Ceiling Fan Buying Guide- Everything You Need to Know

Despite the fact that Bangladesh is famed for its six seasons, the summer heat is felt throughout the year. Ceiling fans have become a daily need in our lives as a means of surviving the heat. As a result, staying at home without fans is absolutely unthinkable.

Ceiling fans, both indoors and outdoors, circulate air and help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Allow us to assist you in finding a fan that is appropriate for your room and style.

Things to consider before purchasing a Ceiling Fan

Prior to purchasing a ceiling fan, some things are needed to be thought about. Let’s take a look at what those factors are:

Ceiling Height

Keep the ceiling height in mind when choosing a new or replacement ceiling fan. The ideal fan height is approximately 7 feet from the floor to the fan blades.

Many fans come with a variety of mounting options, so they can be used practically any place in the house. Determine the best installation solution for your room by measuring the height of your ceiling.

Size of the Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are not universally applicable fixtures. They can be 14 inches wide up to 72 inches broad. The proper fan, however, will be determined by the size (square footage) and height of your room.

To ensure that your ceiling fan functions effectively, make sure it is the right size for your room.

Ceiling Fan Blades

The appearance of ceiling fan blades is more of a design aspect than a practical consideration.

The pitch of a fan’s blades determines its capacity to move airflow, so choose the design you prefer to be the best for you.

Even while rotating at a slower pace, larger blades can generate tremendous air displacement.

Ceiling Fan Styles and Finishes

Ceiling fans come in a variety of shapes and finishes, ranging from traditional to contemporary to industrial design.

You ought to be able to discover a fantastic match for your home’s decor without losing performance or efficiency with a well-designed fan, regardless of its aesthetics.

Ceiling Fan with Lights

The question is whether to add lights or not to add illumination. Personal preference plays a role in selecting a ceiling fan with lighting. Buy a ceiling fan without a light kit if you want to place it in a room with plenty of natural light or light fixtures.

Choose a ceiling fan with a light kit if the space needs more general lighting. Fans today come with a variety of illumination options, including halogen, fluorescent, and LED lights.

Ceiling Fan Installation and Maintenance

Ceiling fans have a low maintenance requirement. Cleaning or leveling the fan blades if there’s a perceptible movement is usually all that’s required for most fans. Walton offers installation as well as maintenance facilities at a very reasonable cost. So, if you face any problems, simply contact us.

Why Would You Need Walton’s Fan?

Of course, no one wants to be sweaty and sticky whether they are outside or inside of their house. For this, a fan is a must. Some reasons are stated below:

Lower Energy Costs

In Bangladesh, however, not everyone can afford an air conditioner in their home. While it performs better than a fan, it consumes more energy than a standard ceiling fan.

As a result, if you use an air conditioner, your electricity expenses would undoubtedly climb.

Walton’s fan, on the other hand, consumes less energy than an air conditioner yet still provides adequate cooling. As a result, there are no difficulties with excessive electrical bills.

Cooling and Drying

Fans are obviously utilized to cool ourselves, our rooms, and our homes. However, it also aids in the drying of clothes, items, and damp floors, among other things.

Walton’s fan is a ventilation device that also helps to remove odors, smoke, and steam.


Air conditioners, of course, are more expensive than electric fans. An air conditioner’s purchase, installation, replacement of the gas tank, and other costs add to a household’s expenses.

Walton’s ceiling fans, on the other hand, are extremely budget-friendly. As a result, people of all socioeconomic classes may readily buy it.

Color of own choice

Fans of any design and color can be purchased to match the structure and style of one’s space. By integrating into the decor,

Walton’s colorful fans help to enhance the attractiveness of the space. As a result, you can choose from a wide range of fashionable and designer fans to complement your decor.


Walton’s fan is built to last, so you won’t have to go to a mechanic to fix it again and again. This fan comes with a warranty that lasts for a long time.

If an issue arises, you can present the warranty card to the showroom and have it repaired. As a result, your costs are decreased.


Certain standard fans create a lot of noise when moving and don’t help to cool the space down. If you don’t want any sound from your fan, Walton’s Fans are the way to go.

These fans’ blades provide both silence and strong air. So sit back and relax while taking in the fresh breeze and peaceful silence.

Are Walton’s Fans worth buying

Walton is Bangladesh’s no.1 electronic brand. We’ve created products that are specifically designed for Bangladeshis. We make every effort to provide our customers with the highest quality products possible.

Walton manufactures the highest-quality fans in Bangladesh, which are built to last for many years. We create fans that are both attractive and economical, with durable blades and a long-lasting motor.

Because of its exceptional quality, more people are turning to Walton’s fans. This will save you the effort of having to buy new fans and replace the old ones. Customers in Bangladesh love Walton products and strongly recommend them.

Walton is Bangladesh’s most popular fan company, and it’s also reasonably priced. We will provide you with 24-hour support so that we can respond to any questions you may have.

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