What are the uses of Walton Wall Fan?

Fans are an integral part of any home or facility. In any condition, they provide quick and effortless cooling in the shortest time possible. Although everyone is well familiar with ceiling fans, updated technologies and features have resulted in a variety of fans, including wall-mounted fans.

When there is a lack of floor space, a wall-mounted fan is recommended. The functioning of wall-mounted fans differs from that of ceiling fans or other traditional fans. In this article, you shall know about the uses of Walton Wall Fan.

Features of Walton Wall Fan:

Well let’s look at some of the amazing features of Walton Wall fans:


The ability to change the speed of your wall-mounted fan is an important feature to consider. High-speed technology is available on Walton’s wall-mounted fans. This technology aids in the speedier and more efficient delivery of air.

You may customize your fan to perform according to the amount of distribution you require with numerous speed settings. It comes with a 3-speed regulator control system and a speed of about 1220 RPM.

High Quality:

Walton’s Wall Fan is built with high-quality materials which ensure its longevity. Because these wall fans are often lightweight, they are ideal for use in homes and workplaces.

Color Variation:

Walton’s wall fans come in a variety of colors and designs. So, you can choose your ideal wall fan easily.

Strong motor:

An efficient and strong motor is a very important factor for every fan. Walton’s Wall fans are made up of a top-quality motor that is built to last longer than any other traditional motor. Its type of motor is single phase.

Aside from that, it features a 50-Watt input power and a 50 Hz frequency. It also has a power factor of around 0.98.

Uses of Walton Wall Fan:

There are several uses of the Walton Wall Fan. Some of them are mentioned below in brief:

Save Space:

Wall fans do not take up any space on the floor. As a result, they’re great for places where people need to move around freely, such as gyms, garages, and workshops. Wall fans, unlike ceiling fans, take up a lot less room. If you don’t have enough floor space or ceiling space, wall fans are an excellent choice.

Air Circulation:

Wall-mounted fans push air through space, whilst ceiling fans force air down. You may direct the fan to oscillate or send cool breezes in one direction for achieving more comfort. Wall fans are great for circulating cool air and eliminating excess heat from rooms. A room with wall-mounted fans will make you feel fresh and cool.

Saves Power:

One key feature that has kept wall fans popular with the development of technology is its energy-saving capability. The wall fans are energy-efficient and can help you save up to 50 percent of the total of your electricity expenses.


When ordinary fans move, they make a lot of noise and don’t help to cool the room down. Walton’s Wall Fans are the way to go if you don’t want your fan to make any noise. The blades of these fans provide both silent and powerful air. So have a seat and chill while enjoying the fresh breeze and quiet silence.

Low Maintenance:

For keeping a wall fan in good working order, it is rather simple and less fussy than you think. You can just open the cage and wipe the blades instead of removing them. When compared to a ceiling fan, they collect less dirt so they are quite easy to maintain.

Commercial Applications:

In business situations, wall-mounted fans are ideal. A wall fan will maintain a temperature that is absolutely comfortable for your employees and clients if you run a restaurant or other business with an outdoor deck. Insects are also deterred by the use of wall-mounted fans.

Consider wall-mounted fans that circulate air while dispersing water if you have a large industrial space. Even on hot days, these will keep customers and employees cool.


Simple cooling systems might seem stifling and oppressive in tiny and enclosed spaces. Because of their modest size and high effectiveness, wall fans can generate an airy environment in these locations. Wall Fans help to move out the steam, heat, or smoke from the place you’re working or living at. It helps in making that place suitable for you, your family members, or employees.

Why should you buy a Walton Wall Fan?

Walton is a large professional manufacturer in the relevant industry with a solid reputation for producing Electrical & Electronics items in the most cost-effective, reliability, design-conscious, and inventive way possible. Walton produces the majority of Bangladesh’s energy-saving

appliances. All of their electrical products are built with high-quality materials, ensuring that they are rarely broken or malfunctioning and that they do not consume more energy than is required.

Walton’s Wall fans are unquestionably the best of the best. High-quality steel is used to construct our fans. In comparison to other traditional fans, ours has the best in-built motor, allowing it to last longer. Walton Wall Fans have a fantastic motor that is completely safe.

You won’t have to worry about any form of blasts or the engine overheating in a short time after installing our wall fans. The Walton Wall Fans are the safest fans manufactured in Bangladesh. Our fans have routinely received positive feedback from our customers.

Walton Wall Fans are equipped with cutting-edge energy-saving technology that can save you up to 60% on your power bill. As a consequence, you won’t have to be concerned about your electricity bills at the end of the month, and you’ll be able to use your fan with ease.

Our fans offer a lightning-quick cooling system that can cool your space up to 50 times faster than traditional fans. Walton has created a proprietary technology that assures that your Wall Fan operates in complete silence. As a result, you can concentrate on your discussion, sleep, work or study without being interrupted.

For more information, please contact us or visit your nearest Walton outlet today.

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