Why Should You Buy Andoid TV and why Walton Android TVs should be your choice?

As the popularity of television increased, new technologies were created to enhance its functionality. To advance current technology and deliver a better user experience, experts are always creating new cutting-edge technologies.

Since they initially appeared on the market more than ten years ago, smart TVs have advanced significantly. The majority of contemporary televisions on the market today include smart TV functions. Smart TVs may connect to a broadband network, unlike traditional TVs.

The cost of an Android TV in Bangladesh makes all of this clear. Although streaming records and other forms of entertainment like Netflix, YouTube, and others is the most popular reason people use smart TVs, these TVs are capable of much more. When looking for a Smart LED TV in Bangladesh, bear these things in mind.

Walton now has Android TVs in the best quality and price. Choose Walton Android TVs for a greater Smart TV experience with everything you need.

What is Android TV?

To put it simply, Android TV is made to bring the kinds of things you like on your phone to your TV. This doesn’t imply that you’ll be making calls or reading emails on your TV; rather, it refers to easy engagement, accessibility to entertainment, and ease of navigation. It’s about giving your TV a smart makeover with a recognizable and user-friendly interface.

The Android operating system serves as the foundation for Google’s Android TV, a smart TV platform. Apps, both free and paid, let users stream video to your TV over your internet connection. You use your phone as a remote to help you browse through the menus. Android, in contrast to other devices, is an open system, allowing Android TV access to apps that Google may not officially endorse.

Beyond its excellent streaming capabilities, Android TV can run apps, play emulators, play digital media files, use Kodi, connect to a TV tuner, and serve as a media player for your digital files. The drawback is that setting up all those functions could call for more technical know-how than many consumers possess or choose to acquire.

Why should you buy Android TV?

Android TV is a version of Google’s Android mobile operating system that has been tailored specifically for TVs, as you might have guessed from the name. However, that statement falls short of accurately describing how distinct Android TV is from Android.

  • With the support of media center software like Plex or one of your subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Google Play Music, Android TV focuses on making it easier for you to find the material you can watch on your TV.
  • Because of this emphasis, Android TV differs greatly from Android in appearance. Your device’s media apps are presented as “ribbons” instead of a screen full of widgets or apps like search, weather, or stocks. A ribbon is a horizontally scrolling list of suggestions and recently watched material from a certain app.
  • For instance, the Netflix app will display a ribbon of thumbnails for your now playing, next to watch, and suggested TV episodes and movies.
  • Android TV has access to the Google Play app store, where you can find thousands of apps that have been created especially for the 10-foot experience of Android TV. As a result, you won’t have to struggle to read teeny-tiny text or try to manage apps that require you to swipe with your finger.
  • Every version of Android TV includes the Google Assistant, which provides you voice control over all of your smart home devices and the TV programming you watch. Additionally incorporated is Google’s Chromecast technology, which enables screen sharing and video casting from compatible mobile devices, browsers, and applications.
  • Numerous TV features, including 4K UltraHD, HDR, and Dolby Atmos, are supported with Android TV. Depending on the device that has Android TV installed, you may be able to use these capabilities. Before Android TV allows you to use these capabilities, the hardware (and the software you choose) must support them.

Google’s flagship smart TV and video streaming platform is Android TV, but this isn’t the company’s first attempt at this market. An early attempt at a smart TV experience was made in 2010 with the development of Google TV (the operating system). Most of the development work was directed toward Android TV, which was released the year before, until that project was ultimately killed off by Google in 2015.

Walton Android TV Price in Bangladesh

Everyone may utilize the modern, user-friendly Smart TV from WALTON. You can always access all of your favorite entertainment with innovative features at the touch of a button, preventing you from missing out on your favorite programs or movies.

Your viewing experience will be enjoyable because to our ground-breaking invention, which enables you to remain connected to your ideal online entertainment universe.

The price of a Walton Android TV in Bangladesh can range from 25,000 BDT to 99,900 BDT, depending on the model and screen size chosen.

The cost of a smart TV in Bangladesh is actually determined by user demand. Walton has long held the top spot in Bangladesh’s television market.

Why Choose Walton Android TV?

The technology sector in Bangladesh is dominated by the Walton brand. Along with televisions, they also sell several other devices. Excellent televisions are currently being made in Bangladesh. Among the televisions that are made available to them are LED TVs, smart TVs, LCD TVs, and CRT TVs.

Android app developers can optimize their apps for the experience on a widescreen, and there are many essential entertainment apps already accessible. Anything from weather information services to gaming might fall under this category. You can rapidly tailor the content of your TV with Android TV. This is why choosing Walton Android TV will go a long way.

With one of the largest and best-equipped R&I setups in the world, Walton is now a well-known global brand for electrical, electronics, cars, and other appliances. It manufactures through several subsidiaries under the Walton group headquarters in Bangladesh. With a well-earned reputation for producing Electrical & Electronics products at the lowest feasible cost while maintaining the highest standards of quality, design, and innovation, Walton is a renowned multinational producer in the relevant industry.

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