Best Freezer in Bangladesh in 2022

Freezers are essential electrical equipment in places, be it your office or home. They have been with us for a very long time, and have helped us store food in better ways.

You need one if you want to have your food stay fresh and edible for longer durations of time. As the temperatures are extremely cold inside a direct cool refrigerator, the decaying process of foods is slowed down, and thus they stay almost as good as new.

Over time, refrigerators and their features have advanced a lot to fit the competition. Along with the features, the prices of these deep freezers have changed too. In this article, you will get a guide to the top ten direct cool freezers in Bangladesh, along with their prices.

What Are the Advantages of Having the Best Freezer?

  • Having the best freezer in Bangladesh allows you to shop in huge quantities. In this way, you will not require to go to the shop repeatedly.
  • This will save you time and money as well.
  • Having direct cool refrigerators mean that you can store seasonal fruits and veggies, and then enjoy them when the season is over.
  • It saves you energy too, as you can cook in a large batch, and then refrigerate it.
  • In short, it makes things a lot more convenient and easy for you.
  • It helps you in emergencies too.

What Are the Types of Freezers in Bangladesh?

Chest Freezers

These are wide-open freezers that have hanging baskets that can be removed and dividers as well. Thus these freezers in Bangladesh have a lot of space to offer you.

They are extremely efficient and are very unlikely to hamper the taste and quality of your food. Defrosting is not automatic in these direct cool freezers, as a result, there is no freezer burn on your food. These will act as saviors if you live somewhere where power cuts are very common and often.

These fridges can keep things cold for longer durations without a power supply, so your food stays good. These freezers in Bangladesh are very less noisy and very efficient too. These freezers save a lot of energy to save you money too. Simultaneously, they are neat ad sharp and are low maintenance so will give you a hassle-free experience.

Upright Freezers

This freezer in Bangladesh is known to be one of the best freezers due to the small amount of floor space that they take over, so if you are someone who has a space problem but still needs a freezer, you should go for this one.

Using this freezer means you have the freedom to choose whether you want it to be manual or should it defrost itself.  These freezers also have a variety of designs you can choose from, so in short, if you want to go for this option, you are doing yourself a favor as you will have the freedom to choose and decide from an array of options.  If you are someone who likes their things very organized in shelves and individual compartments, this is the perfect option for you, as you will be comfortable using it.

Portable Freezers

This type of direct cool refrigerator is usually smaller than the usual types. This is because they have to be compact enough to be transported. That being said, they also cost you a lot less in comparison to the other freezers in Bangladesh.

They are also in the first place when it comes to features, as portable freezers in Bangladesh offer you features that are unavailable in the other types and models. The design of this direct cool fridge allows you to transport food from one place to another with ease.

These freezers come in very handy for people who are busy and have a habit of taking their feed on the go. These freezers have the capacity of maintaining constant temperature, so this helps to make sure that the taste and quality of the foods are not hindered.  You also do not have to continuously fill these freezers with ice or empty molten water, so these are very useful.

Walton and Their Deep Freezers in Bangladesh

Walton is a very well-known brand in Bangladesh that has made its mark permanent and prominent due to its years of hard work in this sector and making sure that its customers get the best service and are satisfied with it. Not only in Bangladesh, but Walton is also a good and common household name in many other foreign countries.

When it comes to the best freezers in Bangladesh, this brand will come forward very quickly, as over the years they have worked for the betterment of their models, and now produce freezers that are very good in service and have an affordable range of freezer prices too.

The technologies they use are brand new, like the Nano Health technology in freezers, and due to this, the foods stay in good quality for a longer time.

The manufacture of these freezers has been done keeping in the household and the environmental conditions of Bangladesh, and other South Asian countries, so it fits perfectly and gives you great service too.

Given below, is a list of Walton’s bestseller models of direct cool refrigerators to help you have a better idea of which one to buy for yourself.


This direct cool refrigerator falls in the frost category. It comes with magical Nano-silver technology in plastic, where a cell of batteries consists of a cell membrane and a nucleus.

Here, the cell membrane has the negative ion property and the silver has the positive ion property, naturally. These two attract each other and get in contact.

This breaks down the cell membrane and as a result, the bacteria die. It also has a 100% copper condenser tube which is very long-lasting. This provides for the safety of your freezer by protecting it from all types of leakage. This model of Walton freezers in Bangladesh has a gross and a net volume of 205 liters and the R600a refrigerant.


This is one of the best freezers which have direct cool technology in it. The temperature control here is mechanical whereas the defrosting has to be done manually. This deep freezer comes with two external locks, and this helps you to keep your freezer out from the access of young children. It has a gross volume of 125 liters and the price of this freezer is very affordable.


This freezer falls in the frost category and comes with direct cool technology. It has a huge capacity of 146 liters. The internal temperature of this freezer has to be below -18 degrees Celsius. Like the other freezers, the defrosting has to be done manually and the temperature control is mechanical.

The reversible foaming door is friendly and easy to use.  100% pure copper has been used in the condenser and the capillaries are made of copper too. This freezer is extremely durable and has painted steel as its exterior material and an embossed aluminum sheet as the interior.

Unfortunately, there are no locks or ice tray and cold water dispenser in this direct cool refrigerator. This freezer is perfect for you if you have a low budget.


This model of Walton freezers in Bangladesh falls in the direct cool type of freezers. It has the magical Nano silver technology which is used to kill bacteria and other pathogens in your food and your freezer, making sure your food is safe to consume. The voltage range is wide, which makes this freezer is easier to use.

This freezer is eco-friendly as well, so you are not causing any harm to the environment. This freezer comes with a lock, a cool pack, and an interior lamp, and these attachments make it easier to handle and use this freezer. It has a high loading capacity and a total volume of 255 liters.


This is one of the most stylish and attractive models of freezers in Bangladesh due to the color combination and the floral pattern at the end of the body of the freezer. This is also a direct cool freezer which has a capacity of 300 liters, so it is very high and extremely spacious.

It has an anti-sweat heater attached which keeps the temperature constant in a better and more helpful way. It has a sliding glass as well.

Most of the features are the same as the other freezers of Walton, but the feature that makes this direct cool fridge stand out and make it one of the best freezers is that this has double doors. This makes managing this freezer a lot easy and organizing your stuff too.


This high-capacity freezer has the same gross and net volume of 255 liters and has a refrigerant type of R600a.  The door is not reversible, and the defrosting has to be done manually.

High-quality materials have been used in the manufacture of this freezer, so it is very durable and long-lasting. The glass door has been tempered and this is an eco-friendly freezer that works efficiently and saves a lot of energy. This falls in the frost category.

Buying Guide

Freezers in Bangladesh are a long-term expenditure, so for you to make sure your freezers last long enough that you feel the expenditure was worth it, there are a few things that you have to take care of.

If you tick these factors off while you are on your mission to get yourself a good freezer, it would be safe to say that you did a good job in buying a refrigerator. What factors are they, you ask? You have nothing to worry about, as this article has you covered.

Where Do You Plan to Keep the Freezer?

If you are planning to keep the freezer in a place where there are chances of the mobility of people, then you should check how noisy this direct color fridge is, and also how it looks.  You should also check the temperature specifications before you decide the location of your freezer, as they are depending on factors too.

The Size Matters Too

Freezers come in three sizes, and in ascending order, they are compact, medium, and large. For you to choose the right size, you have to first know how much space you have in the place where you want to install this freezer.

How Well Does It Store Food

You should have a look at the inside and see how many or how few shelves and compartments do that particular freezer has. By doing this, you will have a better idea about how you can manage to store your food, and for how long too.

How Consistent Is It

For your freezer in Bangladesh to be a good one, it has to maintain a consistent temperature. This is because if it does so, the foods you store have better chances of staying in good quality in both taste and texture. Keeping consistent temperature also means that energy is saved and is efficient too.

How Much Energy Does It Use

When you buy energy-saving freezers in Bangladesh, it means your monthly bills will decrease a lot and will help you save money too. Yes, it will cost you comparatively more while purchasing, but in the longer run, it will save your money and be an easy decision too.  If you store your freezer in a cooler spot in your home or office, it will help you to save energy as the temperature gradient would be less steep, resulting in less usage of power and efficiency.

Amount of Usage

Before you make your final decision, ask yourself and make a mind map. Then brainstorm about the lifestyle and the eating habits of the individuals who will use this freezer in Bangladesh. These questions will help you have a better understanding of your needs and will help you choose the perfect freezer with an affordable freezer price.

Noisy or Not

The amount of noise that a freezer makes depends on its performance and efficiency. Thus, you should choose wisely and this will depend on where you would like to store your freezer. The noise that they make can be very disturbing and distracting at times, so you have to choose accordingly.

Blackout Performance

Blackout performance stands for how long can your freezers maintain their temperature once the power goes off. If you go for a freezer that has a good blackout performance, then you are saving your food from getting soiled and rotten, also making sure the other stuff is fresh too.  If you stay in a place where there is a lot of load shading, you should make sure the freezer you choose has a good blackout performance.

Manual or Self-defrost

It is likely for your freezer to develop a buildup of ice, but how well this buildup gets defrosted decides how well your freezer is performing. Manual defrosting is a lot of hassle and gets very messy, also takes a lot of time.

If your freezer defrosts itself then it saves you a lot of trouble, but these freezers tend to cost more and are noisier along with taking up a lot of energy too.

Apart from these basic features, there are a few extras and special features like freezer locks which help you to make sure people you approve of only get to have access to the refrigerator.

If you are an ice cream addict, then this soft freeze service will help you. The dal thermostat makes you aware of how cold your freezer is and will also allow you to control the temperatures.

According to your needs, you should check the features and then make a decision. The key here is to look around and have a list where you have chosen your favorites and then compare. In this way, it would be a lot easier for you, we hope. 

Apart from the models mentioned in this article. Walton has many more models to offer you. It is to be kept in mind that these freezers are a part of the best freezers in Bangladesh and most of them are eco-friendly and is energy efficient too. It is guaranteed that if you choose Walton, the chances of you being disappointed are very low.

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