How do I choose an Electric Fan?

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Electric fans are a necessity in our warm country. They are popular for their effectiveness and inexpensive rate. An electric fan can be found almost in every household in Bangladesh. There are several types of electric fans available that can help us cool down on a warm summer day. In most households, at least one fan can be found in every room.

Importance of an Electric Fan

Electric fans are an important home appliance in countries where summers are long. These fans can circulate the air in a room and dry our sweat faster to cool down our bodies. They are generally used for cooling and drying.

On summer days, people can get overwhelmed by the heat. Some people get heat strokes in the summer which can prove to be lethal. People get tired soon and lose more body water due to heavy sweating. Electric fans can help soothe us from the sweltering heat.

Electric fans can work alongside air conditioners and cool the room faster. This way the air conditioner has to be run for less time and this can save on electricity. Electric fans can work as a backup when the air conditioning isn’t available.

How do I choose an electric fan?

Have you ever questioned how do I choose an electric fan? It depends on your necessity, preference, and budget. For example, electric wall fans cost significantly less than electric ceiling fans, but they can cover a small area only. Below the types of fans are discussed briefly to help you select an electric fan.

Ceiling Fan: Electric ceiling fans, as the name suggests, are placed on ceilings. They are powerful machines that can circulate air throughout the room. They can help dry off sweat faster to cool down our bodies.

Rechargeable Fan: Rechargeable electric fans come with batteries that need to be charged for the fan to work. They can provide backup when there is no electricity. In the summer heat, a rechargeable fan can be a lifesaver.

Rechargeable Wall Fan: A rechargeable electric wall fan can be mounted on the wall. They provide similar functionality as common rechargeable fans. They can work for a few hours after being charged fully for once. A rechargeable wall fan provides good backup when there is no electricity.

Pedestal Fan: Pedestal electric fans are lightweight, so they can be moved around easily. One can keep a pedestal fan to circulate the air into places where the ceiling fan can’t reach. Pedestal fans are often used in functions to easily circulate air without taking the trouble of installing permanent fans.

Tornado Fan: Tornado electric fan blades work super fast to help you instantly cool off. These powerful small devices can be moved around to provide better service. They can work alongside a ceiling fan to provide better air circulation.

Wall Fan: Electric wall fans are small devices that are installed on the wall to provide good air circulation. These fans can rotate to let the air flow in different directions. One can use them in a large room alongside ceiling fans to provide the room with better air circulation.

Table Fan: Electric table fans are small, portable, and can be placed on a table to provide better air circulation while you work. They are inexpensive devices that are powerful enough to help dry your sweat to cool you faster.

Exhaust Fan: Electric exhaust fans are generally seen in bathrooms and kitchens. They can help remove moisture and odor from these places. Exhaust fans provide good air ventilation in places where a typical fan can’t be placed.

Net Fan: An electric net fan’s blades are placed inside a safety net cage. They can be mounted on walls or placed on a table. These small devices are highly efficient in cooling you off. A net fan can be bought at a cheap rate.

All types of electric fans are great at circulating air and can prove to be a lifesaver during a hot summer. Electric fans come in different sizes, colors, and features to serve everyone’s needs. One can easily buy an electric fan that serves their need and comes in their budget.

Why should I buy an Electric Fan from Walton?

You should buy an electric fan from Walton to get the best product with your hard-earned money. Walton knows your need for a good quality fan to keep your family comfortable during long summer days. They have launched several fans that vary in design, functionality, and price. Walton makes sure that even their cheapest products are good in quality.

Walton offers a range of inexpensive electric fan models that anyone can buy to have some comfort in warm weather. Walton has launched fans that are made with cutting-edge technology. This varying range of prices in their products has made Walton a household name in Bangladesh. Walton is a company that is trusted by both the rich and the poor.

Walton does their electrical fan motor laminations with cutting-edge technology. This is to make sure that the appliance works efficiently and lasts a long time. Their inline varnishing process and use of super enameled 99.9% copper make them unrivaled in quality. The fan blades are aerodynamically designed to circulate more air.

The Walton electrical fans have the best quality coating powder finishing. There are zero flammable materials used in making the fan to ensure your safety. Walton electrical fans need more energy to run and can save on electricity. Precision sealed bearings are used in them to make them more long-lasting. In short, Walton fans offer the best in design and functionality and come in a reasonable price range to be the best electric fans in Bangladesh.

Electric fans are a must-have appliance in warm countries. They help keep our bodies cool during summer. Rechargeable electric fans are great to use as a backup during power cuts. If you are looking for a good quality electric fan, you can contact us on the Walton website or visit a nearby Walton outlet.

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