Which fridge brand is the best?

In this era of science refrigerator is one of the most common home appliances. So, the refrigerator is a commercial appliance consisted of a thermally insulated compartment and ant pump that transfers heat from its inside to its external environment so that its inside is cooled to a temperature below room temperature. In short, it’s a machine, which cools your food down by transferring its heat to the external environment.

As it’s one of the most needed electronic tools, that you must have in your house there a lot of companies merchandising them. Companies like Walton, Whirlpool, LG, GE, Sharp,  etc.

are the major companies manufacturing refrigerators. And if you are living in Bangladesh and looking for a refrigerator you can try to know about the prices and about the lowest price fridge in Bangladesh and which refrigerator band is the best.


Fun fact, when it was first created refrigerators were called “Domelre”, which was the short form for Domestic Electronics Refrigerator. It was first invented in 1913 by American Fred W. Wolf. From them the revolution of refrigerators is spectacular.  Now there are so many companies manufacturing and developing them every day. 

Why do we need it

Around 75% of homes around the world have refrigerators today. And all of them love their refrigerator. After all, who wouldn’t like a cool can of soda or a cool glass of water after a hot summer day? But it’s not just about cooling your soda or water, a refrigerator is way more beneficial. 

The refrigerator allows your food to stay fresh for days and sometimes months. You can also enjoy last night’s leftovers the next day if you have a refrigerator in your home.  You can stock butter, cheese, milk, meats and vegetables, and fruits in it and it would still be consumable, even hours after purchase.  

You can also customize your fridge in your own way. Like if you want to save tons of sauces and mayo you might need smart door shelving. If you have kids and need to stock up frozen snacks don’t go after the drawer-style freezer. So, you can say, a refrigerator can pretty much affect your day-to-day life. 

But as much as important having a refrigerator is, having a clean one is important too. So, we must know how to keep our refrigerator clean and how to clean one. And here you can find ways about how to clean a refrigerator.

Buying guide

Before buying not just refrigerators but any products, you should always be aware of why you need that product and if the product from any company is fulfilling your needs or not. Also, keep a note of your budget in your head. So here are the things you should be aware of before buying a refrigerator. 

The size  

Depending on your family size and the space in your kitchen choose a refrigerator. Especially if the said fridge has a modular design be sure if it would fit in your kitchen or not. And if you have a big family, consisting of more than 4 members, buying a bigger fridge would make more sense. But if you live alone or just have two members in your family buy a smaller one, you don’t need to waste all those spaces of your kitchen.


A fridge’s capacity is listed in liters.  So be sure of the exact capacity you would need for your family. Like if it’s just you buy one with the capacity of 50 to 80 liters. But if you have a family of five buy a refrigerator with the capacity of 250 to 3330 liters. And that’s how a refrigerator with 150 to 250 liters will fit perfectly for a family of three members. But if you have a family bigger than that go for a refrigerator that has the capacity of 350 to 490 liters.

Door style 

Okay, so there are various door types in different fridges. So, be sure of which kind of door style you would like and which will be suitable for your home.

Single door 

This type of door is most common in refrigerators and it has been here from the start of the journey of refrigerators. This kind of refrigerator has just one door, which is smaller in size and has the average capacity. Because there is just one door it will make the number of shelves very limited. So, if you’re just a single person living in your house or have one partner buy the single-door refrigerators.

Double Door 

IN this time double door has become the most popular door design for refrigerators. A double-door fridge has more space and has more shelves than a single-door refrigerator. This kind of refrigerator tends to be bigger and has a capacity of 235 to 415 liters. So, if you have a big family and enough space in your house to put this get a double door refrigerator. Though, it would cost more than a single-door refrigerator; it can save you in the long run.

Bottom Freezer 

This kind of refrigerator has its freezer located at the bottom. This kind of refrigerator has a slightly deep freezer, which is a big advantage another advantage is the convenience factor of this kind of refrigerator. With these refrigerators, you can be at ease with your main fresh food storage, which is used more frequently for most people.

The appearance 

Everyone wants their house to look good and smart. And that’s why you would want to have a refrigerator that would have a great appearance for your house.  Look at the colors of refrigerators and make a mental note of which would go good with your other home appliances and your overall house. You wouldn’t want your refrigerator to look out of place.

Essential features 

Check out the essential features. When going to buy a refrigerator look at features you must have in a refrigerator. Like your fridge must have enough drawers and shelves to meet your need. If you’re always up for frozen foods and are too busy to cook your every meal, look for a refrigerator with a deep freezer. If you always want to cool your drinks find a refrigerator with a lot of shelves.

Best refrigerator brands

Now there are a lot of companies who involved themselves in manufacturing refrigerators and other electronics. But some of them are best for manufacturing refrigerators. So, if you’re thinking of buying a refrigerator you should know which fridge brand is the best.


From 1977 and early 2008 Walton started its journey in manufacturing refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners televisions, and other electrical home appliances.

Now this company is providing not only home appliances but also electrical devices like smartphones, tabs, etc. As a result, within a short period, this brand captured a substantial market share and has become one of the most trusted and prestigious companies in Bangladesh.

As it started its journey by manufacturing refrigerators and other electronics and is one of the best electronics brands in Bangladesh. Walton refrigerators can keep your foods fresh and healthy for a long spere of time.

All of the refrigerators come with enough shelves and drawers to store your foods. Also, they have a great appearance that may increase the look of your home. So, there might be manyreasons to buy a Walton Refrigerator.


Sharp is a Japanese multinational corporation and has been majority-owned by the Taiwan-based Foxconn group. It started its journey by designing and manufacturing electronics.

The group was founded in September 1912. Sharp refrigerators come with pretty great features to keep your food fresh and healthy.


This American multinational corporation has gained a lot of acknowledgments since the start of its journey. This group manufactures and markets home appliances and electronics.

They even earned a partnership from NASA in 1612, to develop the food and waste management system for the Gemini project. The electronics of this group are very good and never they have failed the customers. They can promise the best refrigerator service for your food.


LG is a South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation. It started its journey in 1955. This group mainly started its journey as a manufacturer of electronics. 

Their refrigerators can be very good for your home. They come with enough shelves and drawers. There is every size of refrigerator that might suit your home. LG refrigerators keep your foods fresh and healthy for the longest time possible.

There are also so many companies that are best for refrigerators. And about which fridge brand is the best, it really depends on your choice actually.

By focusing on the features and facilities you need in a refrigerator choose the best one for you.  Also, keep the budget in your mind. Don’t go for any brand that would cost a lot more than your budget, you can look for the lowest price fridge.

And if you’re in Bangladesh you can check the Walton refrigerators out, as they are very affordable and customer-friendly, also comes with great service.

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