Smart TV Price in Bangladesh

Smart TVs have made a lot of progress since they first came on the market more than a decade ago. Almost all modern age televisions on the market now contain smart TV features. Unlike regular TVs, smart TVs can connect to a broadband network.

All of this are evident in the pricing of an Android TV in Bangladesh. The most common reason people use smart TV is to stream recordings and other form of entertainment like Netflix, YouTube and all but these TVs can also do a lot more. These are the things to keep in mind when looking for a Smart LED TV in Bangladesh.

In most circumstances, the features of an android TV are limited by its budget. Better-quality smart TVs with cutting-edge features will set you back substantially more than a basic TV.

When deciding how much to spend on a high-definition television, consider what you intend to use it for. Similarly, given one of the main reasons for cutting the cord on digital TV and replacing it with streaming is the large number of unwatched stations that come with a link package, spending extra money on a smart TV with features you are unlikely to use may feel like a waste of money.

Features of a Smart TV

  • Browsing the Web. The built-in web browser in a smart TV enables you to access the internet, view web pages, watch videos, and view photo slideshows – all from the comfort of your living room!
  • YouTube.
  • Social Media.
  • Play Games.
  • Skype Friends and Family.
  • Watch Home Videos and Create Photo Slideshows.
  • Get App Happy

Place the Smart TV anywhere at your house

Probably the best thing about a smart TV is that since it utilizes a Wi-Fi association with live stream TV, the area of your TV inside your house isn’t confined by links and admittance to a link port.

You can basically put your TV at anyplace in the house and it should function magnificently. The closer the TV is to the Wi-Fi switch, the better the connection but this link-free feature comes in handy when you need to set up a TV in a room or another room without a link port.

Connect multiple devices

Several people agree that the best way to watch live television is on a big screen, which is why smart TVs are so popular. Over a Wi-Fi connection, you may project content from your smartphone or computer onto the large TV.

This feature allows you to listen to music, watch videos, play games, or look at photos on a larger TV screen than your phone or computer. If you’re projecting from an Android phone, you shouldn’t anticipate any extra links to appear on the smart TV.

Walton Smart TV price in Bangladesh

WALTON’s cutting-edge and user-friendly Smart TV is designed for everyone. With improvised features, you can get continual access to all of your favorite entertainment at the touch of a button, ensuring that you don’t miss out on your favorite shows or flicks.

Our ground-breaking invention will make your watching experience pleasurable, allowing you to stay connected to your perfect universe of online entertainment.

Smart LED TV costs in Bangladesh range from 25,000 BDT to 99,900 BDT depending on the features and size of the desired TV.

Smart TV price in Bangladesh actually depends on the demands of the consumers. For years, Walton has been No. 1 in the television market of Bangladesh. They can be easily named one of the best in Bangladesh with providing massive discounts throughout the year on various occasions.

Why choose Walton?

Walton is a leading brand in Bangladesh’s technology industry. They sell a variety of gadgets as well as televisions. In Bangladesh, they are currently producing excellent televisions. LED TVs, smart TVs, LCD TVs, and CRT TVs are among the televisions offered to them.

“Walton is now a global electrical, electronics, automobiles, and other appliance brand with one of the world’s largest and best-equipped R&I set up, which manufactures through several subsidiaries under the Walton group headquarters in Bangladesh. Walton now employs over 40,000 people across 22 production bases covering 680 acres of plant space. Based o

n market demand, the annual production capacity is 10 million units. Walton is a prestigious international producer in the relevant business, with a well-deserved reputation for creating Electrical & Electronics goods at the lowest possible cost, with the best possible quality, design, and innovation.” As stated on our website.

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