5 Signs That Your Home’s Air Conditioner Might Be Failing

Air conditioners are already an expensive product, and on top of that if you have to carry the maintenance cost constantly it can be a very big issue.

Apart from that, air conditioner accidents are more common and are way more fatal than you think. They can damage the infrastructure of the building and also damage the circuit it is potentially putting other electrical appliances at risk.

Air conditioner accidents can cause fatal damage to any human that is around it during the time of occurrence. They can also start major fires and cause harm to the furniture around them.

What Are The Risks of A Damaged Air Conditioner?

Air conditioner accidents are more common than you think. The initial symptoms may start as small and timid problems like air conditioners not cooling down the room fast enough.

But as they gradually start to gather up, they can grow into more serious problems like blowing warm air out of it.

Air conditioners can even blast if there are serious damages caused to them. Air conditioner explosions can cause serious harm to humans, and even kill people if they are around them.

The explosion of an air conditioner may interfere with the electrical circuit of the building which results in causing more damage to all the other electrical appliances that are a part of the circuit.

5 signs that your home’s Air Conditioner might be failing

Even though air conditioners typically last for about 10 to 15 years, there can be problems. Like any other appliance, air conditioners also need maintenance and proper care. When air conditioners are damaged from the inside, (could you relate?) they show certain symptoms. Some of which you need to look out for are:

  • Air conditioners releasing warm air from them. When there is an internal fault in the air conditioner, this means that its cooling system is damaged. As a result, it starts releasing warm air.
  • Release of bad stench and odor from the air conditioner. If your air conditioner is releasing a bad odor it might be a result of some kind of mold or fungi growing inside the air filter of the air conditioner. This might be a result of a long-overdue filter cleaning which may have caused the birth of mold or other bacteria that releases this bad smell.
  • Loud noises or vibrations coming from the air conditioner. If your air conditioner seems to start shaking and some kind of sound is coming out of it when you turn it on, this might be an alarming sign of severe damage inside your air conditioner. If there are faulty parts inside your air conditioner that haven’t been repaired or maintained in a while it can cause the entire air conditioning system to get damaged and cause it to release loud noises that are unusual for any air conditioner.
  • Higher amount of humidity in your air. Any good air conditioner does great work of controlling the humidity inside your room. But if you have a damaged air conditioner you can see it failing to control the humidity levels in your room. As a result, your room will have an increased amount of humidity in it that will cause you to sweat more. Greater humidity in your air also means that the natural moisture balance of your hair and skin will be lost causing your hair to turn damp and your skin will be oily.
  • Air conditioner turns itself off. Although this is a rare case, this may happen. When the inner parts of an air conditioner start to malfunction, it tends to turn itself off and on suddenly, all by itself. This can be an annoying thing and also can put huge pressure on your air conditioner along with the electrical circuit it is planted on. If this issue is not repaired it puts you and your family at a huge risk as this may explode at any time and start a huge fire.

All the aforementioned reasons are the major ones that you need to look out for because if you leave any of these hanging it poses a huge threat to three safety of you and your family.

So if you see any of these occurring with your air conditioner call a technician immediately and get it checked and replaced if needed.

Which Brand Has The Most Safe Air Conditioner?

Which Brand Has The Most Safe Air Conditioner?

Walton produces the safest air conditioners among all. It has more than eight stage of protection for ensuring product safety and protection against damage from different causes.

  • Voltage protection: When the voltage reaches a specified level, over voltage protection shuts down the supply or clamps the output. To safeguard electronic components, most power supply have an over-voltage protection circuit.The effects of an over-voltage state vary from circuit to circuit, and can range from component damage to component degradation, resulting in circuit failures or fire.

    An over-voltage problem in the power supply might result from internal or external causes, such as failures in the distribution lines.

    When constructing an efficient safeguard, the size and duration of the over-voltage are two of the most important factors to consider.

  • Temperature protection: Temperature control is accomplished by heating or cooling the air that is blown into the regulated area.The conditions are detected by sensors in the room, and this information is utilized to regulate the heating and cooling elements. The contact with sensors presents a number of challenges, which will be described further below.

It’s crucial to remember that cooling is the process of eliminating heat from one environment and transferring it to another.

Because it raises relative humidity, an evaporative cooling system, which circulates air through a wet environment and so eliminates heat energy through evaporation, has no place in an archive. In any event, it’s only useful in extremely dry conditions.

  • Vibration protection: The compressor in the air conditioning unit is the initial source of noise and vibration. This is the component that pumps Freon through lines to remove heat, and it may be rather noisy while in use.The air conditioner’s condensing fan motor is the second source of noise and vibration. This motor has a huge fan that blows heat away from the air conditioning unit when it is operating.

    A loud buzzing sound might be produced if the motors are not properly mounted or due to age-related wear and tear. This can also happen if the bearings in the compressor motor are worn out, causing the motor to spin unevenly.

We will use high-quality anti-vibration rubber cushions to eliminate the noise and vibration problem. These pads may be readily fitted beneath the compressor’s foot to attenuate vibrations and minimize noise.

  • Lightning protection: We automatically think of lightning strikes and thunderstorms when we think about power surges. While lightning is the most visible cause of damage to our systems, the smaller (unknown to you) everyday surges from local power plants, fallen power lines and maintenance, and neighboring manufacturers are the ones that inflict the most urgent harm.At the absolute least, these sources gradually degrade your home’s heating and air conditioning system, as well as other technological gadgets.

The precautions we take to secure our smaller electrical gadgets in the home are the same steps we take to protect our air conditioner.

Surge protection for your heating and air conditioning system can reduce or eliminate the risk of power surge damage. Surge protectors keep an eye on the current flowing in. When a dangerous spike in current occurs, they detect it.

It then diverts the current to ground, preventing the excess current from harming electrical components and circuitry and therefore avoiding costly repairs or replacement.

  • Damage protection: Because a good air conditioner is a costly investment, it’s vital to understand how to keep it from breaking down. When you take excellent care of your air conditioner, you may avoid costly air conditioner repairs and premature air conditioner replacement in the future. Walton Air conditioners come in a pristine condition to prevent damage by external complications.
  • Corrosion protection: Outside air conditioning condenser fins are constructed of aluminum and are continuously exposed to our climate’s damp salt air. Corrosion causes pitting and damage to them. They begin to obstruct the system’s air movement, resulting in early failure. The system’s energy efficiency is also impacted along the route. Fortunately, corrosion inhibitors may be added on the fins to assist prevent the air conditioning system from needing to be replaced too soon.
  • Current protection: Low voltage ‘brownouts’ are particularly damaging to appliances such as air conditioning and refrigeration devices. High and low voltage can cause major damage to your equipment, necessitating expensive repairs or replacements. Walton air conditioners are specifically developed to safeguard your air conditioners from unstable and unsecured voltages.
  • Ingress protection: The amount of protection provided by an electrical enclosure against solids and liquids is referred to as ingress protection ratings, or IP ratings.

A sealed enclosure is utilized in an area where dust or water might harm electronic components.

It prevents such entrance and protects the electronics. They’re frequently employed in applications that are subjected to the elements, such as dust or dampness. Marine, offshore oil and gas platforms, security, lighting, recreation, food processing, and other sectors are examples. Walton air conditioners have the maximum ingress protection system.

Why choose us?

  1. Walton has a large variety of air conditioners with the most elegant designs and patterns for you to choose from.
  2. Walton has offering best product in best price ensuring product longevity and best quality.
  3. Walton air conditioner has own service management system, Service Expert and All of Walton’s air conditioners come with a warranty so you will have no worries about product servicing and damaged parts.
  4. Walton Air conditioners use amazing Intelligent Inverter technology that operates your AC smoothly and silently while giving you a fast cooling process.
  5. Walton has Offline voice control Air conditioner (Oceanus Series) that can be operated with your voice command. There is no need any internet connection and remote controller. User can easily and comfortably operate this air conditioner by conversation between user and Air conditioner through the listed voice command.
  6. WALTON has also the Smart Air Conditioner and it compatible with both iOS and Android devices that can be operated through internet connection from any corner of the world. It can be also controlled by Amazon Echo, google home and Apple Home Pod using your voice through internet connection.
  7. Walton air conditioner has self-solution service. It has Smart Diagnosis feature that can detect the faults occurred in the Air conditioner and show the solution against problem.
  8. Walton air conditioners have a multi-directional airflow system. This amazing feature allows you to control your air conditioner with your phone itself and ensures that cold air reaches every corner of your home.
  9. Energy saving feature, which will allow you to save up to 60-70 percent of energy with just the tap of a button, making it very Eco-Friendly with low global warming potentials.
  10. Walton Inverter AC can run smoothly in any range from minimum 140 to maximum 264 volts. So the air conditioner can operate efficiently in both rural and urban areas with low and high voltage.
  11. The Walton Air conditioners use special gas that has Zero Ozone Depletion Potential, thus making them very eco-friendly and harmless.
  12. Unique Dual Defender technology that has a dust filter, an antiviral filter, and an ionizer that gets rid of all the allergens and microbes and odors in your air, leaving you with fresh, healthy air to breathe in.
  13. UV care technology also traps any bacteria in the air and gets rid of them. UV care technology sterilizes the air and eliminates airborne pathogens that include influenza, chicken pox, mumps, measles, tuberculosis viruses to a great degree. This technology is chemical free and does not leave any harmful residue.
  14. Walton inverter air conditioner has frost cleaning logic that cleans the evaporator easily. The air conditioner cleans itself through defrosting, frosting, cold expansion, and a mechanism that removes all debris that has entered the unit. Thus it stays free from accumulation of frost inside the ac compartments.
  15. Auto restart mode allows the user to control whether the ac will be restarted after power outage or not. Even if the room temperature hasn’t increased sufficiently to cycle the unit back on, the automatic restart feature of Walton air conditioners guarantees that the air conditioner runs on a regular basis to keep humidity at a suitable level.
  16. Walton air conditioner’s swing angle memorization feature is meant to equally supply and mix heated interior air with previously cooled air. As a result, your space will be cooled more quickly. A self-oscillating air conditioner flap creates this effect (up and down).
  17. Kid’s mode in the air conditioner allows the indoor fan speed and the louver angle in a certain value that is appropriate for kids’ health and also health function is turned on automatically.
  18. A heat pump’s maximum coefficient of performance (COP) is around 4.5. Any heat pump with a COP greater than 3 is extremely energy efficient. Walton air conditioners have consecutively 2.5, 3 and 5.5 stars. Thus you can always count on the excellent performance of the heat pumps constructed inside the Walton Inverter Air Conditioners.
  19. Auto dry function dries the stagnant water of Air Conditioner evaporator and keeps it odour free.

To buy Walton products visit the nearest outlet or contact us at eplaza.waltonbd.com.

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