Fiona series is truly a beauty to behold

Walton brings you the most elegant-looking switch series named “Fiona Series” to add to your household. This switch series will not only meet up to your electrical requirements but also uplift the beauty of your home as well.

The Fiona switch series is of copper color which will blend with any kind of home décor easily. Walton keeps the needs and wants of their customers in mind while manufacturing all of their products, so the Fiona series will meet up to all of your needs and elevate the outlook of your home.

Switch series for your home

One of the most popular and crucial electrical devices in the home is the wall switch. There are several distinct types of switches, and while they may appear to be the same when fitted with their switch covers intact, they look and operate differently on the inside.

Toggle, rocker, slider, and push-button switches are some of the most prevalent types of switches. The switch function and electrical wiring are largely unaffected by the appearance.

While switches are commonly used to turn on or off lights, they can also be used to turn on or off electrical current for practically any electrical device. Switches, for example, are sometimes used to control the current flowing through an electrical socket to turn on or off a floor lamp.

Types of switches for home

  • Single pole switch: The single-pole switch is the switch that does everything. It allows you to control a lamp, a receptacle, or any other device from a single spot. The toggle’s distinctive on/off indications aren’t present on other switches. However, certain single-pole switches (particularly rocker-style switches) lack on/off marks.

The hot, or power-source, wires are linked to two brass-colored screw terminals on a single-pole switch. Typically, these cables are black in color. The incoming hot wire from the power source is connected to one brass terminal, while the outgoing hot wire to the fixture is connected to the other. The ground terminal on most single-pole switches is used to connect the circuit’s ground wire.

Neutral wires are generally not linked to switches. If the box contains two neutrals, these wires are usually linked so that they pass through the box without touching the switch. You might also notice a single neutral wire running through the box.

  • Three-way switch: Three-way switches are frequently found in pairs at both ends of a stairwell, in garages or basements with two entrances, in hallways, and in other areas where two distinct switches control one light.

There are three-terminal screws on the three-way switch. The power source’s hot wire connects to the darkest screw terminal, which is labeled “COM” for “common.” On a three-way switch, the Common terminal is also where the LOAD or Hot leaving the pair of three-way switches attaches. Simply described, the hot enter on one of the common terminals and exits on the other, with the two passengers connecting the two switches. The screw on the common terminal is usually darker.

  • Double pole switch: The double-pole switch is most typically used in industrial settings, but it can also be found in some domestic electrical systems. Standard switches are rated for 15 or 20 amps, whereas double-pole switches are typically rated for 30 amps. This enables the switches to control the flow of electricity to higher-demand appliances, motors, and machinery.

A double-pole switch is distinguished from a single-pole switch by the presence of four hot brass terminals in addition to a ground terminal. It can be connected to two pairs of hot wires from a 240-volt circuit in this way.

  • Four-way switch: Four-way switches are occasionally seen in lengthy halls and particularly big rooms with more than two entrances, despite their uncommon use.

The four-way switch connects two three-way switches and allows you to operate an outlet or light fixture from numerous locations. You would still use two three-way switches (one on each end) and three four-way switches between the two threeways if you wanted to control from more than three locations, such as five.

The four-way switch resembles a double-pole switch but is devoid of markings. There are four terminals in total, plus a ground terminus. Two of the four terminals are normally brass in color, while the other two are dark in color. A three-way switch has a “COM” or “common” terminal, but this switch does not.

  • Smart Switches: The smart switch is a relatively new type of switch that is gaining popularity due to its convenience. You can control your lights from anywhere in the house, including your bed. Multi-way switches, often known as three-way or four-way switches, are the most common smart switches.

Because smart switches require a constant supply of electricity, they require a neutral connection. You may need to have an electrician run a new cable because other types of switches do not require neutral connections. Switches frequently feature neutral wires that can be tapped to create a smart switch.

The Fiona switch series is compatible with all these types of switches, so you can easily choose the Fiona switch series for your home or any other electric setup.

Fiona switch series by Walton

Walton’s extensive assortment of quality electrical switches and accessories has captivated the minds of the practical and prolific for the past few years. In this section of the electrical business, Walton is the super brand. It has always strived to create simple solutions for residential and commercial properties, backed by technical expertise.

Fiona is a forward-thinking switch for forward-thinking people. Discover a wide selection of personalized switches and sockets in a variety of appealing colors, patterns, and finishes.

The ability to provide a sense of security, quality, and affordability motivates Walton to provide not just items, but simple solutions that improve the customer’s situation. Walton has been providing innovation and design excellence to homes and businesses for years. So get the truly beautiful Fiona switch series of any type for your home and elevate the home décor exquisitely.

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