How to Clean a Refrigerator

In this era of science refrigerator is one of the most common home appliances. So, refrigerator is basically commercial appliance consisted with a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump that transfers heat from its inside to its external environment so that its inside is cooled to a temperature below room temperature. In short, it’s a machine, which cools your food down by transferring its heat to the external environment.

Fun fact, when it was first created refrigerators were called “Domelre”, which was the short form for Domestic Electronic Refrigerator. It was first invented at 1913 by American Fred W. Wolf. From them the revolution of refrigerators is spectacular.  Now there are so many companies manufacturing and developing them every day.

As it’s one of the most needed electronic tools, that you must have in your house there a lot of companies merchandising them. Companies like Sharp, Walton, Whirlpool, LG, GE etc. are the major companies manufacturing refrigerators. And if you are living in Bangladesh and looking for a refrigerator you can try to know about the prices and about the lowest price fridge in Bangladesh and which refrigerator band is the best.

Why do you need a refrigerator?

Around 75% of home around the world have refrigerator today. And all of them love their refrigerator After all, who wouldn’t like a cool can of soda or cool glass of water after a hot summer day. But it’s not just about cooling your soda or water, a refrigerator is way more beneficial.

Refrigerator allows your food to stay fresh for days and sometimes months. You can also enjoy last night’s leftover the next day if you have a refrigerator in your home.  You can stock butter, cheese, milk, meats and vegetables and fruits in it and it would still be consumable, even hours after purchasing. 

You can also customize your fridge in your own way. Like if you want to save tons of sauces and mayo you might need a smart door shelving. If you have kids and need to stock up frozen snacks don’t go after the drawer style freezer. So, you can say, a refrigerator can pretty much affect your day-to-day life.

But as much as important having a refrigerator is, having a clean one is important too. So, we must know how to keep our refrigerator clean and how to clean one. And here you can find ways about how to clean a refrigerator.

Things you would need

Before starting cleaning your fridge gather some natural washing ingredients and house hold items like dish soap, baking soda, water and dry clothes. You can grab vinegar too, as the acid breaks down the grease and grime. So, now, you’re all geared up you can start your cleaning process.

Preparing the refrigerator

Obviously before starting cleaning, you have to empty the refrigerator first. You might want to put your foods and contains in a cooler or use your counter or table to set up the contains there. Also, make sure your kitchen sink is empty, cause most probably you’ll have to use it while washing the shelves.

Washing the Shelves

As most people may not have a backup refrigerator, even if you have a big enough counter where you can empty your full fridge, the suggestion would be to work on one shelf at a time as you might not want your food out for long time.

Now, you can simply use a sponge under hot water and run it on the shelf. Give the shelves and walls an initial scrub to loosen any junk. Then, spray cleaner all over it and give another scrub and dry everything with a cloth.

But if you see any spills, remove the glass from the frame or brackets and clean both sides and the edges with vinegar solution or dish soap and hot water, whatever pleases you. Remember to be very cautious while doing this as you don’t want to break the glass. Now just dry it off with a cloth.

Doors and drawers

For deep cleaning remove the drawers and wash them in the kitchen sink, as they most often accumulate debris, wash them with soap and water. After removing the drawers take care of the walls and floor. While the draws are drying wipe down the walls and floor with any cleaner you find handy. Use the same methods on the door and the shelves it holds.

Putting back

Okay, you have washed all shelves and drawers now time to put them back in the refrigerator. But before putting them back in make sure they are clean. Before putting the containers back it’s a good idea to give its bottom a quick wipe with a damp cloth. Rinse the bottles and jars under warm water and wipe them clean and dry. And also, get rid of the expired products.

The outside

Now that everything is back in its place wash down the outside of your refrigerator. Use a clean cloth and vinegar spray or any other cleaning spray to wipe down the outside of the doors. Don’t forget to clean the edges, seals and handles.


While washing your fridge don’t keep the door open for too long. And don’t forget to turn it off before starting.

Now your refrigerator is fresh and sparkling new make sure to keep it fresh always, at least for a while. Another tip: stick a refrigerator freshener or keep a slice of lemon in the drawers to keep the smell fresh. And this is how you can keep your refrigerator fresh and clean.

Refrigerator plays an important role in our day-to-day life. It changed the diet of the world just after it was invented. As it keeps our foods cool and saves different contains, we need to keep it clean.

At least for the sake of our foods we need to wash it regularly. Because if you don’t keep it clean it might lose its ability to transfer it’s inside heat and that would directly affect our food, so, always keep your refrigerator clean.

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