What is the Price of Walton Refrigerator in Bangladesh?

A refrigerator is an electric device that is used to cool food items. This way, their rotting process can be slowed. Refrigerators are commonly used to store food items for extended periods. A refrigerator can transfer the heat from the inside compartment to the outside environment. Food items stored in a refrigerator can remain edible for days.

Importance of refrigerators

Refrigerators are commonly used to keep food items cold for a long time. In a cold environment, the food can stay fresh for a longer period. It is hard for the bacteria present in the food to multiply at a lower temperature. This allows the food rotting process to slow down. Keeping the food in the refrigerator also keeps the health benefits intact.

Food items such as milk, raw fish, and meat get spoiled if you keep them at the regular temperature for a few hours. If you keep this food in a refrigerator, it can easily last a week. You can preserve the food for months if you completely freeze them. Freezing the food makes the bacteria completely dormant, so they can’t spread to spoil the food.

Refrigerators can also keep the food away from cockroaches, rodents, and bugs. The refrigerator compartment stays sealed by a door, and the environment inside is cold. This discourages the presence of any kind of pests in the refrigerator. A lot of different food items can be stored in a refrigerator.

What is the price of the Walton refrigerator in Bangladesh?

Have you ever wondered about what is the price of the Walton refrigerator in Bangladesh? You might be surprised to know that Walton refrigerators come at a reasonable, even inexpensive price range. Walton is determined to let everyone have the benefits of their products, that is why they kept their pricing at an affordable range.

Direct Cool Refrigerators: Prices of Walton direct cool refrigerators range from around 27,700-40,390 taka. These refrigerators are energy efficient and capable of keeping the food fresh. These refrigerators can collect frost, and one has to clean it manually. Direct cool refrigerators come at an affordable range and are perfect to use for a small family.

Natural convection technology is used to keep the inside of a direct cool refrigerator cold. They can run on less electricity which makes them more energy-efficient than their non-frost counterparts. Water vapor collects the surfaces of this kind of refrigerator. The machines have to be routinely defrosted to keep them well maintained.

Non-frost Refrigerators: Prices of Walton non-frost refrigerators range from around 36,900-84,900 taka. These refrigerators make use of advanced technologies such as intelligent inverter technology and nanotechnology. This is why they tend to be on the costlier side. Walton has some excellently designed models in this type of refrigerator.

Non-frost refrigerators have an element placed inside them that causes the collected ice on the refrigerator to melt. The temperature in this type of refrigerator is always constant which makes it more effective to keep the food fresh. Non-frost refrigerators need more energy to run compared to their direct cooling counterparts. Though costlier, non-frost refrigerators also last longer than direct cooling ones.

Freezer: Walton freezer prices range from around 19,650-43,900 taka. Their freezers are high-tech. They make use of nanotechnology and come with 100% copper condensers. These freezers are capable of freezing the food completely and preserving it for a long time. They are elegantly designed to look good in your household.

Freezers are generally used to store raw food like fish and meat. Keeping them in the freezer completely stops the growth of bacteria. This way, the food items can be preserved for a long time. Usually, people keep excess food items in the freezer, so they can stay in good shape to eat after a long period.

Beverage Cooler: Walton beverage cooler prices range from around 29,500-65,500 taka. These beverage coolers can be used both inside and outside. They are efficient coolers that can store and cool varieties of beverages. Walton uses nano healthcare technology in these coolers, so you don’t have to be concerned about it being harmful to your health. 

Walton refrigerators come in varying types and price ranges, so everyone can buy their refrigerator from the most reliable brand in Bangladesh. Walton’s refrigerators are high-tech, high-quality, and durable enough to last many years. For their excellent performance, Walton refrigerators are acclaimed all around the country.

Why should you buy a Walton Refrigerator?

You should buy a Walton refrigerator to get the best quality product on your budget. Walton is a local brand that has been around for several decades. They have been working with the Bangladeshi people for a long time and have a clear idea of their preferences. Walton uses this idea to innovate and develop their products to suit their customer’s needs.

Walton has four types of refrigerators and freezers available, so the customer can buy the one that best serves their need. Walton products, even the cheapest ones, come in the best quality. They are known to be a brand that never compromises with their product quality. This is the reason why Walton has managed to become a household name in Bangladesh.

Walton has a large collection of refrigerators. They vary in size, feature, and technologies used. Models that use more advanced technology, are larger, have more features tend to be costlier. However, Walton has several good-quality, minimalistic refrigerators available at an affordable price.

Walton offers good customer care service for all of its products. Their employees are well-mannered and always ready to help you with your queries. Walton products can be found, compared, and purchased online. They offer fast delivery all around the country. You can pay them with a credit or debit card, mobile banking, or cash on delivery.

Refrigerators are needed to preserve food items and to eat healthily. It is a must-have appliance to keep food fresh during our country’s long summers. You can easily get a refrigerator in your budget. If you are considering buying a refrigerator, contact us on the Walton website today or visit a nearby Walton outlet.

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