Are Walton Fans Worth Buying?

Fans are an essential electrical appliance in every household now. Choosing the right type of fan is very important for efficient air delivery and comfort in the hottest days of summer.  That provides us with the gush of cold air when the scorching heat and humidity outside are taking away our last drops of energy.  Choosing the wrong type of fan may not only increase your discomfort but can also decrease your focus and comfort, which will eventually cause you to perform worse at your school and your workplace.

A good fan also ensures that you get proper sleep at night which is very important for your health. But there are different types of a fan for every purpose. Some are attached to the ceiling, while others are known to sit on the desk. Some are also known to let some warm air out of our house and give us some peace of not having bunched up warm air inside your house along with all the humidity and heat occurring naturally.

How many types of fans are there?

There are several types of fans, each serving a different purpose.

  • Ceiling fans: These are attached to the ceiling and are usually switch operated. These are usually a lot bigger in size and can contain anywhere from three to five wings. They use electricity to operate and come in different colors. Some of these ceiling fans are also remote-controlled. The switches come with a regulator that is used to adjust the fan according to your needs.
  • Pedestal fans: These are portable stand fans that have different power levels. The switches determine the speed at which the fan runs. Pedestal Fans are also electrically operated and need to be plugged into a socket to function. They have anywhere from four to five wings.
  • Rechargeable fans: These are battery-operated fans that are a lot smaller in size. They can be placed on desks and are of huge help when there is a power cut or if you have a damaged ceiling fan.
  • Exhaust fans: These are most suitable for the kitchen. These provide extra ventilation besides the windows as they manually suck the warm air out of the kitchen and provide a cooler environment for your home. They need to be cleaned often as there can be soot build-up from food in the kitchen.
  • Rechargeable wall fans: This is a type of fan that is mounted on the wall and is battery operated. So they can be recharged using electricity.
  • Tornado fans: They are high-speed fans that run on a specific power level. They are most useful in small shops and buses as they can be attached to a surface and provide great relief on hot and humid days.

Are Walton Fans Worth Buying?

Walton is the best producer of fans in Bangladesh. They manufacture every type of fan that is available out there at the most affordable price. Their fans all come with a huge collection of vivid colors and beautiful designs for you to choose from.

  • WCF5604 WR is a great model of the ceiling fan that comes in different colors and sleek designs. A state-of-the-art high-pressure cold chamber die casting machine is being used for body parts and rotor casting. 99.9%  pure copper is used along with high-velocity blades.
  • WPF24B-PBC is a pedestal fan that is made with durable, strong material. It has three power levels and can swing in both directions to provide airflow all around the room.
  • WEF 1201 is an exhaust fan that is very suitable for your kitchen. It runs at one high speed and has an advanced blade design. The motor shuts itself off when it becomes unusually hot to avoid any kind of fatal accident.
  • W17OA-EM-MS is an Amazing rechargeable fan that has long battery life with an overcharge and Over-discharge protection system. Also comes with a bright night light that helps you to see in the dark when there is a power cut.
  • WTF9S5 Is a tornado fan With an adjustable guard position. It also has a high-end glossy finish with a fashionable design.
  • W17RWF-RMC is a unique one-of-a-kind chargeable wall fan. It has a unique fashionable design and high-speed air delivery that efficiently cools down your room.

Why choose us?

  • All Walton fans have aero-dynamically designed blades for high-velocity air.
  • Walton fans use the Best quality coating powder for better finishing.
  • Walton fans have sleek fashionable designs at the most affordable price with a wide collection for you to choose from.
  • No inflammable material is used in any of the Walton fans so no risk of accidents.
  • In Walton rechargeable wall fans, Safety Thermal protection for AC Motor so no chance of accidents and faults.
  • Automatic Oscillation system in all Walton fans except ceiling fans so your room gets cold air all around it efficiently.
  • Switch-mode power supply (SMPS) system in Walton rechargeable fans, allowing you to set the speed of the fan anywhere from low to medium to high.
  • Walton rechargeable fans also can be operated With or without remote control, giving you complete power over the operation of your fans.

Walton offers unique regulators such as W1RCS02C, which is compatible with the main power line which makes it the most suitable for it. It can also be used to turn the lights on and off. They can also be used to brighten and dim the lights. They are made with polycarbonate plastic and are very fire retardant which makes them very safe to use.

So now that you are aware of all the types of fans available and where to get them, choose the right fan according to your needs and say goodbye to the discomfort of summer forever. Make sure to buy the related accessories like the regulator mentioned above, which is required to control the ceiling fans and some of the other fans’ speed. These regulators are very affordable and can also be used go to control the lights inside your household.

To buy Walton products visit the nearest outlet or contact us through our website.

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