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One of the wonders of modern science is air conditioners. Air conditioners have made human life more convenient than we could ever imagine. Hot summer days are no longer unbearable and stressful, Walton has brought affordable high-quality air conditioners right to your doorstep! This article will provide you with everything you need to know about Walton air conditioners.

What is an Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners exist in a wide range of sizes and designs but they all work on the same principle. By eliminating heat and humidity from the indoor air, an air conditioner offers chilly air within your home or enclosed space. It manipulates the unwelcomed heat and humidity while returning the cooled air within.

Basic Components of an Air Conditioner and the Cooling Process:

A standard air conditioner or cooling system consists of three major mechanical components: a compressor, a condenser coil, and an evaporator coil, and it uses a specific chemical called refrigerant. These parts work together to transform refrigerant from gas to liquid and back again quickly. The compressor elevates the refrigerant gas’s pressure and temperature before sending it to the condenser coil, where it is turned into a liquid. The refrigerant then returns to the house and enters the evaporator coil. The liquid refrigerant evaporates and cools the indoor coil at this point.

Indoor air is blown across the cold evaporator coil which absorbs the heat from the home into the refrigerant. The cooled air is then pumped throughout the house, while the heated gas is returned to the compressor outside. As the refrigerant returns to a liquid condition, the heat is discharged into the external air. This process repeats itself until your home reaches the appropriate temperature.

Types of Walton Air Conditioner

  • Intelligent Inverter: The Smart Inverter technology regulates the output power according to the temperature setting. When the desired temperature is reached, the smart inverter AC decreases its output power, resulting in lower energy usage. By far the most energy-efficient air conditioner is the inverter. It is more cost-effective and easier to use than a fixed-speed air conditioner. It uses less power and is better for the environment because of its variable-speed compressor.
  1. It can detect daylight and convert to solar-powered battery charging.
  2. When natural lighting is insufficient then the clever inverter switches to electric charging.
  3. In the event of a low battery, the battery is charged using electrical power.
  • Twin fold Inverter: Walton offers environmentally efficient split-type air conditioners that supply your family with clean and healthy air. Our Twin fold Inverter Technology can help you to save energy. Control your air conditioning from anywhere with IoT Smart Control on your smartphone. The Walton Twinfold Inverter Air Conditioner includes Horizontal and Vertical Swing, allowing the air to flow in four directions. Every area of the room will be equally comfortable.
  1. The rotors revolve at a 180° phase in a twin fold inverter system, making it more stable while running at full capacity.
  2. As a consequence, there are fewer vibrations and hence less noise.
  3. Another advantage of precision temperature control is a shorter cooling time. The rotor speed is adjusted in response to the external demand.
  • Ionizer: The ionizer is a type of extra filter that is now one of the world’s most advanced air-cleaning devices (COLD PLASMA). The Cold Plasma ionizer releases ions, thus it disinfects and diminishes bad smells in the room. In the local market, the country’s electronics giant ‘Walton’ has debuted a new model air conditioner using Ionizer technology. With a gadget called an Ionizer, Walton’s newest version AC will assure pure and healthy air across the room by filtering dust, smoke, germs, and odor from room air.
  1. There’s a lower likelihood of a collapse.
  2. It’s cost-effective.
  3. Operating at a low decibel level.
  4. Lower operating costs.
  5. Better warranty conditions.
  6. Weather pattern changes have a lower risk of causing problems.
  7. Changes in the home’s cooling requirements are less responsive.
  8. There is no need to manually start or stop the compressor.

Split-type air conditioners now exist in a variety of capacities, each one suited to distinct room sizes. They are equipped with a tonnage system or BTU (British Thermal Unit) system which represents the cooling or heating capability of the air conditioner. It will make selecting the appropriate size air conditioner for your space. For wall-mounted split type air conditioners, there are three tonnage systems: 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2 ton.

  • 1-ton split type AC: Price of a 1 ton split air conditioner in Bangladesh- It starts from Tk. 35,000. With a room height of 10 feet, a 1-ton air conditioner can cool up to 120 square feet. It is available in both intelligent inverter and ionizer technology.
  • 5-ton split type AC: Air conditioners with a 1.5-ton capacity can cool up to 180 square feet. The price of a 1.5 TON split type Walton air conditioner in Bangladesh starts from Tk. 49.500. It is available in intelligent inverter and Ionizer technology.
  • 2 Ton split type AC: The price of a 2-ton split type air conditioner in Bangladesh starts from Tk. 56,900. The largest split type air conditioners are 2-ton split type air conditioners that can cool up to 240 square feet. It is available in twin-fold inverter and ionizer technology.

Types of Refrigerant Gas in Walton AC

Refrigeration, air conditioning, and freezing are all driven by the refrigerant, which is normally found in a liquid or gaseous form. A refrigerant absorbs heat from the environment and produces cold air when paired with other components like compressors and evaporators.

One of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing an air conditioner is the type of refrigerant it uses. R-32 and R-410A are the most commonly used. Because these two types of refrigerants are not interchangeable inside a system, you must pick the correct one before purchase.

  • R-32 Eco-Friendly Gas: The revelation of the greenhouse effects of refrigerants used to replace ozone-depleting gases has pushed HVAC industry participants to seek for better refrigerants. Global warming is a major problem that is afflicting the entire planet, and the earth’s total temperature has been rising. As a result, several manufacturers have begun to plan the phase-out of refrigerants like R-407C, R-410A, and R-134A in favor of lower-GWP alternatives like R32. It has a freezing point of -136°C and a boiling point of -51.7°C. When compared to R-410A, R32 needs 78 percent less refrigerant to function, and most modern items in Japan have been using it since 2013.
  • R-410 Eco-Friendly gas: Puron, the principal brand name connected with this type of refrigerant, is commonly used to refer to R-410A. It’s a kind of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) that doesn’t deplete the ozone layer. As a result, it has received approval for new domestic air conditioners and is expected to become the norm in the United States by 2015. R-410A is not only better for the ozone layer, but it also operates more efficiently. It absorbs and releases heat, allowing your compressor to run cooler and avoid overheating. Furthermore, because it can run at a higher pressure, the compressors in the units are engineered to withstand greater loads and are less likely to shatter.

R32 and R410a are both HFCs and belong to the same family of refrigerants (Hydro Fluoro Carbons). R32 is a single compound, whereas R410A is created by combining R32 and R125. Both do not deplete the ozone layer, which is vital to life on Earth. Being simple to use, more energy-efficient, and having a smaller greenhouse gas effect both of these refrigerants can be used in air conditioners.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Air Conditioner:

During the hot and humid summer months, most people turn on their air conditioners to make their homes or offices more comfortable. Air conditioners may protect the elderly and other vulnerable people from heat-related health problems in high temperatures. Air conditioners are utilized in many commercial settings not just for greater comfort but also to reduce food deterioration in grocery shops and restaurants by lowering heat stress on delicate machinery such as computers.

Air conditioners consume a significant amount of electricity. This results in both financial and more broad environmental drawbacks for those who must pay for the power. Because coal-burning power plants generate a substantial percentage of electricity, air conditioning contributes to the release of greenhouse gases and other pollutants indirectly. Furthermore, according to The Independent, spending too much time in an air-conditioned setting can lead to health issues like asthma, chest tightness, and other respiratory disorders.

Why You Should Buy Walton Air Conditioners:

Walton is a company that supplies high-quality air conditioners at a reasonable price. There is a wide range of options to pick from. You never have to worry about the quality of their products because they are 100 percent genuine. Contact your local Walton Plaza or go to their website to learn more about the creative and efficient air conditioners. Get the best products from Bangladesh’s most reputable electronic manufacturer!

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