Extra heavy-duty, robust & world’s most silent compressor

Whether for air conditioning or refrigeration, the compressor is the engine and workhorse of the system. It is in charge of the refrigeration procedure itself (its cooling effect). It is a pump that converts a refrigerant from a gas to a liquid at high pressure, producing heat in the process—the same heat that was taken from the cooled space to produce the refrigeration—and cooling the space. The refrigerant in its liquid form produces the cooling effect when delivered into its cooling coil or evaporator on the suction side of the system before quickly evaporating back into its gaseous form.

You won’t find a better compressor elsewhere than the Walton inverter compressor, which is a heavy-duty, reliable, and silent compressor.

Why does a compressor make noise?

There won’t be any noise disturbance from a compressor installed in a separate compressor room. On the other hand, if it is close to your workspace, you run the danger of being bothered by the compressor’s noise.

If so, it could be necessary to think about how important you find the noise level to be.

The compressor’s friction is the second element. The amount of noise a compressor creates can be influenced by friction. The compressor will make greater noise if its components come into contact with one another while compressing.

Benefits of a silent compressor

Normal air is transformed into a denser, highly pressured output by compressors. They are employed in several applications and sectors. Air compressors are often noisy machines even though they exist in a variety of sizes and capacities with varying noise levels.

If it’s not adequately controlled, noise in the workplace can lead to a variety of issues. It may have a detrimental impact on your customers’ and employees’ health and safety, reduce employee productivity, and even harm your connection with your clients.

The setting in which people work has a big impact on how productive they are. Therefore, improving the working environment is the best method to increase productivity. That naturally means lowering noise.

You may increase corporate productivity by raising individual productivity. The number and caliber of goods and services a company offers as a result rises.

The relationship you have with your clients might be enhanced if noise is reduced at work. Reducing noise improves the atmosphere should you decide to let customers into the workspace in a world where more consumers want to see firsthand how their products are made.

Noise can compromise a workplace’s safety. This is because noise can make it difficult for employees to communicate, which slows down operations. Noise can be distracting and cause people to use potentially harmful equipment.

Any sound that is louder than 70 dB over time can harm your hearing. Your hearing is almost immediately harmed by noises that are louder than 120 dB. Quiet air compressors prevent irreversible hearing loss in both you and your coworkers and customers by operating at noise levels as low as 40 dB.

Compressors are employed in a wide range of sectors, including building, manufacturing, automotive, mining, and even DIY projects. For enterprises where excessive noise must be minimized, a silent air compressor is especially suitable. This applies to fields like dentistry or healthcare as well as building projects carried out in neighborhoods or protected zones.

Walton Compressor Features

  • Low noise: The expectations and demands of our customers are our main design priorities. Our talented design team is dedicated to making our compressor as quiet as possible while maintaining optimal efficiency. We provide a variety of contemporary, small compressors with exceptionally low noise profiles.
  • Wide operating voltage range: A skilled R&D engineering team is constantly developing new beginning technologies for compressors that can operate at both low and high operating voltages to reduce the impact of voltage fluctuation. As a result, we can provide a variety of products with a wide range of operating voltages that can satisfy your needs.
  • Optimized efficiency: In Walton, energy efficiency is the main consideration while developing any kind of product. To make compressors more effective, quieter, and environmentally friendly, skilled R&D engineers are always investigating compressor development. As a result of our unwavering commitment, we provide a complete product line that includes compressors with standard efficiency.

Why should you choose Walton Compressors?

By combining innovative technology and knowledge, Walton innovates to create a society that is more advanced, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Walton does not make any concessions regarding product quality issues. To guarantee high-quality products while rigorously adhering to international standards, we constructed in-house cutting-edge laboratory facilities from the leading testing equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Benefits and Features:

  • Maximum effectiveness
  • very little noise.
  • various cooling capacity options.
  • Factory-tested
  • materials resistant to corrosion.
  • Protection from Reverse Rotation.
  • The leak rate for a 100% compressor is guaranteed to be 7.6 x 10-8 mbar/l/sec using a helium-filled leak detection system.
  • High-precision lab equipment is used to inspect all machined parts. For instance, the accuracy of CMMs is 1.8 while that of roundness-roughness measurement devices is 0.25.
  • Tests with high pressure, high temperature, and 500000 ON/OFF cycles guarantee a long compressor life.
  • By adhering to International Standard IEC 60335-2-34, electrical safety is assured.

Buy durable and silent compressors from Walton

A silent compressor is an expensive piece of machinery that also requires expensive support services. The price difference is substantial when compared to the price of a standard compressor.

A quiet air compressor accomplishes all the same tasks as a standard air compressor but does it with far less noise. They’re wonderful for organizations and workplaces that require silence, but they also enhance the safety, health, and working conditions in all workplaces.

Silent compressors are among the best options available in terms of energy efficiency, electricity costs, and operational efficiency. If they are well-liked by the general people, only time will tell.

Walton is a company that produces inexpensive electronics of a good caliber. There are a lot of options to consider. You’ll never have to be concerned about the quality of their products because they are 100 percent authentic. Visit the Walton Plaza website or speak with a representative at your neighborhood store to learn more about cutting-edge and eco-friendly air conditioners. Get the best electronics from the most recognized company in Bangladesh!

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