Why need super cool mode

Why need super cool mode

Supercool Mode: When the SuperCool fast cooling feature is turned on, the refrigerator speeds up the cooling process by decreasing the temperature to 3°C, which is approximately half the normal temperature. The combination of low temperature and high capacity is great for quickly cooling food after extensive shopping trips. The feature is automatically turned off after six hours, and the refrigerator compartment temperature returns to its original level.

Non-Frost Refrigerator: The humidity level in the freezer compartment is reduced by the vigorous circulation of cool air, which avoids frost on the food and ice on the freezer walls. It provides optimal food storage conditions in the refrigerator compartment. This results in optimal cooling and freezing management, with each process in the two portions of the appliance being regulated accordingly.

  • No more defrosting the freezer
  • Frozen food won’t stick together any longer.
  • Good frozen food
  • More content visibility
  • More room
  • There is no odor transfer between the freezer and the refrigerator compartment.
  • Fresh food will last longer because it will not dry out.

Refrigerators are electrical equipment that cool both raw and cooked goods. To keep food and drinks cold, they employ an extremely low temperature. They employ a compressor to vaporize cold air into the refrigerator, which causes hot air to escape.

Typically, there are multiple compartments, each with its own function. Green and hard vegetables are kept in separate containers. Dairy products, basic leftovers, and seasoned meals are all separated into their own groups.

A freezer is a separate compartment in a refrigerator. It’s used to keep raw goods like fish and meat at a temperature lower than those of a refrigerator. Due to the extremely low conditions, ice may have formed in some of the freezers. But don’t worry; both technology and people are advancing. In recent years, a new form of refrigerator known as a “non-frost refrigerator” was designed, and it has shown to be effective.

About Walton Refrigerator

Walton is the most recognized livelihood enhancement firm in Bangladesh. People’s lives have been augmented and simplified as a result of a wide range of items. Walton is a world leader in excellent refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers, and its product line is constantly growing to include televisions and other household and electrical equipment.

Their devices are equipped with the latest technology that guarantees a long-lasting, high-quality, user-friendly experience. Walton Refrigerator is arguably the most well-known refrigerator and freezer brand on the market. Walton refrigerator offers a wide variety and categories of refrigerators in Bangladesh. For this reason, Walton is Bangladesh’s most trusted refrigerator brand.

Why you need super cool mode in your refrigerator

You don’t need to use a voltage stabiliser if you are gonna use Walton refrigerator.

Many families have benefited financially from Walton’s inverter technology. Because of this strategy, families have saved a significant amount of money on their utility costs.

Inverter technology not only saves money but also guarantees that refrigerators function properly. As a result, you get the best refrigerator that not only works well but also saves you money on your monthly energy bill. Walton’s NANO technology is intended to safeguard your food from the harmful effects of pathogenic germs.

The condenser, which is usually found on the back of a refrigerator, is most likely filthy. The refrigerant cools and condenses on the inside, changing from a gas to a liquid. When the system senses that the refrigerator has reached the desired temperature, the compressor is shut off. A 100% copper condenser offers quicker cooling, lower energy consumption, longer durability, and leak-free performance.

Polyurethane foam foaming agent is cyclopentene (environmentally friendly). The metal cooling mechanism of this refrigerator keeps the cool air for a longer time and enables better storage. It allows for uniform cooling of all items in your refrigerator. If used infrequently or away from home, eco-programs can save energy while maintaining a comfortable temperature. It saves a lot of energy and still meets the standards.

This refrigerator has a one-of-a-kind function called Supercool mode. This option in the Walton refrigerator keeps everything healthy and organic for a longer period of time. Its active ventilation and precise temperature regulation maintain the appropriate humidity level in both the refrigerator and freezer regions. That is why supercool mode is required.

Why choosing Walton

Walton refrigerators are reasonably priced and come in a range of appealing styles and patterns. Every Walton refrigerator includes Nano Health Care technology, which keeps your food nourished by preventing bacteria growth in the interior. On many Walton refrigerators, copper condensers are standard. Refrigerators, as a result, cool faster than metal condensers. Walton refrigerators use the most advanced intelligent inverter technology, which is widely recognized as one of the finest in the world.

Bangladesh’s leading refrigerator manufacturer is Walton. Walton has a reputation for routinely producing high-quality products. All of Walton’s electrical equipment comes with a 12-month warranty. You have a lot of options with Walton because they provide a broad assortment of things at a variety of prices. Because all Walton refrigerators have distinct features and compartments, you won’t have to worry about different foods coming into contact with one another. All of Walton’s refrigerators and freezers are BSTI certified and have a 5-Star certification.

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