All the accessories needed to connect the new stove are now available with the purchase of Walton Gas Stove

To increase a woman’s effectiveness in carrying out her domestic duties and, as a result, to maintain a better and more enjoyable life for her and her family, kitchen equipment is crucial.

A gas stove is among the most essential pieces of kitchen equipment. There won’t be a gas burner in your kitchen that works properly. The market is filled with a wide variety of gas burner brands. On the other hand, Walton is renowned for making high-quality, user-friendly gas stoves that will unquestionably shorten your cooking time.

To make your kitchen even more efficient, all the accessories needed to connect the new stove are now available with the purchase of a Walton Gas stove. No matter whichever type of Walton Gas stove you choose, you can make your purchase with the combination of the accessories altogether to make things even more convenient for you.

Walton Gas stove accessories

  1. Regulator

Every gas appliance has a pressure valve called a gas regulator. The pressure of the gas flowing from the mains is extremely high. As it enters the gas appliances in a residence, the gas regulator lowers this flow to lower pressure. It continually keeps the gas flow at the ideal amount for safe operation, cutting the flow when required. If the regulator is broken, either too much or too little gas could enter the appliance, which could lead to hazardous situations.

By detecting the gas pressure downstream of the regulator and adjusting the spring valve as necessary to deliver a constant flow of gas, a natural gas regulator lowers the gas pressure to a normal level.

Walton regulators are the safest gas stove accessories that can ensure the pressure adjustment of your gas stove as is required. You can get this accessory available with the purchase of a Walton stove.

  1. Hose clamp

Hose clamps work as a seal to stop fluid from leaking at the connection by holding a hose in place over a fitting, like a spigot or a barb. They also keep the hose connection stable.

One of several types of hose clamps for connecting your gas lines to the CO2 tank may be included with your gas stove when you purchase it. Generally speaking, any correctly sized and tightened hose clamp will work as long as it makes an airtight seal.

Walton hose clamps ensure tight sealing so that no leakage happens while gas flow occurs. With Walton hose clamp you can have a maximum connection and seal with the hose pipe and work on your gas stove tension-free. The hose clamp can be bought in a combo as a Walton gas stove accessory with your stove now.

  1. Hose pipe

Low-pressure hoses (acetylene, oxygen, butane/propane mix, natural gas, neutral gas) and high-pressure hoses (over 140 bar) are the two main categories for technical gas hoses (e.g. for gas cylinder filling and emptying).

Applications for gas hoses include welding, fueling gas (such LPG), filling, emptying, and loading/unloading gas cylinders, as well as the transportation of food and medicinal gases.

The following gas characteristics must be taken into account when choosing a gas hose: flammability, explosiveness, pressure, temperature, through-hose gas penetration, electrostatic properties, gas contamination, flow rate, and safety requirements (compliance with regulations and standards, adequate safety factor).

Walton makes sure all these safety factors are considered while manufacturing their hose pipe. Walton hose pipes are manufactured with no compromise in quality and according to the demand and requirements of the customers. With the purchase of Walton Gas stove, you can also buy hose pipes as an accessory, as the whole thing will come as a combo and you won’t have to buy them separately. With the requirements of your gas stove the accessories will be provided accordingly.

So get your gas stove with the necessary accessories available all at once from your nearest Walton outlet.

Walton Gas Stove Features

The greatest gas burner for kitchens in Bangladesh is produced by Walton, the leading electronic company in Bangladesh. Walton gas stoves are top-notch appliances with features that make them safe, dependable, and simple to operate. Walton keeps its gas stove prices low in Bangladesh so that individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds can purchase them.

In Bangladesh, the Walton Gas Stove has the following characteristics:

  • Top panel made of exquisite and unique tempered glass.
  • Each igniter can be dynamically used 35000 to 55000 times, depending on the brand.
  • The design of the furnaces allows for quicker cooking.
  • The body structure is constructed from sturdy stainless steel that is 0.4 mm thick.
  • The burner’s support bar is made of durable stainless steel.
  • A locking feature on the pan holder guards against cooking mishaps.
  • A blue flame can be produced by adjusting the burner and igniter.
  • Stainless steel was used to build the body frame to provide long-lasting abrasion resistance.
  • Lower expenses and pollution result from less gas use.
  • Consistent heat is provided by a cast iron burner cap.
  • A sturdy, zigzag-patterned nickel electroplated plate support.
  • The whirling burner design makes flame heat more effective and durable.
  • The rate of igniting is 100%.
  • An electronic device manages photoelectric illumination.
  • Fuel usage is decreased.

No other electrical brand provides gas stoves that are equally affordable and highly efficient. If you want a well-designed, fashionable, and durable gas stove, Walton should be your top option.

Why Choose Walton?

One of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment is a gas stove. Without a doubt, your kitchen will lack a reliable gas stove. Gas burners come in a wide variety of brands on the market. On the other hand, Walton is renowned for producing high-quality, straightforward gas stoves that will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen. Now that all the accessories needed for a gas stove to function is available with Walton gas stoves, you can make your purchase even more easily.

When it comes to the best gas stove in Bangladesh, Walton comes out on top. Due to their exceptional customer service and affordable prices, Walton is the best option when it comes to purchasing gadgets. Thanks to its unrivaled service and quality, Walton is the most popular electronic brand in Bangladesh. You may locate the best gas stove for your kitchen at the lowest price here since Walton gas stoves are less expensive than the majority of other brands. To acquire your preferred gas stove, get in touch with your neighborhood Walton store or visit the official website! Walton only sells authentic goods that are covered by warranties, so you won’t ever need to worry about the caliber.

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