How to Clean a Television Screen

According to the studies in 2019, at least 79% of homes in the whole world have a television in their house. And if you are here reading this article, you must also have one in-home. But it must be pretty hard to enjoy your favorite T.V. show or your favorite sports if the screen gets all dusty or there are smudges all over it from God knows where. That’s why you have to know how to clean a television screen.

Before jumping on the steps let’s first know about what is a television. Television is a system for converting visual images into electrical signals, transmitting them by radio or other means, and displaying them electronically on a screen. Pretty big huh? So, in short, it’s a device with a screen for receiving television signals.

As it is pretty sure we use television for our entertainment but guess what it will get totally ruined if you don’t have a clean screen as it would affect your view. So, let’s see how to clean a television screen.

How to start

Well before you get all armed up with your home cleaning equipment tr to read the manual that came with the television. It’s always handy to get some advice from the manufacture. Cause there can be some warranty or precautions involved. But well, as we know, most of the time right after getting home the manual hits the bin. So, this is the tip for the future, “Never throw the manual away”. So, if you’ve thrown that out already try to stick to these steps shown here.

Now you have to be cautious about the type of your television screen. Different televisions come with different types of screens. And different types may require different types of cleaning.

Cleaning equipment

A microfiber cloth comes in handy to clean any type of television. Try to use a soft cloth and do not use a rough one. You might think the cleaner in your home will help you to get rid of the smudges. No, it won’t, don’t try to use one.

Now let’s see how to clean which type of television screen.

Plasma, LED, LCD, and OLED TVs

As these types of screens are delicate, they might not handle the traditional cleaning.

So, for cleaning these types of screens use a microfiber cloth or electrostatic duster and pre-moistened wipe.

Now start dusting the screen with the mentioned cloth or duster. Use the same cloth or duster to clean the buttons and the back of your T.V. About the stubborn smudges on your television screen use a pre-moistened wipe designed for electronics.

And turn the television off and unplug it before starting cleaning.

Tube televisions

Cleaning this kind of screen is pretty much easy. Just clean it as you clean the mirror of your room.

Grab a soft microfiber cloth and damp it with little water. You can also use the cleaning spray, to dampen the cloth. DON’T THINK of spraying directly on the screen, as it could damage the T.V. set. Wipe the screen clean with the dampened cloth and with your fingernail nudge off the stuck-on bits and buff the screen dry.

Don’t forget to turn the device off and unplug it before or else you might get an electric shock or damage the actual device.

Cleaning without streaks

As we clean the screen, we all would want it streak-free. So, if you want that you wouldn’t want to use a dirty cloth while cleaning it. Keep turning the cloth while using it, as it might pick up on the dust.

First, wipe the screen in one direction and then wipe it for the second time from the opposite direction. That would thoroughly cover the entire screen.

Tips too keep your T.V. screen clean

  • Clean your T.V. screen weekly. You can keep a microfiber cloth nearby to wipe off any fingerprint or dust as soon as you see it.
  • Don’t spray any kind of cleaner directly on a television screen.
  • If you have a vacuum use its dusting brush and low suction to remove dust from vent, ports and cable connection.
  • Follow the instructions listed in the manual.
  • Keep alcohol, ammonia or any kind of products containing these away from your television.

So, this is how you can clean your television and keep it clean.


  • Always use soft microfiber cloths. Never use one with rough texture. Not even a paper towel. As rough textured cloths can scratch the screen.
  • Never spray a cleaner directly on the screen. It will damage your device. Try to dampen your cloth with a cleaner and then wipe the screen off.
  • Don’t throw the manual away. You would need it to follow the steps and would be able to know about any warnings if you just have harsh chemical cleaners at home.
  • Turn the device off and unplug it before starting cleaning it.
  • Don’t damage the television in the process. Be very careful in the process.
  • Don’t use direct water on the screen.
  • And don’t go traditional way on the LED, LCD, OLED and plasma.

Nowadays television has become one of the necessary home appliances. It was actually made to have entertainment right in your home. Though it became available in the late 1920s, it was only used for experimental purposes only. Then in 1928, the first transatlantic television signal was broadcasted by Barid Television Development company, also known as Cinema-Television. Since then television has seen so many revolutions and developments every year. More and more companies started manufacturing televisions. Walton started its journey by manufacturing electrical devices and now is one of the most preferred companies in Bangladesh. So, if you are living in Bangladesh you might want to know about the price of Walton smart TV. Also, you can search up and see which TV is best at a low price in Bangladesh.

At first, we just had Black and white television, meaning whatever was broadcast there was in black and white color. Then after years, the colorful televisions came along, and now, we have LED, LCD, OLED, and varieties of televisions.

So, if you want to enjoy your favorite show on a big screen while sitting on your couch get television and keep the screen clean. You can also try cleaning your remote controls. And if you have TV speakers try cleaning them too regularly.

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