Walton Cables and Its Uses

We don’t think about it, but cables surround us almost everywhere we go. The significance of cables is surely concealed (or buried – in the walls), but it does exist.

Cables can be encountered everywhere. While we don’t see them, they help us with most of our everyday necessities.

Our residences are connected with so many wires that deliver us the transmission of data, electricity, and other services.

Industries, hospitals, offices, and even recreational places are all wired with vast stretches of cables. In this article, you shall know about Walton Cables and their uses.

Types of Electrical Cables

Cables of various sorts are utilized in a variety of applications. Not all wires serve the same purpose. The purpose of a cable is determined by the type of cable.

Let’s know what those types of wires are:

  • Twisted Pair Cables
  • Coaxial Cables
  • Ribbon Electric Cables
  • Shielded Cables
  • Fibre Optics Cables
  • Underground Cables

Different cables provide the following functions

  1. Twisted Pair Cables

It is made up of two or more insulated copper wires that are twisted together and color-coded. Such wires are commonly used in telephone lines, and the number of wires determines the resistance to external interference.

  1. Coaxial Cables

This is made up of a solid copper or steel conductor that has been coated with copper and is surrounded by metallic braid and tape.

This is completely protected by an insulated outer jacket. These cables are often used for computer programming as well as audio-video networking.

  1. Ribbon Electric Cables

It is made up of numerous cables that run parallel to one another and is used to transmit various data streams at the same time.

It is used to link the CPU to the motherboard and is commonly used for networking device connections.

  1. Shielded Cables

It is made up of one or two insulated wires that are covered by a woven braided shield or aluminum Mylar foil for improved signal transmission and to eliminate inconsistencies in power frequency and external radio interference. These cables, which are shielded, transmit high voltage power.

  1. Fiber Optics Cable

Some cables transfer optical data signals from a connected light source to a receiving device. This is intended for long-distance communication and high-speed data transmission using light pulses.

Much of the world’s internet, cable television, and telephone networks rely on fiber optic cables.

  1. Underground cable

A cable that is buried beneath the ground is referred to as an underground cable. They are in charge of distributing electricity or telecommunications.

These cables are a viable alternative to overhead wires, which are many meters above the ground.

Things to consider before wiring a new home

Some things are necessary to be thought about before wiring a new house, these are:

  1. Plan the location of the outlets

While you may be considering how rooms will be coordinated and where things will be placed, you must first decide the location of electrical outlets and wiring for your communication equipment.

This is done so that electrical equipment can be placed in the appropriate locations and connected to electricity. Consulting with a skilled and experienced expert electrician can assist you in accomplishing this goal.

  1. Understand the wiring system you will need

When deciding on the electrics for your new house, keep in mind that your overall electrical system includes the electrical service, and also lighting outlets, and a variety of connected appliances.

It’s important to note that your electrical service must be large enough to meet the needs of individuals who live in your home. In most cases, one hundred to two hundred amps are sufficient for a typical-sized house and household.

  1. Consider energy efficiency

Many of us are pretty much concerned about mounting electricity costs and harmful environmental consequences.

As a result, many individuals who are building new houses enjoy the fact that a control system may be used to reduce energy expenditures.

Such systems can be managed remotely from your home, and while this functionality may appear futuristic, it may eventually spare you money and secure the safety of your property even if you are not present.

  1. Installation costs

It is pretty much obvious that wiring your whole building will be costly. Installing wiring and panels, as well as rewiring a home’s existing electrical system, are potentially dangerous home improvement undertakings.

Employ a certified professional electrician to complete the task safely and correctly.

Permits and inspections are also required for this type of work to guarantee that the installation satisfies the code.

While this would most certainly extend the project’s duration and cost, it is required to ensure your home is safe and up to code.

Walton and their Cables

Walton, one of the best brands in Bangladesh, offers a terrific bargain on cables. Walton ensures that whatever they utilize is of the highest quality and poses no risk to their clients. Copper or aluminum is used as conductors.

These have an extremely high electrical conductivity. It is necessary to use bare wires made of any of these two metals.

You can purchase the following cables from Walton:

  • NYY / NAYY

Walton confirms all the materials are of the best quality. The pricing of cables starts from BDT 500 on average and can lead to a couple of thousands.

This pricing usually depends on the type of cables, and the features they produce. The more secure they are, the more expensive they are.

The amount of time it takes to put them together and the level of commitment necessary are also important considerations.

Walton is a top cable company in Bangladesh. Several other companies in Bangladesh claim to be the top cable company.

While some of them have some merit to their claim, most make empty claims to mislead the customers. Walton products are used, trusted, and recommended by the customers.

If you are looking for cables to buy that will ensure safe and good transmission of electricity then you are absolutely at the perfect spot.

For any inquiries please directly contact us or visit your nearest Walton outlet today.

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