Bring home the Walton Smart Light with voice command feature today

Start with fully customized models that offer a complete range of colors to experience all that smart LED lights have to offer. You should pick a brand that can meet all of your needs for smart lighting or build your home with bulbs that don’t require a hub because these bulbs are far more expensive than any other light bulb you have probably ever purchased.

Walton Smart Lights combine well with the top Google Home-compatible products now on the market because Google Home is one of the leading platforms for home assistants.

Walton Smart Lights with voice control

There are Walton smart lights that operate better with your setup than others if you’re all-in with Android and the Google ecosystem. Once installed, these smart lights are compatible with Google Home, allowing you to control all of your connected devices from a single location and give Google Assistant hands-free commands.

If you want to manage all of your house lighting from one place and have lights from many manufacturers, Google Home is an excellent platform to use.

The best thing about having Google Assistant-compatible smart light bulbs available is that you can set up a hub and a few standalone Wi-Fi lights on your home network and still be able to control everything with your voice. The process of integrating smart lighting into Google Home has been made quite simple thanks to Google’s excellent work.

Walton smart bulbs and Google Assistant work together seamlessly, and you can use Google Assistant to control all aspects of your lighting, including robust zone settings.

One of the most widely used brands of smart lighting is Walton. You may use Google Home to give orders to dim, schedule, and group lights into rooms, with a central hub managing a house full of bulbs. Advanced capabilities like PC sync and music are also available to you, which can truly liven up your house.

How to connect smart lights to Google Assistant

It’s simple to connect smart lights to the Google Home app. Owning the manufacturer’s own app and following its setup instructions is the first step. Once that’s completed, all you have to do to add new devices is touch the Plus button in the Google Home app.

Walton Smart Light Voice Control Features

  • You can turn on your smart lights with Google Home. The simplest method is to utilize Google Assistant and issue commands like “change the kitchen lights to off” or “set the living room lights to 50%.” Tapping on the light symbols within Google Home itself offers complete dimming, toggling, and color control.
  • Smart plugs, switches, lights, and the majority of other connected household appliances can all be controlled by Google Home.
  • These lightbulbs can be organized into groups using Google Home, schedules can be created, and both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can be used for complete voice control.
  • For all of them, Google Home can adjust the brightness and color, at least one option from a small selection.
  • With its “planned actions” function, Google Assistant now enables users to program lights and other devices to turn on and off at particular times.
  • All smart lights are now compatible with Google Assistant’s Gentle Sleep and Wake feature, which lets you gradually brighten or dim your smart lights.

Why do you need Walton Smart Lights?

If you want a high-quality LED light with integrated smart features, Walton’s Smart LED bulbs are a fantastic substitute. The built-in backup battery will provide you with up to five hours of illumination even if the power goes out. The lightbulb can be removed from the fixture and used as a flashlight.

  • In terms of smart lighting, options are everything. You can easily alter the colors and ambiance of your house with vibrant Wi-Fi-enabled lamps. In addition to voice-activated full-color switching technology, some models come with a tunable white bulb that can switch from warm to cool to daylight and can even be programmed to change temperatures automatically based on the time of day to promote a healthy sleep cycle. Now all these features can be controlled with the voice control feature.
  • With the use of smart technology, you can link your mobile device to your appliances so you can monitor your home while you’re away. Why not modernize your outdoor lighting to match your appliances, home security system, and indoor lighting, all of which are cloud-connected?
  • The potential of smart bulbs to alter the tone of your room with a straightforward voice command or a touch of your screen is one of their most alluring features.
  • With smart bulbs, you can change your lighting preferences using straightforward voice commands. Home assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit allow you to control smart lights by turning them on, and off, dimming them, or even telling them to play music or change colors.
  • Whatever your requirements, there is a smart bulb on the market that will simplify your life, save your energy use, and turn your entire house into a safe haven with plenty of lighting.
  • In the long run, switching to smart bulbs will save you money and simplify your life.

Why Choose Walton Smart Lights?

You know the quality of your electronics is not compromised when you purchase them from Walton. Walton is the most reliable electronics company in Bangladesh, providing quality products to their customers for decades.

Smart Lights from Walton is the safest option as Walton Smart Lights have exclusive features that you won’t find in any other smart light options. With Walton Smart Lights you can enhance the mood of your household and make the most of your money. You are sure to be not disappointed if you choose Walton Smart Lights.

Our products are manufactured with high-quality materials and we provide them at a competitive price in the market. This is why Walton has been a brand of choice in every household in Bangladesh. So choose Walton Smart Lights for making the best of your money.

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