No more tension for instant rice cooking, use Walton Rice Cooker

Most people who desire to lead healthy lives will concur that contemporary kitchen appliances are not a luxury but rather a necessity. Appliances for the kitchen are just as important as modern technologies. By having modern and useful appliances in your kitchen, you can effectively increase the efficiency of your duties and make your life more enjoyable and comfortable.

The most reliable company in Bangladesh for improving your lifestyle is Walton. With its extensive product range, it has improved and made life easier for people. Walton is a renowned producer of premium refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers. Currently, it is expanding its product line to include televisions and other electrical and home appliances like rice cookers.

Undoubtedly, one of the most crucial kitchen tools for beginners is a rice cooker. The rice cooker is your best option if you’re looking for a device to make everyday cooking easier. You can get the greatest rice cookers from Walton for the lowest costs.

Walton rice cookers in Bangladesh

Electronic rice cookers are also referred to as rice steamers. The set consists of a heat source, a cooking pot, and a thermostat. The temperature of the cooking basin is shown by the thermostat, which regulates the heat.

Once the rice is cooked, rice cookers are made to safely shut off. The rice cooker won’t heat up and begin to boil and steam until you add twice as much water at the beginning. Once the rice has absorbed all of the water in the rice cooker, the temperature reaches this threshold, which is detected by the controller, and the rice cooker switches off.

When the water is finished, the rice cooker will notice a rise in temperature, but it may not always realize the rice is finished. If there isn’t enough water, the rice cooker will shut off before the rice is cooked, leaving you with firm, uncooked rice.

Add twice as much water to the rice for delicious, fully cooked rice. The surplus won’t produce starch bubbles or boil over if you use rice with less starch, such basmati. Additionally, rinsing the rice can help with starch removal and stop it from boiling over.

You may now purchase your ideal rice cooker in Walton for a fair price. A variety of colors and patterns are offered for rice cookers. It has adjustable interior features, warmer setting choices, auto shutdown features, and more. It is also feasible to create non-stick, programmable, or digitally enhanced items. Additionally, induction cooking is used in some rice cookers.

How to cook in Walton Rice Cooker

Although automatic and easy to use, rice cookers should always be used with basic safety measures.

Step 1: Ensure rated voltage as 220V before using.

Step 2: Before cooking, determine the quantity of rice and water first. The cup provided with cooker has a volume of 0.16L or 160cc.

Step 3: Wash the rice in a separate bowl and then transfer it to the cooker.

Step 4: Fill the bowl upto specific height as required. For example with 1 cup rice pour 1.5 cups of water or according to your preference.

Step 5: Place the bowl in the heater plate properly and gently rotate it left and right to set properly. Before setting the bowl make sure there are no food residue stuck to the heater plate, and if there is, clean it first.

Step 6: Notice if the detachable lid is placed properly.

Step 7: Plug one side of the cable to the socket and another side to the rice cooker. When you turn on the switch the “Warm” sign will light up. Press the “cook” button. The cooking will start automatically. When the cooking is done it will automatically turn off cooking and switch to the Warm option to keep your food warm.

Benefits of Walton Rice Cooker

The market offers a wide variety of rice cooker brands. Walton is unrivaled, nevertheless, when you examine the product quality and pricing range. Walton rice cookers come with a number of extra features that conventional ones might not.

  • Simple to use electronic controls with an automated keep-warm feature.
  • When connected to a safety thermostat, greater protection.
  • excellent thick Aluminum cooking pots with a non-stick coating
  • The components are kept moist by the transparent glass top.
  • An aluminum food steamer has a smoother and thicker exterior body.
  • The feeling of warmth and antibacterial qualities.
  • Precision and uniformity in rice preparation are key. If you cook rice on the stove, the bottom is likely to be overcooked. The heat from the rice cooker is distributed uniformly, ensuring that the rice is cooked through.
  • Multi-cooking: You may cook rice, oatmeal, and other morning cereals in a rice cooker. Vegetables can also be steamed with it.
  • Flexible Settings—Thanks to the many setting options, you may now cook a wide range of grains.
  • Rice that is soft and sticky after cooking is the main problem. This issue can be resolved by using a rice cooker. When the grains are cooked, they become isolated from one another.

You may get all of these advantages from Walton at the price you want. You won’t be disappointed by the products’ effectiveness or high quality!

Why Choose Walton Rice Cooker?

If you’re unsure of the benefits of purchasing a Walton rice cooker, you can always visit their website or a nearby Walton store to find out for yourself. If you’re looking for the greatest rice cooker in Bangladesh, you can put all your trust in Walton. They guarantee that the goods are of the greatest quality while also providing rice cookers at the lowest costs in Bangladesh. You might purchase the best rice cooker for as little as 1600 Bangladeshi Taka.

For those looking to purchase gadgets, Walton is the best choice thanks to its unmatched service and affordable prices. Walton is the most well-known electronic brand in Bangladesh because of its unwavering brilliance.

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