Walton Motorcycle Battery is more popular in day by day

The motorcycle battery is crucial since, without it, a motorcycle cannot be started. Due to its placement and relative difficulty in accessing and maintaining, it is likely the motorbike component that receives the least attention. As a result, a motorcycle’s battery fails rather regularly, which highlights the significance of keeping the battery in good condition.

Batteries were once completely unnecessary for motorbikes, but today they are a necessary component of every machine. Without one, the majority of modern bikes won’t start. Walton motorcycles batteries are the most popular among customers now, as they provide great efficiency and last for a long time. You can never go wrong with the performance of Walton motorcycle batteries.

Walton Motorcycle Battery Features

In an electrical storage device known as a motorcycle battery, lead and acid undergo a chemical reaction that results in electrical energy that can be stored. Models of Walton motorcycle batteries include the Road Rider 12N5-BS, YTX4L-BS, 12N7-BS, and more. The features available are:

  • free of maintenance (No water topping-up required)
  • Plate grids made of PbCaSn alloy.
  • a spill-proof battery.
  • Due to the high quality of the raw materials, there is a low self-discharge rate and less than 3% monthly capacity loss.
  • Technology using absorbent glass mats for effective gas recombination that prolongs cycle life and eliminates micro-short circuits
  • The battery container’s robustness is increased by the use of flame-resistant ABS material.

The parameters include a nominal voltage of 12 volts, a nominal capacity of 20 hours, 5 AH, a weight of 1.90 to 0.05 kilograms, a maximum charging current of 0.5 amperes, a floating charging voltage of 14.3 to 14.8 volts direct current, and other details. The range of prices starts at 800 BDT and goes up to 1600 BDT.

Walton batteries are the highest quality and lowest priced batteries available. These high-quality imports will undoubtedly fulfill your needs and simplify your life!

Motorcycle battery buying guide

Your unique needs will determine which motorcycle battery is ideal for your vehicle. There are many different weights, sizes, and types of motorcycle batteries. Some batteries are hefty and have a lot of power, while others may be lighter and simpler to handle but have insufficient power for a big engine.


Dimensions are the first thing we need to discuss. Normally, you can fit a smaller battery in your motorcycle, but if you do, you’ll need to put something in the battery box region to fill the space so it doesn’t bounce around. The location of the positive and negative terminals regarding the hotwire and ground wire on your bike is another equally critical factor, if not more so because those battery cables often don’t have any slack in them.

Therefore, if you are looking for a motorcycle battery but are unsure which one will fit your bike, size is important, but equally important is where the terminals go. If the positive and negative terminals are on the wrong side, the battery may deform as the acidic liquid inside boils with the intense heat from the reaction. Additionally, it might spill and harm surrounding components without your being able to stop it. We can discuss something called cold-cranking amps after you’ve established the size of the battery you require and the locations of your connections.

Battery type

A 12-volt battery is essentially what everyone will require, and there are practically only two sorts of batteries to choose from AGM batteries, which are a form of lead acid battery. Many people mistake these for gel batteries.

You won’t likely find many gel batteries because AGM batteries are a superior alternative, therefore you’re better off choosing the glass matte design.

The other type of battery is a lithium-ion battery, which is now evidently used in everything. However, compared to AGM batteries, those batteries will be substantially lighter and, in many situations, take up less room.

Although they are more expensive than lead acid batteries, they often last twice as long as those batteries and deliver greater cold starting amps while weighing less. You must purchase a charger made specifically for lithium-ion batteries to use with the majority of those batteries. The majority of lithium-ion battery chargers can already charge lead-acid batteries, but you shouldn’t use an acid-style charger on a lithium-ion battery because it could harm it.

How to take care of your motorcycle battery

  • Verify that the battery leads are firmly attached to the terminals and that the leads and terminals are corrosion-free and clean. Clean the terminals and lead ends before applying a battery terminal spray or petroleum jelly to protect them (Vaseline).
  • Clean up the battery case.
  • Every month to six weeks, if the motorcycle isn’t used frequently, charge the battery with a specialized and preferably clever motorcycle battery charger.
  • Never use a battery charger for an automobile. It should be noted that lithium batteries require a different kind of charger than lead-acid batteries and have distinct charging requirements. Always adhere to the directions on the charger and battery.
  • The natural electrochemical process in which water in the electrolyte converts to gas and is discharged out of the vent causes the electrolyte level in typical wet/flooded batteries to decrease. Lead plates will quickly degrade and eventually fail if the level goes too low and exposes them to the air.
  • Regularly checking the electrolyte level is crucial, as is topping it out with deionized or distilled water. Never refill with battery acid or use tap water. It may be necessary to recharge the battery if you have to add a lot of water.

Why choose Walton Motorcycle Batteries?

Walton is a business that offers motorcycle, small, and medium batteries of excellent quality at competitive prices. There are a lot of choices accessible. Because all of their products are 100% unique, you will never have to be concerned about their quality. The alternatives are unlimited because the products come in a huge variety of styles and sizes!

Find out more about cutting-edge and powerful electrical batteries by contacting your neighborhood Walton store or visiting their website. The most well-known electronic company in Bangladesh has the best things for sale!

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