Smartest Extension Cord with Overload Protection

Have you ever utilized every outlet in your extension to run your vacuum cleaner, charge your phone, and turn on your lamps? There was a strong likelihood that devices were turned off simultaneously. Electrical overload is to blame. When you draw more current than a circuit can manage, electrical overloading happens. When an electrical system is overloaded, a fuse or circuit breaker trips, cutting off power to all connected devices. Circuit breakers must be used because they can guard against serious electrical component damage and keep us safe from potential fire threats.

Walton extension cords provide you with the smartest feature with overload protection so that you can prevent fire hazards or any accident caused by overloading the socket.

Extension cord uses

Extension cords are a practical technique to use additional devices and provide electricity where switchboards are absent. You might use them to create elegant outdoor lighting or to prune the plants in your garden. But occasionally, even little LED lights could short out the circuit. It may be because you connected the extension cord to the same channel as other high-wattage devices like your refrigerator or television. So, when utilizing extension cords, one must exercise extreme caution.

Walton Extension Cord features

  • made with highly flammable materials
  • universal plug including a safety shutter
  • Silver contact switches are more durable.
  • Structure with integrated brass bars
  • Copper alloy connectors with excellent conductivity and elastic properties
  • Tested against corrosion by salt spray to ensure longevity
  • good resistance to impact and weather
  • After prolonged usage, it does not fade (discolour), ensuring its safety.

Tips to avoid overloading an extension cord

  1. Choose the right extension cord for your use

Get cords that have been examined in a lab. You ought to be aware of how much electricity it consumes. The wattage of the gadgets you will plug into the extension box should also be visible. Invest in equipment with LED lights to show the state of the security system and the energy consumption. Before attaching the extension cord to the circuit, be sure it has enough capacity. For instance, an adapter might be required to connect a 30 amp extension cord to a 50 amp power outlet.

In general, larger-diameter extension wires may safely carry higher currents. To find the same thing, you can also check the gauge number. Use three-pronged plugs or wires with polarized pins. It guarantees that we connect the circuit’s live wire to the equipment’s live wire and its neutral wire to the circuit’s neutral wire. The third prong serves as a grounding element. It increases safety and protects you from electrical shock.

  1. Usage precautions

The extension cord’s grounding pin should never be removed. The two pin-hole sockets may accommodate single electrical devices with low or medium wattages and are designed to draw less current. A similar rule applies to connecting multiple extension cords to the same circuit. Overloading can undoubtedly result from it. No carpet or rug should cover the extension wire. It makes them incapable of dissipating heat and increases the risk of fire. The cords shouldn’t be fixed to the ground or behind furniture. The wire is put under more strain, and the outer protective coating may tear. Consequently, there’s a chance that you’ll touch the live wire. Never join two extension cords together. The amount of power used could increase. Additionally, avoid simultaneously plugging in high-wattage appliances like heaters, ovens, etc. to the extension box. If the extension cord is hot to the touch, you must not use it. An overloading issue is implied by increased heating.

  1. Storage maintenance

When not in use, the extension cord should be unplugged. Never remove the wires without first unplugging the extension box. Keep the cables out of tight spaces. The insulation layers may deteriorate as a result of the wires being crammed. The length and safety of the current carrying on the outside extension cords are higher. They are also bulkier. However, you must store them safely while not in use, and you must remove them from the garden or portico after usage. To keep the loops in place if you find it difficult to wind and unwind the cords, you can use a set of adjustable Velcro straps.

  1. Cable Maintenance

The extension wire shouldn’t hang from anything or go through the floor. You shouldn’t maintain the cords in areas where people walk a lot in residences or commercial buildings. It stops the wire from being tripped over and from needless bending. The wire and plug should be kept dry. It is a bare minimum requirement for outdoor cords. You should make sure that the socket has a watertight connector and that the cord has a sufficient insulating cover to withstand rain. The length of the cable should roughly match the distance between the gadget that needs it and the circuit socket. Before utilizing an extension cord, you should carefully check it for damage.

  1. Choose surge protector extension cords

A surge protector protects electronic equipment from damage brought on by a line’s temporary high-voltage supply. However, it does not offer numerous power outlets. It can be harmful to connect the extension cord to an external surge protector. You must make sure that the extension cable and surge protector use the same amount of electricity. Otherwise, damage to the wire and any attached components is possible. Both functions are combined in a power surge extension cord, which has extensive wires. It can be applied to the wall to add temporary outlets.

Final words

Extension cables are not a long-term fix for your power outlet problems. If you want more sockets, you need to choose new circuits. Use extension cords for short-term needs like outdoor lighting, holiday string lights, etc. Always make sure the cord and plug are in excellent condition. Additionally, you should routinely inspect your electrical equipment to avoid overloading.

Walton is a business that offers inexpensive, high-quality extension sockets with overload safety. There are a lot of options to consider. You’ll never have to be concerned about the quality of their products because they are 100 percent authentic. Contact your neighbourhood Walton store or go to their website to learn more about the cutting-edge and effective extension sockets. Get the best electronics from the most recognized company in Bangladesh!

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