Harmony Series- A modern new look of the switch socket

To complement your home, Walton offers the “Harmony Series,” a line of switches with the most opulent appearance. This switch series will not only satisfy your electrical needs but will also improve the aesthetics of your house.

The glossy finish of the Harmony switch series will readily match any style of interior decoration. The Harmony series will satisfy all of your demands and improve the appearance of your home because Walton manufactures all of its products with the needs and desires of its consumers in mind.

Walton switch series for your home

The wall switch is one of the most widely used and important electrical appliances in the house. There are various types of switches, and even though they may look similar when installed with their switch covers on, they each have a unique appearance and function.

Some of the most popular switch kinds include toggle, rocker, slider, and push-button switches. The look has little impact on how the switch works or how the electrical wiring is installed.

Switches can be used to turn on or off electrical current for virtually any electrical device, however, they are most frequently employed to turn on or off lights. Switches can be used, for instance, to regulate the amount of current passing through an electrical socket so that a floor lamp can be turned on or off.

  • A 1-gang switch is used to manage a single lighting circuit. On the plate, there will be only one dimmer.
  • Two lighting circuits can be controlled by a two-gang switch. On the plate, it will feature two dimmers.
  • The number of switches on the switch plate is referred to as the “gang” in this sentence. They are referred to as rockers, throws, or dimmers depending on how they operate, but they all refer to the number of light switches on the plate. This is referred to as a three-gang switch, however, getting more than three in a domestic setting is uncommon.
  • A gang is a pair of elements placed side by side in an electrical box. The typical household outlet is a single-gang duplex receptacle, which contains two outlets overall. Two gang duplex outlets are also common. A 4-gang switch is an outlet with 4 gangs.
  • A device plug with two electrically transmitting pins and no earth is referred to as a “2-pole.” Originally, all electrical devices had 2-pole plugs, which meant that they were not earthed and that all main sockets were made to accept them.
  • The 3-pin plugs are intended to power electrical devices securely. The three wires in the electrical line must be correctly connected to each pin, and each wire has a distinct color.
  • Any electrical device with an earthed body is powered by a three-pin plug. The third big pin on the plug allows for this earthing. The user of the electrical device is then protected from unintentional electrical shocks.
  • a piece of electrical equipment, particularly one used with mains power, that has multiple similar sockets and permits more than one plug to be connected to a single socket. A multi-socket may include both 2 and 3-pin sockets.

Why do you need a good switch series?

Since the development of electricity, our quality of life has significantly increased. Electricity accessibility has facilitated several technological developments and the growth of various jobs. Electricity is one invention that has fundamentally altered our way of life. Nowadays, if we talk about electricity, we always bring up some of its most basic uses, like lighting or cooking in our homes.

All of the appliances in our houses, including TVs, refrigerators, and microwaves, are powered by electricity. For the efficient and secure use of electrical power, electrical sockets and switches are now necessary. Think about not having any switches but having access to electricity. It will be terrible to try to power your home and other appliances.

We can effectively use electrical power by using electrical switches and sockets. You can plug any electrical appliance into a high-quality socket and take advantage of the convenience. Electrical switches can also be used to turn on lights, outlets, etc. Switches are necessary components of every electrical system. Switches and outlets are vulnerable to damage because they are necessary components of a wiring system at home or the office.

Overuse or electrical defects, such as electrical surges, can cause a switch to malfunction. A switch that is broken now presents a serious issue because it prevents you from using electricity. The best course of action in this situation is to contact an electrician and get your defective switch replaced.

This is why a good quality switch series in your home is extremely important, and Walton does exactly that- Walton provides you with the best quality Harmony switch series that is safe and protective in every way and can provide a chic outlook for your home décor as well.

Harmony Series Features

  • UV, Flame Retardant Unbreakable, light-stabilized polycarbonate (PC).
  • Glossy Surface.
  • Concave switch knob that is wide for simple operation.
  • Contacts made of silver cadmium oxide (AgCdo) have good conductivity and anti-weld characteristics.
  • Anti-corrosive steel springs and screws that have been subjected to salt spray testing offer constant contact pressure.
  • Copper alloys with high conductivity are used to make metal parts.
  • Radioactive indicator
  • User friendly.

Harmony Switch Series by Walton

For the past few years, Walton’s wide selection of high-quality electrical switches and accessories has captured the attention of the practical and creative. Walton is the leading brand in this area of the electrical market. It has consistently worked to develop straightforward, technically sound solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

For those who are forward-thinking, the Harmony series serves all the purposes of a switch. Find a large assortment of custom switches and sockets in a range of eye-catching colors, patterns, and finishes.

Walton’s desire to offer customers a sense of security, quality and affordability drive it to offer not just products but also straightforward solutions that make their lives better. Walton has been offering superior design and innovation to homes and businesses for many years. Purchase one of the extremely lovely Fiona Switch series for your home to delicately elevate the interior design.

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