Use Walton DB box of correct size and thickness

The distribution box is the load center and electrical power distributor.

A distribution box, also known as a distribution board, panel board, breaker panel, or electric panel, ensures that electrical power is distributed throughout the facility. It is a building’s or property’s core electrical supply system. It separates electrical power into subsidiary circuits and provides a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit as part of an electrical system.

All of the contact breakers, earth leakage units, doorbells, and timers are housed in a distribution box. The main feeding cable transports electrical power from the network to the building. The electricity is distributed through the breakers in the secondary circuits once the wire is connected to the distribution board. This is why choosing a distribution box of the correct size and thickness is important.

Distribution box characteristics

  • Safety: The fuse is an important component of any distribution board. A fuse is a critical component of a distribution board because it prevents overcurrent from flowing through your circuitry. The fuse automatically shuts down the main supply in the event of an overcurrent, protecting your appliances and your house or business from any electrical hazard.
  • Aesthetics: Apart from safety, the design and aesthetics of distribution boards are receiving a lot of attention these days. Gone are the days when distribution boards destroyed your house or office’s overall décor and attractiveness. If you’re seeking a decent quality DB without sacrificing your home’s style quotient, the large choice of DBs available nowadays gives you an advantage as a buyer.
  • User-friendly: If your distribution box isn’t user-friendly, it’s probably not the best option. With the simple installation process, it should have enough room for wiring. During installation, the frame should exclude any potential mistakes. Your electrical distribution system’s longevity and safety are ensured by properly fitted and user-friendly distribution boards. It will also be advantageous if the database you are utilizing is simple to maintain.

How to determine the size of DB box

  • The distribution box’s size has been set aside.
  • If the incoming line is less than 10 square and the number of switch digits is less than 20, the width of the switch is added and the width of the electric box is 20mm on each side, the height is the switch height + 40MM, and the depth is the maximum depth of the switch plus 10MM.
  • If the incoming line is less than 10 square and the number of switches is larger than 20, the electric box must be organized in two rows of switches at this time, with the width of the switch added to each side. The width of the electrical box is 40MM, the height is 40MM plus the switch height, and the depth is 10MM plus the maximum switch depth.
  • If the incoming line is less than 10 square meters and the electric box is merely a lighting electric box or a small power electric box, the width of the switch is added and 20mm on each side is the width of the electric box, and the height is the switch. The depth is the maximum depth of the switch plus 10 mm, and the height is the line switch height + 40 MM.
  • The method is fundamentally the same whether the electric box is a power electric box or a power lighting electric box, but when the incoming line is longer than 10 square, the bending radius of the incoming line should be considered and enough space should be saved for the first-level terminal. When putting switches in two rows, the wiring of the switches should be taken into account.

Of course, the electrical box’s dimensions have yet to be determined. Consider the real installation, look at the actual wiring schematic, and think about how to wire the first-level switch.

How to choose a distribution box

The main electrical supply system for every commercial or residential entity is the distribution board. The primary wire enters the distribution board and is then routed to secondary circuits such as lights and plugs through breakers. Maintaining correct power distribution is critical for optimal device performance and is essential for home and appliance safety. BS bars, DIN rail, and a neutral link are all installed on distribution boards.

Distribution boards are more than just an enclosure; they’re a complete system with neutral linkages, an earth leakage unit, and interconnecting wires all designed to ensure correct electrical distribution in your home. These days, conventional distribution is designed according to technological needs and home décor.

Safety tips for a distribution box

  1. Blanking plates must be used to cover the vacant openings on distribution boards.
  2. A distribution board should not be positioned in an area where it is likely to come into contact with water.
  3. Distribution boards should not be placed near permanently installed culinary equipment.
  4. Corrosion protection is required for distribution boards.
  5. When a distribution board is installed, it should match the environment in which it will work.
  6. Installing the distribution board 2200mm above the floor is not recommended.
  7. Only a qualified specialist should install the distribution board.
  8. Wires in the distribution board must not protrude beyond the board.
  9. The distribution boards you use must be appropriate for your needs and must not have more connections than the board’s restricted configuration allows.

If feasible, a safety notice should be placed near a distribution board.

A distribution board is the primary source of power supply at your home, and it should be turned off promptly if there are any electrical fluctuations or hazards. Electrical specialists must examine them regularly to guarantee reliable electricity and safety.

Choose the correct sized DB box from Walton

Walton distribution boards include all of the above-mentioned safety and design qualities, making them a favorite among electrical experts. Walton distribution boards are designed to function with standard electrical setups and contemporary designs at all times. Thus you can choose the perfect-sized DB box from our collection.

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