After-sales service of Walton Washing Machine

Laundry takes a long time to complete. Loading, sorting, scrunching, and tucking can take a long time. On the other hand, an efficient and cost-effective washing machine may alleviate your strain in the future when it comes to the filthy task of actual washing. That is if you select the appropriate choice. Washing machines have become an unavoidable part of our everyday lives and deciding which one is right for you can be challenging.

In Bangladesh, your ability to select a washer will be contingent on the ability to assess certain elements and criteria to consider before purchasing the washer of your choice. Walton is here to make things easy for you by providing after-sales service!

Defining a Washing Machine:

A washing machine is a piece of household equipment that is used to clean garments. Cleaning systems that employ water instead of dry cleaning or ultrasonic cleaners are commonly referred to as wet cleaning. The user adds liquid or powder laundry detergent to the wash water. As a result of this technology, laundry has become much easier and more efficient. A high-quality washing machine is well worth the investment.

Benefits of Using Washing Machines:

To save time and energy, washing machines are used to efficiently wash garments. Electricity is used to power this equipment. The devices can clean the clothing by rinsing them in soapy water. The machine then drains the water, leaving wet garments behind. Laundry can be made simple when you have a washing machine in your home.

Washing machines are simple to use by everyone. To have freshly washed clothes, one must place their laundry in the machine, pick the speed and water level, and let the machine run. These machines also have the option of sterilizing clothing by washing them in hot water. They may come with a variety of wash choices that may be adjusted.

Attractive Features of Walton Washing Machines:

There are many attributes of Walton washing machines for which they stand out-

  • OXYFRESH Technology: Gently cleans and freshens your garments. The freshness of the product lasts a long time.
  • CIM Inverter Motor: Saves more energy than a standard motor.
  • 16 Different Washing Programs: There are 16 distinct washing functions available, including a rapid wash option. Mix wash, cotton eco, backpack, underwear, jeans, bulky, wool, drum clean, color, shirt, babywear, smart wash, rinse & spin, and spin are some of the options available. Walton washing machines are available to meet your every demand.
  • Walton Washing Machine Bacteria Sterilization: Sterilization refers to any procedure of removing, killing, or deactivating all forms of life (in particular referring to microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, spores, etc.) The device has an antibacterial stainless-steel drum built-in, which sterilizes bacteria and keeps your garments germ-free.
  • Antibacterial Door Seal: This door is composed of antibacterial material to keep contaminants out of your garments.
  • Advanced 3D Motion with a High-Efficiency Pulsator: The efficient pulsator creates the best motion combinations for each model. As a result, good washing results are obtained. The control is programmed to move the drum in a variety of directions while also caring for your linen and giving you the optimum wash. This system has five various modes of action, allowing you to clean the cloth with fewer wrinkles and without causing any harm. The motions are tumbling, filtration, rolling, scrubbing, and swinging.
  • Child Lock: This feature will keep your children safe; the lock can be engaged quickly when needed.
  • High-Temperature Drum Washing: Drums are washed at a high temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. Cleaning the inner drum ensures that it is adequately sterilized. Steam, which reaches every part of the drum, removes bacteria and stains!

After Sales Service of Walton Washing Machine:

Walton offers after-sales service for washing machines, making it more convenient for customers. Their after-sales services include –

  • 12 Years Inverter Motor Warranty1 Year Spare Parts Warranty
  • 3 Years After Sales Service
  • 5 Years Free Service (1 Year Home Service)

In the electronics appliances sector, of the country, Walton has the most service locations and an ISO-certified service management system. Because of its speedy and satisfactory after-sales services, the Walton brand has become a consumer favorite.

To provide customer-oriented services, two e-mail addresses were set up: and These addresses were set up to receive desired customers’ comments on how to improve post-sale service. In addition, the WSMS maintains a call center and customer service representatives to provide after-sales support. Customers can now contact customer assistance by dialing 16267 from any mobile phone. A specialized set of staff was also tasked with keeping track of the entire service activities by connecting with the Plazas’ management, dealers, and consumers. The victory was hailed by Walton officials as a turning point for post-sale services in the country’s electronics and electrical appliance business.

Why You Should Buy a Walton Washing Machine

When compared to hand washing, a washing machine saves a lot of time. You don’t have to sit there and keep an eye on the washing machine. You can walk away after loading your items into the machine and starting the cycle. While the process is running, you can work on other things! The time it takes to clean garments is reduced by using a washing machine.

Walton washing machines come in a variety of sizes, from small apartment-sized units that roll around the kitchen and connect to a sink to bigger models that are put in the basement or laundry room and connect to a water line directly. Larger products, like sheets and comforters, can be divided into various sizes. Depending on your garments, different washing machines have different cycles to complete. You can choose the function you want, and the device will take care of the rest!

Walton is more familiar with the needs of Bangladeshi customers because it is a local brand. They’ve made an effort to stay up with it by making technological breakthroughs. They use high-quality, long-lasting materials in their products. To fulfill your needs, they’ve designed a variety of high-tech and high-functioning washing machines. To learn more, stop by your local Walton showrooms!

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