Pros & Cons of Low Budget Refrigerator in Bangladesh

A lot of people are looking for low-budget refrigerators. Pros & Cons of Low Budget Refrigerator in Bangladesh will help them pick the best one.

The need for refrigerators is quite inevitable when it comes to keeping your food fresh for a longer period. Irrespective of whether you are in your office or in your house, a fridge is something you will end up needing.

If not instantly, then eventually. There are quite a lot of brands of refrigerators in Bangladesh, but among the top 5, there are Walton, LG, Samsung, Singer, Jamuna. Prices of these refrigerators vary from BDT 10,990 and can continue going up to some lakhs.

There are various types of the fridge, but when we talk about low budget refrigerators, the limelight is focused on mini-fridges, single and double door refrigerators. The ones listed above have their own advantages and disadvantages, now it is to be seen which side is heavier, the pros side of the cons.

Pros of Low Budget Refrigerator in Bangladesh

Side by side

Double Door Fridge

Double door refrigerators are the ones big in size. Needless to say, they are extremely spacious and have bigger shelves. Thus, they can fit a lot of stuff at the same time. Their capacity starts from gross volume 132 liters and extends to 562 liters. As a result of which, they are perfect for households with 4 to 5 family members.

Apart from the size benefits, these refrigerators come with frost-free technology so the evaporator is constantly defrosted at regular intervals. The cherry on top of this kind of fridge is that they also come with an auto cleaning function. This also makes it easier for the owner to maintain the refrigerators.

Single Door Fridge

These are the ones that come with one single door that opens up the whole fridge at once. They come in a compact size and have a storage capacity starting from gross volume 165 liters (existence) to 193 liters (upcoming) on average. Single door refrigerators are larger in size than mini-fridges but they still occupy little to moderate floor space and volume.

These will be the perfect choice for a family or house with 2 to 3 members. Most importantly, they come with direct cool technology which in turn makes these refrigerators energy efficient and economical as well. You can get these single-door refrigerators under BDT 19,290 and Walton has quite a variety to offer.

Mini Fridge

Mini fridges are usually 1.5 cubic feet to 4.5 cubic feet in size. As the name suggests, they are small in size so one of the advantages is that they save a lot of space and can be fitted in any place, in any corner.

Another benefit of these being small is that they are easily portable, you can carry them anywhere. On top of everything, mini-fridges are extremely low maintenance and easily affordable. As they are portable and have got many uses, they are worth the expenditure.

Due to their size being small, they require less energy and electricity, so they are energy and cost-efficient too. Lastly, there are various designs, so you have a lot of options to choose from.

563 liters to 619 liters (upcoming 656 liters)

Cons of Low Budget Refrigerator in Bangladesh

Mini Fridge

The disadvantage of this refrigerator is also the size. As they are small, they obviously have very small capacity and the things you can stock inside are very limited. Moreover, everything will be congested due to the lack of space and shelves. On top of everything, there is no freezer, so you cannot stock up or do anything related to freezing.

Single Door Fridge

As these have only one door, you need to open the whole thing together. As a result of this, the power goes up. So this makes the fridge consume more energy and thus a lot of energy is wasted. There is also no frost-free benefit, so defrosting does not happen. Moreover, they also have moderately less storage capacity and smaller shelves so everything has to be stored in a congested manner.

Double Door Fridge

To start with, as they are big and have a lot of facilities to offer, their price starts from BDT 17,990 so yes they are slightly more on the expensive side. They are also huge in size so they cannot be fitted anywhere, and they take up large foot space and stand tall too.

On top of everything, the energy these double door refrigerators consume is very high, so they eat up a lot of electricity too. Needless to say, they are high maintenance as well. Everything has its own individual drawbacks, just like these fridges listed above.

They all have their share of pros and cons, but the important thing to be taken care of is which side is heavier, the negative side or the positive side, and how well do these fridges fit your home or office or whichever place you are buying it for.

Whatever choice you end up making, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before buying any kind of freezer or fridge. They are

the size

You need to pick a size that fits perfectly in the desired space you want your fridge to stand on, and to make sure of this, you need to have an approximate measurement of the size.

Storage capacity and compartments

You must open the fridge and check the compartments and how much it can store and does it serve your daily needs or not.


Almost every fridge makes somewhat sound, but it is better to be aware of how loud the fridge you are buying can be, and that will help you make sure whether the sound intensity bothers you or your companions or not.

As it was said in the beginning, refrigerators do carry an important role in making sure your food stays edible for a longer time, and if not now, then definitely in the near future, you have to go buy yourself a refrigerator.

They have a lot of varieties and the price range is vast, making sure something will be suitable for each and everyone who wants to get one. Alongside, here is your guide to the perfect refrigerator, the answer to all your queries.

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