Get traffic updates and more from Walton’s Google-certified Android TV

As television became more widely used, various technologies were developed to improve its functionality. New cutting-edge technologies are always being developed by specialists to upgrade present technology and provide a better user experience.

Smart TVs have come a long way in the more than ten years since they first hit the market. Most of the modern televisions available on the market today have smart TV features. Unlike conventional TVs, smart TVs can connect to a broadband network.

Android TVs are now available from Walton at the greatest price. Since these TVs can connect to the internet, they can facilitate a lot of features, which include getting traffic updates too! For a better Smart TV experience with everything you need, choose Walton Android TVs.

Importance of traffic updates

One of the most significant issues of the modern day is traffic congestion, which is brought on by the demand to travel swiftly between various locations, technological advancements, and population and economic expansion increased the number of private transportation vehicles in metropolitan areas significantly.

In certain places, especially those that see a lot of travel, it has even beyond the capacity of the planned route, which results in a buildup of vehicles, heavy traffic, and travel delays, all of which cost people financially and emotionally.

Therefore, to handle this issue, it must be precisely and immediately defined.

Utilizing websites on the Internet, such as Google Traffic Maps, is one of them. It works to provide information on the state of the roads’ traffic in any location and at any time, allowing users to determine how much a trip will be delayed there.

With Walton’s google certified android TV, you can easily get traffic updates on your TV from your home.

Getting traffic updates on your Walton Android TV

People nowadays frequently use Google Maps to find directions from their current position to their destination whenever they make plans to go somewhere. For drivers and travelers alike, Google Maps is a fantastic and trustworthy resource.

With the help of Walton Android Smart TVs, Google Maps is simple to install even on a smart TV now and can be used to receive traffic updates. The fact that this software displays the volume of traffic on different routes within a city is one of its most helpful features. Google lets you know whether certain roads are seeing light or heavy traffic. The ability to avoid congested highways thanks to this knowledge is useful for drivers.

Google gathers data on traffic conditions using Android tools. Walton has Google-certified Android TVs, which falls in the criteria too and you can get similar traffic updates as your android phone. As you are aware, Android is a Google product. Google learns how many Android phones are traveling along a specific route rather than counting the number of cars on a road.

Google starts painting once it has gathered enough information to form an opinion on the flow of traffic on a particular road. Google Maps will color a road green if traffic is moving smoothly on it. Yellow and red traffic lights signify slow-moving traffic, respectively. Deep crimson (maroon) is used to denote severe traffic bottlenecks.

Getting traffic updates on your TV will allow you to get a more zoomed-in perspective of the whole area and map. Thus you can pinpoint more accurate traffic congestion in your Walton android TV.

Traffic updates and many more features on Walton Android TV

A version of Google’s Android mobile operating system designed exclusively for TVs is known as Android TV. That assertion does not, however, adequately convey how unique Android TV is from Android. Apart from getting traffic updates, there are more features that you will enjoy:

  • Android TV focuses on making it simpler for you to find the content you can watch on your TV with the help of media center software like Plex or one of your subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Google Play Music.
  • Android TV looks very different from Android. Instead of a screen full of widgets or apps like search, weather, or stocks, your device’s media apps are displayed as “ribbons.” A ribbon is a list of recommendations and recently seen content from a certain app that scrolls horizontally.
  • For instance, the Netflix app will show a ribbon of thumbnails for the TV shows and movies you have currently watching, next to watch, and recommended.
  • The Google Play app store is accessible on Android TV, where you may find thousands of apps designed specifically for the 10-foot experience of Android TV. You won’t have to battle to view extremely small print or attempt to operate programs that ask you to swipe with your finger as a result.
  • The Google Assistant is a feature that comes with every version of Android TV and gives you voice control over all of your smart home appliances and the TV shows you watch. Google’s Chromecast technology is additionally integrated, allowing screen sharing and video casting from compatible mobile devices, browsers, and applications.
  • Android TV supports a wide range of TV features, including 4K UltraHD, HDR, and Dolby Atmos. You might be able to use these options based on the device that has Android TV installed. The hardware (and software you select) must support these features before Android TV will let you utilize them.

Why Choose Walton Android TVs?

Walton Android TVs are made with cutting-edge technology and certified by Google too.

You can enjoy every Google app usage and feature with the help of Walton Android TVs, which includes traffic updates too.

The traffic updates feature will allow you to get live updates in your big TV screen right from home and enable you to avoid congestion hours.

With the help of Walton Android TVs, you can get the best of both worlds, enjoying regular TV channels as well as getting the advantage of smart apps too.

So choose Walton Android TVs for the smartness of your home and life.

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