Walton Air Conditioner Important Tips and Tricks

Air conditioners are one of contemporary science’s marvels. Air conditioners have improved human life in ways we could never have imagined. Summer days are no longer painful or hectic since Walton has delivered affordable, high-quality air conditioners to your home.

If you want to make the usage of Walton air conditioners easier for you, stay with us, as we will deliver the most convenient tips and tricks for your air conditioner functions. That way you can utilize the air conditioner for your home to the max.

The process to enable and disable offline voice control process

  1. AC can operate only by using listed voice commands without the remote control.
  2. AC is in two modes (standby mode and active mode) when the power is turned on. In this condition giving a voice command of “Hello Walton”, the ac will be activated.

Standby mode: No voice command will be accepted in this mode.

Active mode: Voice command is accepted in this mode.

How to switch on active mode from standby mode by command:

  • AC will be in standby mode first when the power switch is turned on.
  • Only by giving the “Hello Walton” command, the AC will be in active mode.
  • The AC will start with the voice command “AC Start” after activating the active mode.
  • If no command is given within 10 minutes of activation, the AC will automatically shift to Standby Mode.

The AC may not accept command because of around noises or while talking loudly.

How to enable frost cleaning function

  1. This function only works in Cool Mode.
  2. To start frost cleaning function, activate cool mode and press the “Sleep” button 4 times.
  3. The AC display will show “CL” after the function starts.
  4. After starting, it will continue for 23 minutes and no other function will work during this period.

What are child function, eco mode, turbo mode, health mode, sleep mode

Child function: The purpose of this mode is to provide children a comfortable environment while the AC is turned on.

  • This function works in “Cool Mode” only.
  • To activate this function, enter “Cool” and press “Turbo” 4 times.
  • The AC will display “Cd” icon after it is activated.
  • The fan speed will be low when it is activated.
  • The Health mode will be activated too.

Eco-mode: Press the Eco Button for choosing Energy Saving Option.

Turbo mode: Press the Turbo button for faster cooling process. This function will not work if sleep and eco mode is active.

Health mode: Press “HEALTH” key to activate or deactivate Health function.

Sleep mode:

  • Sleep function will work on cooling process only.
  • Press sleep button to activate or deactivate sleep function.
  • After activation of sleep function a moon icon will be displayed on the remote controller.
  • The set temperature will be increased as time passes by.
  • This mode is suitable for sound sleeping.

How regular filter cleaning helps good air cooling and how to do It

The air filter in your air conditioning unit becomes less effective if it is not cleaned and maintained regularly. Dirty air filters use more energy, resulting in higher electricity bills. If you don’t clean your central air conditioner filter, dust, filth, bacteria, mildew, and mold can build up. This can get inside your home and degrade the air quality. How to clean an air conditioner filter is covered in this guide.

  • Step 1: Take out the air filter from the slot by pushing downwards. DO not touch the heat exchanger after taking out the air filter.
  • Step 2: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, wash it with water/detergent and let it dry. Use water below 40 degrees Celsius for cleaning. If there are excessive dust, the filter must be cleaned in every 2 weeks.
  • Step 3: Replace the air filter and connect the front panel.
  • Step 4: Prior to turning off AC for a long period of time, turn on the fan mode for about an hour for drying and cleaning of the indoor and outdoor parts of AC.

How to activate UV care function

  • The “UV Care” device is inserted inside the air inlet portion of the AC to emit ultraviolet ray.
  • Turn on the “Health” function to activate the UV function.
  • After turning on the Health function the UV function will activate and emit ultraviolet ray.
  • When virus, bacteria and other microscopic organisms come in touch of the ultraviolet ray, it destroys the DNA and Nucleic Acid of the organisms. As a results, the micro-organisms neutralize and die.

Remote all buttons function

  • Press on/off button to turn on and off the AC.
  • Press the +/- button to adjust the temperature, the range of temperature is 16-31 degree Celsius.
  • Press the mode button to select the desired mode.
  • Press “ECO” button for Energy Saving Option.
  • Press “Health” key to activate health function.
  • Press timer button to turn on and off the AC within required time set. Select time using up-down button in the remote controller.
  • Press and hold LOCK for 3 seconds to lock/unlock remote control.
  • Press the Fan button to select the fan speed from low/medium/high.
  • Press “DISPLAY” to activate/deactivate display LED.
  • Press SLEEP button to activate/deactivate sleeping mode.
  • Press TURBO button for faster cooling process.

If the electricity goes off while the AC is running, will the AC turn on or off automatically when the electricity comes back on

Automatic AC on:

  • This function works in all modes. Enter “Cool” mode and press “Turbo” 6 times to activate the function.
  • The AC display will show “Ar” for 5 seconds and beep 4 times when the function is activated.
  • As a result the AC will automatically turn on upon power return.

Automatic AC off:

  • Press the “Turbo” button 6 times again to stop the function.
  • The AC will not display “Ar” button this time but will beep 4 times.
  • As a result, the AC will no longer turn on upon power return.

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