Importance of Beverage Cooler

Beverage coolers are often seen at departmental stores or food courts and restaurants. These modern inventions have changed the experience of having carbonated beverages.

Walton beverage coolers come with a lot of additional facilities that add a new dimension to the products. Beverage coolers are not necessary for households but they have made our lives more refreshing and comfortable!

What is a Beverage Cooler?

Refrigerators used to store and cool beverages are known as beverage coolers or beverage refrigerators. This device can handle a wide range of beverage cans and bottles.

This will aid in the chilling of the beverages by distributing the cold evenly and effectively.

A beverage cooler’s temperature can be controlled by the controller. It is not as cold as a refrigerator since beverages do not require frigid temperatures.

Cheese, butter, and other foods, for example, can be kept in a beverage cooler because they require a low temperature as well.

Importance of Beverage Coolers in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, beverage coolers are found quite frequently. It is one of the most common kitchen appliances at restaurants and hotels. The products offer –

  • Cooling Speed: Thanks to the latest technology and high-performance commercial back pressure compressor the beverage will chill down quickly. As a result, the cooling effect occurs rapidly and effectively.
  • Nighttime Light: The chamber of the beverage coolers is bright, thanks to the lights fitted for nocturnal convenience. This makes the appliance user-friendly.
  • Energy Conservation: Conserving energy with such large equipment might be difficult. But not for Walton’s coolers. They are equipped with inverter technology, which reduces your monthly energy bill.
  • Automated Door: This is a very useful function that allows the door to automatically close after it has been opened if the user forgets to do so. Any refrigerator’s coldness must be maintained by keeping the door shut.
  • Restrained and Low-E Glass: This will help to keep the cold in and maintain the cooler’s optimal performance.
  • Additional storage in the bottom section: This extra compartment will allow you to store larger bottles, as well as other beverages and products that can be kept at that temperature. This aids in the storage of a large quantity.
  • UV Protective Layer: UV rays are dangerous. There’s no need to be concerned about harmful rays or radiation causing any damage thanks to the UV Protective coating.
  • Rat Deterrent: Rodents are vexing pests that may wreak havoc on your appliances. This cooler, fortunately, is free of such critters.
  • NANO Healthcare Technology: Using this technology, you can keep your refrigerator germ-free by preventing bacteria from contaminating it.
  • Mobility: Because of its compactness and simplicity, this cooler may be transported from one location to another. There will be no difficulties with shifting this.
  • Longer-Lasting Cooling System: This cooling appliance’s most essential characteristic allows it to outperform the competition. To provide the highest degree of performance, a longer-lasting cooling system is implemented. Everyone desires a cooler that provides a mind-blowing experience.
  • Clear Back with Built-in Condenser: Ensures that the appliance performs well and lasts a long time.
  • Detachable Translucent Racks: This makes it more user-friendly and allows the user to customize the area according to their needs.
  • Optimal Noise Level: The biggest attractive characteristic of this beverage cooling appliance, provides the user with a quiet night. There’s no need to be concerned about excessive noise.

Considering the unique features of beverage coolers, buying one is worth it. The importance of a beverage cooler is quite obvious.

Difference Between Refrigerator and Beverage Cooler

One may think that beverage coolers are the same as refrigerators but there are subtle differences that distinguish them.

You can find many differences from the comparison of direct cool refrigerators, non-frost refrigerators, freezers, and beverage coolers.

A beverage cooler can refrigerate drinks to as low as 4 degrees Celsius, depending on the model. While this is a wonderful, refreshing temperature for enjoying a favorite beverage, ice cream will not stay frozen at this temperature.

On the other hand, many tiny refrigerators may be set to temperatures as low as 4 degrees.

If a mini refrigerator is used solely for the storage and cooling of beverages, there may be some wasted space — empty spaces that are only filled with air.

It may not be able to contain as many drinks as a beverage cooler, depending on the size of the fridge and the configuration of the shelves and door.

Purpose of Beverage Cooler

In a humid country like Bangladesh, people often look for refreshing, chilled beverages during summer. Beverage coolers assure chilled cold drinks and bring comfort into our lives. This invention has made summer bearable and our lives joyous!

Why You Should Buy Walton Beverage Cooler?

Walton beverage coolers have special characteristics that make them stand out from the rest –

  • Nano-silver Technology: The NANO technology is designed to protect your food from the damaging impacts of microorganisms that cause illness. The disease-causing bacteria’s cell membranes and nucleus are present. These bacteria’s cell membranes have a negative ion characteristic. By its very nature, NANO SILVER has a positive ion property.

When a bacteria’s cell membrane comes into contact with NANO SILVER, the cell membrane is broken down by the silver particle.

The bacteria will die as a result of this. This is how the food inside the fridge is kept secure and fresh for a long period. There is no chance of bacterial infection at all.

Walton beverage coolers are unparalleled in quality and quite budget-friendly. Contact your nearest Walton showroom or visit their webpage to find out more about the products. Buy the best products from the best electronic brand in Bangladesh!

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