Walton Globe Light that spreads more light in a wide beam angle

LED globe light bulbs are designed to resemble the incandescent globe light bulbs that they replace. They feature a classic globe form, and as technology advances, they will begin to resemble regular light bulbs.

These are usually opaque (also referred to as “pearl” or “opal”) and constructed of glass or heat-resistant thermal plastic. Many feature a white plastic base to conceal the light bulb’s components, however, there are now transparent variants available. Look for these LED light bulbs’ unique yellow ‘filaments,’ which are supposed to resemble the filaments of traditional incandescent globes.

Walton globe light spreads more light at a wide beam angle, thus providing you with more light and warmth than other bulbs.

Walton Globe Light Features

Globes are big, round light bulbs that are commonly used in decorative fittings and in the hospitality industry, such as bars and restaurants. They are not to be confused with GLS or golfball light bulbs.

Their size makes them unsuitable for smaller lamps and fixtures, but they look great when paired with bigger ceiling lights.

Globe light bulbs can be twice as wide as a regular GLS light bulb, so cap options are limited. A B22d bayonet cap (often abbreviated to BC) or an E27 Edison screw (ES) base will be used on the majority of them.

Globe light bulbs are easily identifiable due to their distinctive form. The huge, spherical light bulb abruptly tapers to a rather thin base.

While they resemble GLS or golfball light bulbs in appearance, the size of the globe in comparison to its cap makes it easy to distinguish.

They are available in the following conventional sizes:

(The diameter of the light bulb at its widest point is the measurement):

  • G95 – 95mm
  • G80 – 80mm
  • G125 – 125mm

How to choose the globe light for yourself

When deciding which globe to buy and which application to use, there are numerous aspects to consider. First and foremost, always use LED lighting; you will save up to 90% on electricity and it will often last 50 times longer than halogen. LEDs also start instantly, have a larger spectrum of color temperatures, and are far more eco-friendly.

  • Lumens are a genuine measure of how brilliant a globe is. The majority of people still look at the wattage, which is OK for older incandescent and fluorescent products, but it won’t help you choose the proper brightness for LED. You must pay attention to the lumens. If the light is on a dimmer, go overboard with the lumens; this way, you won’t be disappointed. Less light is preferable for generating an atmosphere in outdoor LED lighting, and brighter is better for working situations in task lighting.
  • The color rendering index (CRI) is a measurement of how clear things lighted by a light source are; the higher the CRI, the more brilliant and true colors will appear. Most globes will have an LED CRI of 80>, which is fine, but if you want extremely high-quality LED light, you’ll need to look elsewhere. The most accurate colors are achieved by using a 5000K Plus daylight color.
  • The beam angle will be determined by the application. Choose a globe with a 180+ degree beam angle if you’re running globes to light a large area, such as an oyster light. This will avoid shadowing and dark areas in the corners of the room. If you’re lighting a piece of artwork with a track light, you’ll want a more concentrated beam of roughly 15 to 20 degrees. Always keep the application in mind and figure out how wide the light needs to be. You don’t want to flood the area with wasted light in some situations, but you might in others.
  • LEDs are totally electronic, and LED product producers can increase the wattage to achieve maximum brightness, but this can burn out the LED chips, which is why LED devices feature heat sinks. Some items will have significantly superior heat sinks, which will extend the LED’s life. Some manufacturers will be irresponsible by supplying absurdly high wattage and lumen outputs, leading them to overheat despite the use of a heat sink. These kinds of lights are not recommended. Instead, go with a competent manufacturer who will reduce the wattage to a level where the heat sink can function properly and the LED can last as long as possible.
  • If you’re looking for mood lighting, the carbon filament globes, which have a temperature of roughly 2,000 kelvins, are a great choice. This color is similar to candlelight in terms of the mood it creates.

LED globes can last anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 hours. The majority have a 50,000-hour rating, which is 25 times that of halogen globes and 10 times that of fluorescent globes. When utilized for around 8 hours per day, the lifespan should be around 20 years.

LED bulbs save 80% of energy, last 25 times longer, and operate at a 70% lower temperature than incandescent bulbs. LED globes are totally electronic, making them far more adaptable and allowing for easier color temperature changes.

Buy Globe Lights from Walton

Walton’s globe lights are high-tech and built to last for many years. They save electricity and are environmentally friendly. Walton is constantly working to improve their products and introduce new ones. Walton globe lights can help you save money on your power cost by lighting your house, office, or business space. These lights require little upkeep and are simple to clean. Install the lights and then forget about them for a long time.

Walton products are available for purchase on their website, as well as their stores and dealers. When you order a product from Walton online, you can expect it to arrive quickly. They accept credit or debit cards, mobile banking, and cash on delivery as forms of payment. Walton customer service representatives are always available to assist you with any questions. You can contact them if you have any problems with your product. Globe lights are the most effective way to eliminate darkness from your environment. Globe lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you want to buy globe lights, you can contact us through the Walton website or go to a Walton store near you.

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