Tornado fan produces tornado-like wind even in bright sun. Change the temperature at the speed of a tornado.

The technological world underwent a revolution when electricity was developed. A contemporary invention that has improved people’s quality of life is the Walton Tornado fan. Nowadays, it’s challenging to consider life without a multifunctional electric fan that will cater to your needs in every way possible.

Hot and humid summer days are no longer painful or taxing thanks to Walton tornado fans. Walton tornado fans are both well-made and reasonably priced. To find out more, visit the Walton showrooms or their website.

Walton Tornado Fans

Electric handheld fans called tornados to provide cold air by spinning rapidly. A portable tornado fan isn’t fixed to a wall or ceiling. From tiny battery-powered fans that fit in the palm of your hand to massive box fans that can ventilate an entire room, portable fans come in a range of shapes and sizes. A great approach to save money on energy is to use a portable fan to circulate the air, control the temperature of a room, and supplement the use of an air conditioner.

Fans move air to ventilate, cool, and control humidity in spaces. In all sizes of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, fans move air through ducts, coils, filters, and building spaces. Fans are used to remove heat, odors, smoke, and poisonous, caustic, or flammable gases from small areas. In hot weather, electric tornado fans can provide people with superb cooling while releasing fewer greenhouse gases and costing less than air conditioning.

Why do you need a tornado fan?

It is an undeniable fact that with the rising temperature in weather in our country, the people of Bangladesh need a well-functioning fan that can provide them with the coolest breeze and the maximum air possible. With the invention of Walton Tornado Fans, the job has been made a lot easier.

The tornado fan’s operation is straightforward. It is commonly known that air naturally stratifies, with lighter, warmer air rising and heavier, cooler air sinking. The whirling action of the ceiling fan lifts warm air upward. The hot air is cut as it rises by the fan’s blades, which causes it to plummet. Since this is a constant process, the air in the room circulates throughout the space. As a result, the only function of a ceiling fan is to move air. Contrary to popular assumption, fans are not particularly cool. Instead, they hasten the evaporation of our bodies’ perspiration, giving us a “cool” feeling.

The drawback of a ceiling fan is that you have to sit or stand right under it to feel its cooling benefits.

You may have tried turning a standing fan to increase the area that it (temporarily) cools, only to find that you had to pick up items that were thrown across the room.

You can place your fan in the corner of the room or even on a table, seat, or stool since tornado fans can cool an entire room by supplying a continuous, cyclic airflow that a regular fan cannot!

You can use tornado fans effortlessly because they are transportable and work as long as you have access to energy! Anywhere you go, bring the fan with you!

Walton Tornado Fan specifications

Walton tornado fans are equipped with the best features to provide you with maximized and cooler wind wherever you are:

  • High Gloss Finish, Fashionable Design, Strong Structure, and High Speed & High Air Delivery. Power factor 0.95, input power of 55W, and frequency 50Hz Class H insulation, 50 m3/min of air delivery
  • Rated 220 V AC, 0.25 A current, and 2600 RPM.

The cost is between 99 and 1,150 BDT. Nowhere else will you find tornado fans for this low a price!

Importance of having a tornado fan

There are many advantages to a room having enough airflow with the help of Walton Tornado Fans:

  • A room must have sufficient air circulation to stay ventilated. As a result, the room has better ventilation and less stagnation. Additionally, it helps to diffuse odors and prevent mold growth. People will be able to breathe more readily and experience less claustrophobia as a result.
  • It is excellent to use a tornado fan while you sleep since it creates a quiet environment that many people find pleasant and encourages deeper slumber. Silent fans aid in the sleep and brain shut-down processes. To prevent us from being awakened in the middle of the night, fans are made to be incredibly quiet. The continuous whirling noise promotes a restful and tranquil resting environment.
  • One of the most obvious and important advantages of sleeping with a tornado fan is noise reduction. Most people use fans to stay cool and regulate the temperature. To feel airier, people use fans in conjunction with air conditioners, which lowers body temperature.
  • Your ability to sleep well is greatly impacted by the temperature. Fans benefit from their surroundings because it improves their ability to sleep and keeps the room cool and aired.
  • The ideal alternative for calming your body and mind while you sleep may be a tornado fan rather than using an air conditioner or a chiller. Even while they may seem tempting, air conditioners and coolers are not the healthiest choices. Contrarily, sleeping with a fan on is typically preferred because it offers us natural sleep as well as several other advantages.

Final Words

Walton manufactures affordable tornado fans of excellent quality. Tornado fans are a great choice compared to ceiling fans as they can provide cooler breeze with maximum efficiency. There are several choices available. They are 100% authentic, so you’ll never have to worry about the quality of their goods. With Walton’s Tornado Fans, you can fight the hot and humid weather to the max and keep your body and mind cool and comfortable. To learn more about Walton’s innovative and energy-efficient tornado fans, get in touch with your local store or visit their website. Purchase the top electronic devices from Bangladesh’s most well-known manufacturer!

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