What’s the importance of a Water Heater (Geyser) in our country?

Without warm water, winters may be incredibly difficult to survive. Have you ever wondered how humans managed to survive before water heaters were created? Water heaters were not a notion in older civilizations. Simply cooked on a stove or in large pots, the water was then transferred into buckets for use. Additionally, they had a network of shared hot baths that served as warm water showers.

Fortunately, we live in a time when we have a variety of options to suit our needs. Warm water is just a tap away, so we don’t have to wait any longer.

You would rather not have to wait much longer for warm water when you’re pressed for time. So instead of boiling water in your stove, you can easily get hot water with the help of a geyser.

What is a water geyser?

One of the most typical items found in most homes is a geyser. Geysers are used to store water for a long time as well as swiftly heat water in a short amount of time. Compared to other water heating devices like heating rods and water heating coils, geysers use less energy. Additionally, there are many various types of geysers accessible, providing you with the choice of which best suits your lifestyle.

How to use a geyser?

To heat water, water geysers need a lot of energy. Geyser uses a lot of energy and frequently causes your power bill to skyrocket. The following are a few quick pointers for using a geyser water heater:

  • The water geyser is frequently left on all the time. This causes significant energy waste. And for this reason, the cost of electricity soars. Once the water reaches the proper temperature, make sure to turn off your geyser. Only use the geyser when necessary. Don’t leave it on all the time.
  • Always choose the geyser’s size based on your needs. Depending on your family’s size and consumption needs, choose it.
  • Geysers with a five-star rating use less electricity. Your electricity bill can be significantly decreased with the use of energy-efficient geysers. To avoid expensive power bills, it is usually recommended to purchase geysers with a high star rating.
  • One of the best methods to save electricity is by using a timer. Your geyser’s on-time is decreased by the geyser timer. Unnecessary electricity use can be reduced in this way. Electricity waste can also be avoided.

Importance of owning geysers

To start, heating systems enable us to switch between using hot and cold water. Depending on the purpose, lukewarm water is often used for cleaning whereas hotter water is needed for showers or hand washing. A water heater that is effective switches between hot and cold water rapidly and doesn’t quickly run out of hot water.

The electric geyser is a necessary and popular household item. To ensure efficient performance and end-user safety, geyser installation must be done correctly.

Warm water is always available with a geyser, even in the middle of the night. This is the rationale behind why people often purchase water heaters online, especially if they have elderly or young children who frequently need warm water throughout the winter.

How to install a geyser in your home

  • Verify that there is enough room for the geyser unit. The space or area needs to correspond to the size of the electric geyser. Before installing a geyser in the kitchen or bathroom, always take its size into account. A geyser unit may be cleaned and serviced properly with enough space.
  • The geyser unit needs to be installed correctly above ground level. Installation of geysers is advised at 1.8 meters or higher above the ground. Geysers should be installed away from moist and damp places, such as bathtubs and shower areas, to ensure safety.
  • It is crucial to properly prepare the wall to install the geyser correctly and firmly. The installation of a geyser begins with the installation of a wall plate or frame, which is subsequently fastened to the wall. Solid walls need that the hole to be properly drilled and positioned to fix the wall plate. In the case of a hollow brick wall, more caution must be exercised. Excavate enough space for a hollow brick wall, then fill it with concrete cement. Drill holes for the wall plate’s mounting when the cement is completely dry and set, and then attach your geyser. To properly support the weight of the geyser unit (with water) in both situations, fasten the wall plate firmly with bolts.
  • Check for blockages in your water pipes before installing a geyser. For smooth water flow, make sure the pipes are clean and clog-free.
  • Always check to see if the electrical supply has the appropriate overload fuse or MCB protection before connecting the electrical components for the geyser.

Choose Walton Geysers for your home

Water heaters can aid in water conservation when they’re operating properly. You can eventually aid in water conservation for many homeowners who have tank-style water heaters. Additionally, a lot of tankless water heaters exist and are quite good at heating water. Choosing an appropriate geyser for your home can reduce your workload to a great extent.

Our daily lives and welfare depend on water heaters. Water heaters enable us to wash dishes easily or rehydrate in the shower after a chilly day outside, even though we sometimes take them for granted. They have an impact on our washing machines as well, and warm cycle washing helps keep our clothing’ integrity. Without one, we would have to manually heat the water, which would be a waste of time, energy, and labor. For this reason, water heaters are essential household appliances.

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