not clean as efficiently as it was supposed to. So keep your air conditioner filters clean and change them routinely with the help of a technician.
  • Avoid the sun hitting the air conditioner directly. If the heat from the sun comes in contact with the air conditioner it will interfere with and damage the cooling system of the air conditioner. So to keep your air conditioner safe, install blinds and curtains in your room so that your air conditioner is protected from the direct heating of the sunlight.
  • Allowing air conditioner to run in vacant places. This is a major flaw that can instantly cut the lifespan of your air conditioner by half. The number of times we hear someone shouting at us to close the door behind us is sole because the air from the air conditioner is not meant to run at empty spaces. This takes a lot more time to cool down the rooms and more energy for the air conditioner to run efficiently.
  • Give your air conditioner a break. Like all other electrical appliances, air conditioners need breaks too. You can not be running them for hours after hours constantly as that would put a huge electrical load on the air conditioner and may cause it to malfunction more easily.
  • Last but not least, treat your air conditioners with an annual servicing. Again, like any other electrical appliances, they need check-ups and clean-ups too. Call an expert to do it so that your air conditioner doesn’t get too damaged and explode, and minor inconveniences are resolved instantly.

Which Brand of Air Conditioner Is The Safest In Bangladesh?

Walton air conditioners are the safest ones manufactured in Bangladesh. Walton AC employs cutting-edge technology to provide a plethora of features that will compel you to purchase this air conditioner without hesitation.

Walton split air conditioners are clever air conditioners that can detect temperature changes and offer you with the optimum level of cooling.

Walton produces the highest quality air conditioners in Bangladesh, making this brand a market leader. They have an excellent warranty and the latest protection system on which you can rely for ages.

They have a wide voltage range that ensures that your air conditioner will be safe and work soundly even when there are big fluctuations in voltage measures on the national grid.

Even though they work on a large voltage range they do not consume too much energy. Instead, Walton air conditioners have the unique energy-saving technology that allows you to save up to 60 percent of electricity consumption.

So you do not have to worry at all about the electricity bills at the end of the month and run your AC without a hassle.

They also have a dust filter and an antiviral filter which consists of three consecutive layers of antioxidant, deodorization, virus-bacteria and allergen protector.

All of these work together to ensure that the air conditioner gets rid of any kinds of airborne pathogens, any floating bacteria, dust, and stench that may bother you and ruin the beauty of your lovely and peaceful home.

These filters are very easy to clean and replace, so that way you can maintain the safety and cleanliness of your AC without worrying about the long process or the damage it will take.

They have unique Inverter technology that ensures that your air conditioner operates completely silently so that your conversation or sleep or focus will not be lost and you can shine with your best performance everywhere.

Walton Air conditioners have a very fast cooling process that cools your room up to 40 times faster than any other general or nonbrand AC.

So your room will cool down in no time and there will be less power loss and more comfortable moments for you in your coziest environment.

Why Choose Walton?

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  • Walton is a new global electrical, electronics, autos, and other appliance brand with one of the world’s largest and best-equipped R&I centers, which manufactures through several subsidiaries under the Walton group headquarters in Bangladesh.Walton is a big professional producer in the relevant sector with a strong reputation for creating Electrical & Electronics items in the most cost-effective, quality-conscious, design-conscious, and innovative manner possible.
  • Walton has a wide collection of air conditioners in different types, and different sizes for you to choose from. They also come in mesmerizing designs and patterns
  • For all of their air conditioners, Walton provides an instalment option that allows you to pay for your products easily and according to your comfort.
  • Walton air conditioners can connect to both iOS and Android devices so you can pretty much control your air conditioners without the extra issue of looking for a remote.
    Some of the air conditioners also have voice control technology, so you can guide your AC with your voice only
  • All of Walton’s air conditioners are completely eco-friendly and use gases that have Zero Ozone Depletion potential so you can enjoy yourself without worrying too much about the damages you’re making to the environment and yourself.

So now that you’re well aware of all the hazards an air conditioner may cause and the techniques to avoid them, use your site conditioners safely keeping yourself and all your loved ones safe and sound.

To buy Walton products visit the nearest outlet or contact us at eplaza.waltonbd.com

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