AC Selection & Installation as per Room Requirement

With the temperatures and stress increasing almost every year, humans have a terrific need for comfortable spaces to reside in. Air Conditioners or ACs in short are renowned for providing and creating a comfortable environment for people to work and live in.

There’s a lot of ways that heat is generated inside a room: there are the global temperatures, the heat released from the human body, the heat released from machinery, etc. All this heat piles up and can create very uncomfortable conditions for people to stay in.

An AC relieves you from all that hassle and provides you with a cooler environment along with controlled humidity that is proven to be comforting and relaxing for human.

Why do I need an AC?

Air Conditioners can be a lifesaver in the summer days when temperatures are rising and the sun that tends to provide you with warmth, gets a little too generous and bombards you with too much heat, and ruins your mood and situations for the whole day.

The air conditioner takes out all that heat from the room according to the temperature you set for it and also filters out any allergens in the air, thus reducing your risks of pollution and asthma, and keeping your home cleaner.

Your home is the most important place to install an air conditioner because, at the end of the day, this is where we come to get some rest. If that place does not feel comfortable, it can crank up our mood for the rest of the week.

Studies have shown that in a cooler environment, people tend to sleep a lot better and good sleep means good health. When you get good sleep, you also perform a lot better at your work.

If your employer or teacher did not think of installing an air conditioner on their premises, installing one in your home is the least you can do for your comfort and better performance.

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner?

In a good air conditioner, you’d look for quietness, energy efficiency, and cooling capacity. You certainly don’t want an AC that sounds like something is going wrong inside of it, otherwise, you could just get a fan.

Energy efficiency is also very important to look for in a new air conditioner because every single day, we are wasting more and more energy, and the last thing we need to do is contribute to that.

So buying an appliance that is comforting for you and also saves energy is the main goal. Lastly, check the cooling capacity because if you buy an AC that doesn’t cool your room as efficiently, it is just a waste of money.

There are mainly three types of air conditioners: Wall Mounted Split Type AC, Ceiling & Cassette AC, and Industrial HVAC.

1. Wall Mount Split AC

This is the ideal type of air conditioner for a single room or for a small space to cool down. They come in different tonnages, each one for a different space to cover. 1-tonne air conditioners cover from 107-140 square feet, whereas 1.5-tonne air conditioners can cover from 161-193 square feet.

2 tone split air conditioners are the biggest ones and can cover from 215 – 236 square feet. This calculation is for the rooms with ideal height like 10 feet.

Split air conditioners have two parts, one is outdoor unit that which is usually mounted on a concrete or metal stand outside the room. The other part is indoor unit which mounted inside the room that blows conditioned air through the room.

Walton offers environmentally efficient split air conditioners that supply your family with clean, healthy air. The Intelligent Inverter Technology can help you save up to 70% on your power bill.

User can Control the air conditioning from anywhere with IoT Smart Control on smartphone. The Walton Air Conditioner includes Horizontal and Vertical Swing, allowing the air to flow in four directions. Every area of the room will be equally comfortable.

 Selection of a Wall Mounted Split type AC

Walton Air conditioners is the good choice for you. Reasons are:

  • Intelligent Inverter technology: Walton Air conditioner has amazing Intelligent Inverter technology that operates your AC smoothly and silently while giving you a fast cooling process.
  • Wide Temperature Range: It has a wide range of temperatures that will allow you to choose according to your needs.
  • Mobile Application Assistance: The Smart Walton Air conditioners are compatible with both iOS and Android devices so you can control your AC from your phone.
  • Offline Voice Command Technology: It also has astonishing voice control technology, which allows you to control your AC just using your voice without any requirement of internet!
  • Unique Dual Defender technology: The Walton Intelligent Inverter Air Conditioner has a dust filter, an antiviral filter, and an ionizer that gets rid of all the allergens and microbes and odours in your air, leaving you with fresh, healthy air to breathe in.
  • UV cure technology: Walton Intelligent AC has UV cure technology. It traps any bacteria in the air and gets rid of them.
  • 4D directional airflow: The Walton Intelligent Inverter Air Conditioner features horizontal and vertical swings, allowing the air to move in four directions. You’ll feel the same way.
  • Child lock: Walton Intelligent Inverter AC has this feature to avoid unwanted remote press from children that will let the AC run without any interruption in a house that has children inside
  • Power consumption monitoring: In Smart Air conditioner, you can monitor how much power your AC is consuming throughout the month and how much bill you are going to pay.
  • Walton is introducing more and more eco-friendly, power efficient, innovative features to make your life more comfortable and easier.

2. Ceiling Cassette AC

This is the type most used in offices and convention halls, with a large space to cool down. It can also be useful in small spaces like restaurants.

Unlike its name, it will not hang from the ceiling like a fan and cause an unpleasant sight. Since these are installed in the ceiling they will ensure that cold air reaches every corner in the room, providing effective cooling.

  • Walton manufactures elegantly designed cassette and ceiling air conditioners to suit the demands of style and quality. Its trendy louver and body will provide a new depth to your office, restaurant, or showroom’s design.These air conditioners offer safety from both high and low voltage situations. These air conditioners have a 100% copper tube condenser and evaporator, as well as an anticorrosive hydrophilic golden fin to assure heat transmission.It also includes a new scroll compressor that saves up to 15% on electricity. Walton Ceiling Cassette AC has a four-way airflow system, so cold air will reach every corner of your room efficiently. You can also set it on a single temperature and angle with just the tap of a button.
  • They also have a various cooling system that allows you to set the temperature according to your needs.
  • Efficient cleaning system, allowing you to take off the air filter net and clean it easily by hand. (Take Confirmation from CAC)

3. Industrial HVAC

This stands for Industrial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. VRF and chillers are available from Walton HVAC Solutions for air conditioning in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) technology is a viable alternative to a typical central air conditioning system. For mid-size and big buildings, Walton VRF provides individual zone management.

The system’s unique design ensures great performance and dependability. This is an air conditioner that usually controls the environment in a huge space like a garment factory.

It ventilates, air conditions, and heats the area within a short amount of time, giving you an all-in-one appliance for all of your needs. (Take Confirmation from CAC)

Best AC manufacturer in Bangladesh

Walton is a new global electrical, electronics, autos, and other appliance brand with one of the world’s largest and best-equipped R&I centers, which manufactures through several subsidiaries under the Walton group headquarters in Bangladesh.

Walton is a big professional producer in the relevant sector with a strong reputation for creating Electrical & Electronics items in the most cost-effective, quality-conscious, design-conscious, and innovative manner possible.

Walton is the best AC manufacturer in Bangladesh. It has unique and amazing features in all of its air conditioners that will surely grab your attention and give you the best service. To properly install an AC, call a technician so that they can install it safely without creating any safety issues.

So now that you have known all about the process of choosing the best type of AC for yourself, go ahead and visit your nearest Walton outlet or visit us at to choose the right AC for you.

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