Classic Look For Classic Series

The “Classic Series” from Walton is the chicest and minimal yet classy-looking switch series to add to your home. This switch series will not only suit your electrical needs but will also improve the aesthetics of your home.

The Classic Switch Series is available in pearl white color that will effortlessly mix with any type of home décor. Walton manufactures all of its items with the needs and wants of its customers in mind, so the Classic series will suit all of your needs while also elevating the classic look of your home.

Switch Series For Your Home

The wall switch is one of the most common and important electrical equipment in the home. While they may appear to be the same when installed with their switch covers intact, they look and operate differently on the inside.

Some of the most common types of switches include toggle, rocker, slider, and push-button. The aesthetic has little impact on the switch performance or electrical connections.

Switches are often used to turn on and off lights, but they can also be used to turn on and off electrical current for almost any electrical device. To turn on or off a floor lamp, switches are sometimes utilized to manage the current flowing via an electrical socket.

1 gang switch: A 1-gang switch will control a single lighting circuit. It will have a single dimmer on the plate.

2 gang switch: With a 2-gang switch you can control two lighting circuits. It will have two dimmers on the plate.

3 gang switch: The term “gang” refers to the number of switches on the switch plate. Depending on how they work, they’re termed rockers, throws, or dimmers, but they all refer to the number of light switches on the plate. It is possible to get more, although having more than three in a household context is uncommon — this is known as a three-gang switch.

4 gang switch: A gang is a pair of side-by-side elements in an electrical box. A single-gang duplex receptacle has two outlets in total, which is the normal residential outlet. Duplex outlets with two gangs are also frequent. An outlet with 4 gang is called 4-gang switch.

Calling bell: A call bell is a ringing device that alerts and draws the attention of the person who hears it. The classic series by Walton brings calling bell switches too.

DP switch: A four-way switch, commonly known as a double pole or DP light switch, is made up of two single pole switches. A single switch controls two different circuits. This is commonly used to control a circuit from several locations on a single circuit using a sequence of three switches.

2 pin switch: The term “2-pole” refers to a device plug that is not earthed and has two electrically transmitting pins. All electrical gadgets were originally equipped with 2-pole plugs, which meant that they were not earthed and that all mains sockets were designed to accommodate 2-pole plugs.

3 pin switch: The 3-pin plugs are designed to safely supply energy to electrical gadgets. Each pin must be correctly linked to the three wires in the electrical line, and each wire has its unique color.

3-pin round socket with switch: A three-pin plug is used to power any electrical gadget that has an earthed body. This earthing is made possible by the plug’s third large pin. Accidental electrical shocks are then prevented for the user of the electrical item.

Multi socket (2pin+3pin+3I type): An electric gadget that contains numerous comparable sockets and allows more than one plug to connect to a single socket; especially for mains energy. A multi-socket can consist 2 pin sockets and 3 pin sockets both.

TV Socket: The Coax IEC connector is the most popular form of TV aerial socket that most people are familiar with. This plug is frequently used for TV aerial hookups, although it can also be used for FM radio. The connection between a television or signal receiver and the cable that leads to the aerial is made with TV sockets. This is why they’re also known as aerial or coaxial sockets, and they’re ubiquitous in both residential and commercial settings.

Telephone socket: Phone sockets are used to allow a phone line to enter and expand around a property, as well as to connect hubs, landlines, and other equipment. A telephone jack is a socket into which a connector for connecting a telephone to the wiring of a structure is inserted.

Data socket: DataSocket is a uniform end-user application programming interface (API) for connecting to data from a variety of sources, including local files, FTP or Web servers, and OPC Server data items. The data location in a DataSocket application is specified using a well-known networking standard, the URL.

Blank plate: To protect exposed outlets from dust and moisture, a blanking plate is added. The blank plates are from well-known trade brands and come in a variety of colors and finishes to fit any space.

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